Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Public Education--Still Keeping Parents In The Dark

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More school districts have been caught concealing their LGBTQ+ indoctrination from parents.

Tony Kinnett, investigative columnist for The Daily Signal who has researched this topic in districts nationwide, says schools in The Centennial State are especially egregious when it comes to keeping parents in the dark about left-wing activism.

Yesterday, I received an email from a concerned Christian public school teacher telling me that sexualized materials are being forced upon 4th graders in her Puget Sound area public school. And she is being forced to teach it.

Be informed, not misled.

The latest in Colorado

Kinnett observes, "In places like Colorado, which are actively purple and there's a lot of political contention, it seems that these schools are hiding things …  waiting for the storm to blow over, and then continuing as normal."

In this case, on April 19, Campus Middle School in Greenwood Village required staff to show a video and distribute worksheets and a list of activities encouraging students to participate in the LGBTQ+ "Day of Silence."

He continues, "Campus Middle School is part of the Cherry Creek School District, which serves over 53,000 students in Greenwood Village across 67 buildings. In February, Cherry Creek High School in that same district encouraged teachers via newsletter to "dismantle systems of oppression."

"Ally organizations like Parents Defending Education have done a lot of work to expose districts around the country that are encouraging or requiring political advocacy and activism," Kinnett notes.

Parents Defending Education published this:

The Colorado Parent Advocacy Network provided Parents Defending Education with a newsletter called “Creek Cares” that was given to teachers at Cherry Creek High School on January 9, 2024. The newsletter provides teachers with the definition of “ally/allies,” which is described as “someone who has privilege but chooses to stand for and with marginalized communities by taking tangible, ongoing actions to dismantle systems of oppression.” The newsletter also promotes a Netflix series called “Heartstopper” which “celebrates many LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age stories in a safe, relatable, and educational environment.”

The newsletter additionally tells teachers to ask for the preferred pronouns of students in a section titled “How to Ask and Incorporate Pronouns in Class Introductions.” The newsletter mentions “dead naming” and using different pronouns when speaking with parents to keep the gender identity of students hidden. These instructions include:

  • Leave pronoun/name notes for subs on your seating charts.
  • Ask for pronouns desired in class and pronouns for communication at home–they can be different!
  • Ask multiple times a year (maybe in the form of a survey) to account for changing identities.
  • If change occurs, ask if a student wants to be reintroduced or wants to correct as they do.
  • Using the wrong name is called “dead naming” and can be very painful.
  • Apologize and correct yourself if you make a mistake–it is okay.
  • Celebrate and preserve students’ autonomy for how they want the world to know them.

The newsletter includes a link to “LGBTQ+ Resources” from the National Education Association (NEA). Teachers can also “sign up for a FREE PRONOUN PIN.”

He asserts that Cherry Creek is joined by hundreds of other districts in engaging in such subterfuge.

He's right.

The latest in Washington State

Speaking of subterfuge, I received an email from a Washington State teacher yesterday.

She asked me not to attach her name as she was quite certain her comments to me could cause her to be dismissed from her teaching job. 

However, this teacher asks me to get the word out to the state.

The school in which she teaches is in Washington's Puget Sound area.

The following is her message to me with some redactions.

Hi Gary-

I am so sad I’m sending this email. I am a teacher in  ------- school in WA state. If sharing any info please leave my name out of it------ With that said I am so mad at ------ District and our state for mandating this lesson.

Today my 4th grade class is being forced to learn about gender stereotypes and learn the difference between gender expression and biological gender.

This lesson was severely secretive and I had to push to remind my admin that we need to be very transparent to parents to have them have the opportunity to opt their child out. The steps were very long and strict they could only do this one week prior to us teaching the lesson.

The lesson was shared if asked but could not be printed or shared. I had to screenshot it but please look at the language. They say it’s copyrighted but I think that’s a false narrative to limit the amount it gets spread.

The language is very indoctrinating and confusing for a 10-year-old. I am morally convicted to help spread the word this false teaching should not be in our public schools.

I appreciate all you do for our state and I thought you’d be the perfect outlet to get this word shared.

The following are some of the screenshots.


Illinois Policy published this yesterday: 

The Chicago Teachers Union isn’t limiting its extreme contract demands to 9% annual wage increases and carbon-free schools. It also wants teacher control over curriculum in a way that could keep parents in the dark over what their children are being taught.

That includes any state-mandated curriculum related to “Black history, genocide and Holocaust study, Disability Rights Movement, LGBTQ contributions, culturally responsive teaching and learning standards, Reparations Won, CPS on interdisciplinary Latin American [sic] studies, TEEACH ACT, Native American history, and antiracist curriculum, etc.”

Four days ago, Fox News reported, "California lawmakers are introducing a new bill that would ban school districts from notifying parents if their child identifies as LGBTQ.

The new bill will be added to Assembly Bill 1955 — introduced by Assemblymember Chris Ward, D-San Diego, earlier this year — through a process called "gut-and-amend." 

Under the amended bill called the "Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth," or SAFETY ACT, school districts would be banned from what Ward described as "forced outing policies." 

In other words, educators could not notify parents about their student’s gender identity or sexual orientation if that were to come up at school.

The SAFETY Act will be heard by the Senate Education Committee next week. 

If approved by the Senate, it will return to the Assembly for additional consideration before it goes to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk.

The Leftists are stealing our children.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Engaged. Be Prayerful.