Friday, February 20, 2009

A Call to Action to Preserve Marriage in Washington State

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I am sad to say, both so-called homosexual benefits bills, HB 1727 and SB 5688 have been passed out of their respective House and Senate committees during executive session.

Please read what happens next and what we are asking you to do---beginning today.

These bills will now move to the House and Senate Rules Committees. These committees will review the bills and determine if they should go to the floor for a vote in the House or the Senate and if so, what the timing and order should be.

Today is the day to begin calling. Please contact every friend, family member and acquaintance, asking that they join you in making these calls.

The message is that you oppose gay marriage. These bills; HB 1727 and SB 5688, are not about benefits, they are, for all practical purposes, a gay marriage bill.

Call and email the Governor and your Legislators.

Click here to find your legislators and their contact information.

Click here to view the Governor's contact information. The Governor's Office number is: 360-902-4111.

It is very, very important that these people hear from you over the next few days.

If our elected officials pass these bills, we will, standing with others of like mind and heart, launch a state referendum or initiative effort. That is under discussion as I send this to you today.

The media is generally ignoring this issue because most in the media support "gay marriage" and an uninformed public is the gay activists' best friend at this stage of their agenda.

There is much more to come on this matter. This will strengthen conservatives and people of faith as we stand together.

The monetary cost of this can be challenging to faith based organizations such as Faith and Freedom, but we believe God will provide. Therefore we march forward.

Your financial donations at this time will be very, very helpful. Click here to make an online tax-deductible donation to Faith & Freedom Foundation. Or mail a donation to:

Faith and Freedom Foundation
PO Box 399
Bellevue, WA 98009

Please make the calls.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. So let me get this right, at a time when unemployment in this state is at a record high, food banks are seeing record numbers, thousands are losing homes to foreclosure, and Gary is pimping to tax-deductible donations, preparing to spend millions of dollars on a referendum or initiative campaign to deny equal rights to same sex couples. Tell us again how it isn't about the hate....

  2. I think it started out being about the hate. But, now, I think it is about the money. This issue is a gravy train for Gary. I think it's the best thing that's ever happened for him.

  3. It's a 'spritual' battle that affects all of us! It's a means to prevent our state/nation from going against God's principles, and thus, 'saving' our nation from 'going down hill' and losing our way of life as we know it! Spiritual issues overides the issues that you mentioned.If we go against God's basic principles, these issues that you pointed out won't mean anything as our nation would be 'Gone'!

  4. Tell me again about how it isn't about others people beliefs. In fact the majority's beliefs. Not one state approved homosexual marriage by vote.

    Stop! I repeat, Stop! shoving this lie down our throats. Keep your homosexuality behind closed doors. It is perverse.

    Homosexuals already have rights to not be treated violently, etc....they don't need special rights they are already human.

    Your droning on and on in the same manner every time is so boring. You will never stop until you grow up. People are not fooled by a man saying he loves a man or a woman loving a woman as in sexually. You know why because it is not natural. Duh! Check it out. Do your anatomy class over again.

    "The Emperor Has No Clothes". You can fool the foolish and the gullible and the easily bought but you can't change the obvious or fool a child.

  5. 11:43 AM

    Why don't you keep your bigotry behind closed door for a change!

    You'd do well to educate yourself, you'll look like less of a bigoted fool when posting here.

  6. 1 man and 1 woman = marriage, period.

  7. Anon at 11:40…

    As I look at the straight couples in this country, I see a 50% divorce rate, a 1 in 5 adultery rate among men, a 14 percent adultery rate in women, open relationships, unmarried couples having sex, etc. All of these are non-Biblical marriages. I fail to understand why you believe gays marrying will be the final straw.

    Also, why hasn’t God’s wrath come down on the many places worldwide and in our country where gay marriages are already legal? Sorry, but I’m not willing to give up the right to marry because of an unproved prediction of yours.

    Finally, anon at 11:43, the answer is no. I will not hide from society. I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I am no less than you. I can’t believe you are even suggesting that to a fellow human being.

  8. these are domestic partnership bills, not marriage bills.

  9. The wrath of God is revealed. See
    Romans 1:18 and following. His righteousness has also been revealed and will continue to be revealed for our salvation. His throne is established forever in righteousness and justice, delivering all from sin who come to him by Jesus Christ.

    To go against the ways of God only
    corrupts, therefore God sent a sacrifice. The more any society goes against the ways of God (in
    any way) it looses blessings it could have had even though God continues to freely give his favor. Yet there comes a day, often suddenly when we really do find we need his help and forgiveness. We find then that we
    are in need of his salvation. How much trouble we could have saved ourselves from had we learned to live by him!

  10. I'm a Christian and I would much rather see our efforts and money put towards helping people and building things then tearing things apart.

  11. I am also a Christian and fully agree. I wish we could build rather than tear down. That's why I support Gary and Faith and Freedom Network. They are helping to build up the family and marriage, while the gay activists are trying to destroy both.

  12. I am not a Christian, but I don't see how discriminating against gays helps build up a single family or marriage.

    It's funny, whenever someone points that FFN's positions are entirely negative (anti-choice, anti-gay), someone always talks about the great charity work Gary has done in the past. So given that our nation faces economic hardships on a scale not seen in most American's lifetimes, wouldn't now be a good time to engage in some of that charity? Instead, we seen FFN attempting to divert scare charitable giving to attack gay citizens.

    As Laura Schlessinger used to say "People aren't what they say, they are what they do".

  13. It's so clear that Gary doesn't care about gay people, who are, just like other people, made in G-ds image.

    Really to deny gay couples equal protection under the law at a time of great economic insecurity is jost so cruel.

    And I'm not a Christian, I'm a Jew and I do wish Gary would stop suggesting he represents Judeo-Christian values. Gary represnts orthodoxy. He represents neither mainstream Christian or Jewish values.

    Can we please all work together on making sure we all have access to healthcare, good education for our kids and quality longterm care for the aged and infirm instead of wasting time trying to take away civil rights from gay people. Enough already.

  14. I know Gary and he does like all people, including homosexual people. What he and others, myself included, are against is gay people re writing morality and affitrming it by making it law.
    You say you wish Gary would stop suggesting that he represents Judeo-Christian values, because he doesn't. He does. His basis of belief is your Scripture, what we Christians call the Old Testament, and the teaching in the New Testament letters to the Christian church. His belief is based on your holy book and the Christian New Testament. That is Judeo-Christian.
    None of us in the traditional marriage side are trying to take anything away from you or any other gay person. You have the same rights I or anyone else has. You have a legal right to marry, just like I do. You are asking for special rights and you are asking America to rewrite the marriage laws by redefining marriage and the family to accomodate and affirm your life style. That's what we oppose. Gary and the many who read him everyday do not hate or oppose you personally. We oppose what you are trying to do.
    Should everyone who participates in deviant behavior have the right to all kinds of entitlements?
    What about polygamists?
    Our position is not cruel, it is moral.

  15. Gay people are single people, who have rights just as much as other singles!


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