Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Who Are The Extremists?

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How many times have you recently heard the word "extremist" or "extremism" used in defining someone because of what they believe?

Who are the "extremists?"

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators who publicly support the terrorist group Hamas?

Conservatives who hold Judeo-Christian beliefs and values?

MAGA Republicans?

Are there different levels of extremism depending on what your beliefs may be?

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy has been wondering about it as well.

Be informed, not misled.

So Doocy asked Biden's Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) on Monday if President Joe Biden believes pro-Palestine protesters are “extremists.”

Anti-Israeli protests have soared across the U.S. since the Oct. 7 attack on Israel launched by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group. Protestors have chanted antisemitic slurs, held up swastikas, and blamed Israel for the deadly attack.

Then Doocy asked, "Are Pro-Palestine protesters held to the same standard as ‘MAGA’ Republicans?"

“Does President Biden think the anti-Israel protesters in this country are extremists?” Doocy asked.

“What I can say, is we’ve been very clear on this. When it comes to antisemitism, there is no place,” Jean-Pierre said. “We have to make sure that we speak against it very loud and be very clear about that. Remember, when the president decided to run for president, is what he saw in Charlottesville in 2017. He saw neo-Nazis marching down the streets of Charlottesville with vile antisemitic … just hatred, and he was very clear then, and he’s very clear now. He’s taken actions against this over the past two years, and he’s continued to be clear: There is no place, no place for this type of vile and this kind of rhetoric.”

Doocy followed up:

“We hear you guys, though, talk about extremists all the time, and it’s usually about MAGA extremists. So what about these protesters who are making Jewish students feel unsafe on college campuses. Are they extremists?” 

“I’ve been very clear. We are calling out any form of hate, any form of hate,” the press secretary responded. “It is not acceptable, it should not be acceptable here and we are gonna continue to call that out."

Jean-Pierre then touted how Biden repealed former President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from certain countries in the Middle East to help protect against the threat of terrorism, saying the lifting of the ban exemplifies the president’s condemnation of religious discrimination. She then pointed to the inter-policy committee aimed at addressing Islamophobia and antisemitism.

The pivot.

In the same press meeting, she pivoted and spoke about antisemitism by talking entirely about ‘hate-fueled attacks’ on Muslims.

CNN senior White House correspondent MJ Lee then asked about President Joe Biden’s “level of concern” regarding the rise of antisemitism since Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel in the deadly Oct. 7 attack. The press secretary expressed concerns for Muslims, stating they have endured a disproportionate number of “hate-fueled attacks” across the U.S.

“As you know, the president ran on protecting communities, obviously bringing people together, protecting the soul of the nation.” 

The "soul of the nation" hangs in the balance, because we have a president who along with his administration doesn't know the truth when they are looking at it. Or they simply disregard it.

Antisemitism has surged across the U.S. and the globe since the deadly attack that caused the highest death toll among Jews since the Holocaust. Pro-Palestinian protests have emerged on college campuses across the country, notably at Harvard University, where over 30 student groups wrote a joint letter in support of Palestine.

Protesters attending a rally in New York City’s Times Square presented swastikas and antisemitic slogans as they blamed Israel for the attack. Democratic New York Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman were the only two members of the far-left congressional group, “The Squad,” to publicly denounce the rally. Other elected officials in the "squad" attended the demonstration.

Demonstrators at these events can be heard shouting the message, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free"--- a slogan that is intended as a call for violence and destruction of the Israeli state.

Vocabulary Manipulation

There’s a “challenge” at the southern border, not a “crisis.” Migrant children are being held in “reception centers” not “cages.” Instead of “border security,” it’s “border safety.” Deleted are the phrases “legal and illegal,” replaced with “authorized and unauthorized.”

The Leftists are using their political power to change the English language — to blur the meaning of what’s right versus wrong of what’s politically correct versus incorrect. Living in a world of cancel culture it all becomes perilous to the average American — what words can be used to describe what, without offending?

And it’s intentional. The Left has long tried to redefine the meaning of words to their political advantage and in many cases have succeeded. 

Remember when then-Judge Amy Coney Barrett was criticized for using the term “sexual preference,” in responding to a question about legal protections for the LGBT community during her confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court?

“Sexual preference” was then weaponized by the Left for being a homophobic slur. Never mind that Joe Biden used the phrase often when he was running for president.

This vocabulary manipulation is dangerous — it’s meant to deceive, persuade, and divide the nation  In some cases, Leftists disregard words with very specific meanings in favor of those that are more nebulous — in an effort to brand their political enemy with the broadest brush possible.

Take for example White supremacy. Everyone knows and understands that White supremacy is bad, but in actuality, it only includes a very small group of people within the United States.

Remember when "gay" meant "happy?" And "extreme" meant outside the generally accepted biblically based norms of society?


The Left is trying to indoctrinate us with new or redefined terms that inherently pit us against each other. Americans are then bullied into using these terms out of fear they may be perceived as bigoted.

The word "extremist" is used by the Left to identify any person who thinks and believes differently than the elitist Left. It's meant to stir controversy and devalue anyone who disagrees with the Leftist narrative.

Without turmoil, the Left could not advance its agenda — there must always be a victim or disenfranchised individual to protect, and a political foe to demonize.

We cannot allow the Left to render our words meaningless and to obfuscate what’s right and wrong, lawful or unlawful. 

The next chapter of conquest by the Leftists will be toward people who claim God speaks to them through His Word---that His Word (the Bible) is inerrant, that Jesus is the only way to God, that God and Allah are not the same, and biblical Christians are disqualified from holding a public office because they are extremists.

It has already begun.

"Extreme" is a word that defines anyone who believes differently than the Left.

Jesus has been through all this, and He has promised He'll walk through it with us.

In the meantime we're called to be salt and light---and to occupy. To "stand."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged, Be Not Afraid. Be Prayerful.