Monday, January 19, 2009

George Walker Bush. A Legacy of Life

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State Representative Dan Kristiansen has given, on behalf of the Republican Party, an official response to Governor Gregoire's State of the State address. (See Response).

Representative Kristiansen can now be heard every Thursday morning in the Seattle area on KSER 90.7 fm at 8:15 AM.

George Walker Bush. A Legacy of Life

As we approach the inauguration of President Barack Obama, some will be reflecting on the legacy of President George W. Bush

Looking past the continual media assault of the man, it is clear that although you may not agree with some of his policies, he is and has been an unwavering advocate for life---both the born and the unborn.

Robert Robb, at the Arizona Republic says, "Bush has been given remarkably little credit or appreciation for the fact that there has not been a domestic terror attack since 9-11, contrary to universal expectations at the time."

He suggests that if we were to experience an attack during Obama's watch, the negatives toward Bush would change very quickly.

The National Black Republican Association is expressing today, their deep gratitude to President Bush for his commitment to a number of issues important to them, including his leadership and actions that has kept us safe since 9-11.

History has already recorded that President Bush has kept the country safe from attack by those who seek to kill us. It will also record that he was a strong advocate for the unborn in America and elsewhere.

Steven Ertelt at LIFENEWS says, "Americans may have their dispute with President Bush on other political issues and those issues may have led them to support pro-abortion Barack Obama for President. But pro-life leaders say Bush will leave behind a very strong and lasting legacy as a champion of the pro-life cause."

During the Bush administration, abortions have declined to historic lows.

President Bush made history himself by signing the first measure to ever ban a form of abortion.

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America says, "President Bush's conviction that innocent life deserves respect in law and culture runs deep. From signing pro-life laws, instituting pro-life regulations, to promoting pro-life international policies, he faced vicious opposition, yet did not relent. Bureaucrats worked to undermine and thwart his policies, sometimes working hand-in-hand with pro-abortion groups and hostile media. But he was not deterred."

Ertelt gives an excellent overview of this legacy, quoting a number of pro-life leaders.

Wendy Wright says, "In the annals of history, George W. Bush will be remembered as a president who believed and fought to protect innocent human life."

President Bush signed every piece of pro-life legislation that came to his desk, including the partial-birth abortion ban and a bill to make sure babies who survived botched abortions receive appropriate medical care.

It does not appear that America's next chapter will provide such a champion for life.

May God help us all.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Not to worry, if the US gets attacked on Obama's watch, the Dems will twist it to blame Bush. Even though it was Bush's policies to keep us safe. Well done Mr President.

  2. The world will remember Bush for breaking the economy, the military, our country, the Republican party, our nation's high standing, etc.

    They will also remember him for allowing the worst attack ever on American soil.

    They will remember that he bitterly divided the country for political gain.

    He will probably be most infamous for lying us into an unnecessary war and for war crimes.

    Better days are ahead and 79% of Americans are optimistic about the Obama presidency.

  3. anon 9:38

    Someday we all will be enlighened as to how Pres Bush kept us SAFE during a scary time of a group of people 'out to kill us' in the name of 'ALLAH', and be grateful for our safety during these turbulent times!
    Better we 'fought' these insane people on forign soil, rather than on OUR soil, and at the same time, to free a nation of a horrible dictator and helped them become 'free' as we are!
    You, my friend, are 'taking advantage' of us being safe, thanks to PRes Bush and the many 'unknowns' who helped him keep us safe!
    The economy was 'in trouble' in the Clinton years, and he could've should've help stop this insane idea of allowing loan companies makeing loans that people could NEVER pay off. The Pres is not the only means of our country being led, the congress is important also. Many times Pres Bush attempted to get congress to address the economy problems while in office, that finally came to a head--you did not realize this, did you!?
    I am not part of the 79% that is 'excited' about Obama--but, I am excited about the concept of having a man of color in office, I just wished it was another 'man of color' and not him, since he is ultra liberal and not understanding our moral issues and the importance of staying within God's basic principles!

  4. What I think runs truly counter to the expectations at the time (9-11) isn't so much the fact that we haven't had another major attack (we didn't have any during Clinton's Presidency) but the fact that, seven years and over a trillion dollars spent two wars later, we still have yet to capture and bring to justice those responsible. If it were a Democratic President who had presided over such a monumental failure, Gary would be apoplectic.

    The Christianist revisionists would like to paint W as a "Champion of Life(TM)", but I believe that a detailed analysis that would include the innocents killed in two wars, lives lost due to poor federal response to Katrina, lax regulation of food and drug safety and weakened environmental laws, when all is said and done his policies will be found to responsible for the loss of countless innocent lives. Far more than would ever have been "saved" by his anti-abortion policies.

  5. 10:45 AM

    The GOP controlled both houses of Congress for most of Bush's Presidency, had they wanted to address "the economy opportunity" they had ample opportunity to do so, they chose not to. In fact, they introduced further legislation to loosen regulation of the financial sector. If your claims that Bush had attempted "many times" to fix things, you would be able to provide a specific example, not vague generalities.

  6. anon 9:38, I could not disagree with you more about virtually everything you said. Do you really believe that all that has happened started with Bush. Sad and misguided you are.

  7. Hey Gary - thanks for reminding us of the life legacy of President Bush. The spiritual implications of regard for those who can't speak for themselves such as the unborn is beyond so many people who are drinking the Obama "koolaid". I deeply fear for our nation but can only hope that the church will finally wake up and realize the importance of continuing to stand up for what is right, even as evil flourishes around us (especially starting tomorrow in the White House). God help us indeed!

    Camas, WA

  8. Hey Gary - Thanks for reminding us just how either deceived or manipulative people can be.

    Bush repeatedly broke the law (politicizing the judiciary was just one obvious example) and was directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of Iraquis - ask yourself - would they have died if he did not engage in his militaristic adventurism??? NOPE! Iraq was part of the plan long before 9-11 as you know.

    GW is NOT about humanity, life, peace or democracy - he is about his ideology and while his ideology sometimes creates positive aspects for human beings (decreasing late term abortions) it created far more devastation - but this devastation is all so far away so who cares - you and I aren't affected by it...


  9. 1I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— 2for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 5For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, 6who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time. 7And for this purpose I was appointed a herald and an apostle—I am telling the truth, I am not lying—and a teacher of the true faith to the Gentiles.
    8I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing.

    Whoops - looks like a few people missed this Chapter in their Newbie Class - maybe it is time for do-overs?

    Gary - Could you possibly lead us in prayer for President Barack Hussein Obama and his adminstration?


  10. "NOPE! Iraq was part of the plan long before 9-11 as you know."

    Could you show proof of this , or is this just False Witness based on your discernment . President Obama is increasing our troop levels in Afganstan . But you sound as believable as the Truth Movement who believes 9/11 was an inside job and was done so we could go get the oil . Which it appears we forgot to get along with the WMDs. Hopefully Obama has a better grip on military matters as GW did . Pro Life is important to people such as myself .
    I think I could have voted for President Obama if he was pro life , goodness the nation needed a positive new persona that he brings with him . We are praying for him , also for his heart to be opened . Interestingly though I doubt his party would support a sceond term if he was awakened into the importance and value of the unborn . Having a son in Iraq , being against the war , I was tempted to vote for Obama with out the pro life views actually . My conscience would not allow that , which is still my right .
    You sound like a very nasty person on this blog , I hope you realize that .


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