Friday, January 16, 2009

Seattle PI: "Gay Band Will March to the Beat of Obama's Drum"

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Claudia Rowe, at the Seattle PI, says the sight of 177 gay and lesbian musicians playing, "Ode to Joy" as they march up Pennsylvania Ave. during Barack Obama's presidential inauguration next week marks the first time ever an openly gay band has participated in the actual parade and it is more than a mere gesture.
Four Seattle musicians will be part of the band.
While Rowe seems overwhelmed with excitement over the future relationship gays will have with the new President, she is both malicious and dishonest in her comments about Pastor Rick Warren.
Rowe describes Warren, who will give the invocation at the inauguration, as someone who preaches "vociferously" against gay marriage.
Does she know what that means? If so, does she care?
Vociferous, according to Webster's New World Dictionary, means 1. loud, noisy, or vehement in making one's feelings known; clamorous 2. characterized by clamor or vehement outcry--unrestrained shouting.
And this article is supposed to be a news article? This is an example of why the PI is upside down.
I am not Rick Warren's defender, but I can tell you that if anything, people are often concerned about Warren's laid back approach to important cultural issues, not his being vociferous. Clearly the writer of this article is blinded by her own agenda, not any desire to deliver accurate news.
Warren, along with millions of biblical Christians, simply believe the Bible teaches that homosexual relations are wrong and are sin. He, along with millions of others, are not attacking gays but merely standing against their campaign to re-engineer society, marriage and the family.
Ms. Rowe characterizes the gay community as highly energized as they anticipate their new roll in the Obama administration.
Local gay musicians, who will be officially participating in the inaugural parade, are quoted as saying, this is an important milestone, this is the first time they have felt inspired by a politician and proud of a President.
Rowe's celebratory article says Gene Robinson, the gay Episcopal Bishop who was in Seattle earlier this week and is now, after much complaining, also giving an invocation at the inauguration, as an indication of a brighter-than-ever future for their interests in an Obama administration.
Homosexual activists are predicting that the, 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' military policy will be gone under Obama and there will be a civil rights act specifically for homosexuals and possibly gay marriage at the federal level.
One Seattle homosexual activist is quoted as saying, he feels he is about to, "Celebrate a new era in American government."
Indeed he may be. If Obama keeps his promise to them, as President he will eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), expand homosexual adoption and participate in expanding gay rights until they are equivalent with traditional marriage, thus destroying the unique distinctive of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.
Indeed this may well be a new era in American government.
In fact it could be that not only will the gays" be marching to Obama's drum beat," but he may be marching to theirs, as well.
This is a time to be vigilant. And active.

Focus on the Family released this news item late yesterday afternoon. I recommend you read it. "Obama Supported Gay Marriage Before He Opposed It."
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Need we any more witnesses?

    Our praise to God is a shining
    light that will take down strongholds. By honoring God and
    keeping our eyes on Jesus, mountains that have held the captives will shake. They will
    tremble at his presence.

    Our simple praises to the king of kings are a loud sound against the ways of evil. Let Jesus be the king. Let's open our mouths wide and let him come in. Let the
    shout of Jesus be among us.

    When the Lion of Judah roars, strongholds fall and captives are
    freed because he breaks the chains
    of darkness.

  2. [i] If Obama keeps his promise to them, as President he will eliminate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), expand homosexual adoption and participate in expanding gay rights until they are equivalent with traditional marriage, thus destroying the unique distinctive of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.[/i]

    Let's see: you get to reserve the 100% secular contract of marriage for just opposite gender married couples and somehow giving other married couples the same legal rights under a different name somehow still destroys it.

    Hello! The only consistent 'unique distinctive' of opposite gender marriage [b]is[/b] that it is an opposite gender couple and that is being maintained at your insistence (out of a desire for special rights I presume). How can another contract that doesn't impinge on the sole distinctive feature of one contract 'destroy' the other?

    For someone who makes such illogical statements its a bit much to play dictionary police about the definition of the word 'Vociferous' isn't it?

  3. If Obama keeps some of his promises and gays become more equal members of society, absolutely nothing will happen to Gary's family, nor will he be forced to compromise any of his values or beliefs.

    That's the simple truth Gary is afraid you'll find out.

  4. It is fascinating to me how individuals with an ideological agenda will take various small facts and manipulatively weave them together to tirelessly and vorciferously promote their agenda - this as opposed to genuinely working towards truth, including the exaltation of the name of Jesus Christ as well as building up of humanity and building up our country when it is so desparatly needed after the last 8 years of what we now know is shear destruction (hope your seat-belt is on...2009 will continue the fallout).

    Gary hates the Seattle PI, hates Obama and vorciferously hates homosexuals as we all know. He will inflate any little grain to accuse and tear down any of these or related communities (notwithstanding their evident weaknesses).

    One of Gary's deceptive manipulations in this case was his snide comment re: "they call this news" by denigrating the PI for quoting an individual's seeming incorrect use of the word "vorciferous" (BTW - thanks for the definition). The reality, Gary, is YES this is news - because the PI reported what this person said - regardless of whether what she said employed the exact correct lexical items - it was her term and they were reporting on what she said.

    Pick, pick, pick - the vulture will always be where the dead body is.


  5. Our joy is in the Word of God
    who gave his life for us,
    a ransom for our souls imparting
    the knowledge of God.

    He was with Noah as he glued the
    ark with pitch, and in the shoulders of his sons as they bare
    the weight of the wood.

    He was in the hands of David as he
    reached for the stones, in order that the shouts of the Philistines
    would have no effect in the promised land.

    And wasn't Jesus with the pilot who recently landed the plane in the Hudson river?

    One question we should ask is "Will Jesus really be leading
    a gay rights parade?" Is that really a part of his kingdom, and
    if not him leading, who is it then?

    And if it's not Jesus, should anyone be following them?

    Should Israel have said to the Philistines, "You have your god and we have ours. Let's band together and be as one. In our company you may do what ever you want and say whatever you want to
    say, and we will do the same about our God. Would they really become one? Would there really be
    the peace of God living in all of
    them? Only if they repented of all
    their evil deeds, and go in the direction of God. Only then
    would they live in unity and peace.

    Was it ever good for Israel when they agreed to letting false gods
    be worshiped in the land?

    Should anyone say, "Letting us worship devils won't affect you in
    the least. Give us the legal means. Honor us with paper and pen. Give us certificates, as you
    do for those that pursue in things that honor God, and it will
    be well for all of us then."?

    For what reason then should we honor anything that goes against
    God and nature?

    Is it your freedom you seek? It
    won't be found that way. Jesus is
    the way. Only in him do men find
    freedom and liberty.


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