Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gay Activists in WA Legislature Amend Their Bill

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The gay activist legislators are starting to tweak their "gay marriage" bill. They are showing a little concern, which is a departure from the usual arrogance we have seen recently.

The boldness with which they have been proceeding seems to have paused, at least for a moment. Clearly it is in part because the public is becoming more aware that this whole charade is not really about benefits so much as it is about "marriage." Both the House and Senate bills have been adjusted.

Your calls to Rep. Pederson have not gone unnoticed. Senator DeBolt has deeply appreciated your calls to his office voicing your opposition to SB 5688 and your support of his leadership.

We have been saying, including in testimony before the hearings committee in Olympia, that there are three basic reasons why we strongly oppose domestic partnerships and ultimately gay marriage.

(1) It is fiscally irresponsible. It creates a new class of entitlements and puts it on top an already broken social security system, welfare system, health care system and the pension and benefits systems. The state is unable to meet current obligations, much less a yet unknown amount of additional costs. Private business cannot afford it.

(2) Domestic partnerships is not primarily about benefits. It is about incrementally achieving "marriage" for homosexuals.

(3) We believe that biblical teaching and principles have historically provided a moral compass for America and America has prospered. Homosexual relations are condemned by biblical teaching and considered sin. For more than 5000 years every major religion has condemned homosexual relations. The traditional family is the cornerstone of any successful society and to enshrine homosexuality into law as normal will undermine the fabric of a society and introduce sex-ed materials into the public school curriculum that teaches homosexuality as normal when it is not.

Now the openly gay legislators who are leading the move toward homosexual marriage are, shall we say. adjusting a little bit.

Last Thursday the sponsors of SB 5688, expansion of domestic partner rights, a.k.a. gay marriage, offered a substitute, which removes the reference to domestic partners in the definition of "marriage" in the statute dealing with sex offenses.

That's interesting. It doesn't change anything except, perhaps someones perception of the bill. And actually provides some additional protection for gays.

Also the requirement that agencies amend their rules is now subject to availability of funds. The delayed effective date specifically applies to the section amending Basic Health Plan.

We have been telling the press, the committee and everyone across the state who would listen to us that this is not primarily about benefits. Senator Ed Murray told the press the day after they passed the domestic partners bill last year, that benefits was not the goal---he said marriage is the goal. They are now acting on their true agenda.

If they can only get all these entitlements, they will delay them due to lack of funds, because the plan is to litigate once the expansion is in place. This expansion bill removes any legal difference between domestic partnerships and marriage. They can then litigate for the word marriage on the basis of discrimination.

They may not be backing off, but they have blinked. Your calls to Rep. Pederson have helped.

We are in the process of talking to elected officials who may be torn between the fairness of providing benefits and the apparent real goal of re-engineering marriage and the family. We are assuring them you will vote next time.

We are impacting the process, however it is a process.

We are standing against a highly funded homosexual lobby and are able to continue day to day only because you are standing with us financially and with your calls, email and prayer.

Your financial support allows us to continue to stand in the gap on what I feel is one of the two most defining issues of this generation.

We are willing to stand, take the hits and keep going if you will stand with us. We will continue through this legislative process into and through the referendum process if necessary.

Your tax-deductible donation today would help a great deal.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  2. I hope the good people who visit this site can see how wrong it is to deny same-sex families basic protections of the government, whether through domestic partnerships or marriage. Whether we “believe” in such families or not, the bottom line is that same-sex families exist all around us, and are living happy, productive, generous lives like everyone else.

    I realize that for many of us marriage has deep religious connotations and meaning. But you must expect that if you have you have those feelings, many gay people must have those feelings, too. It’s too easy to think of people not like ourselves as different, when, in reality, we are not all that different from each other. Is it really a surprise that same-sex couples want to marry? Do you not find your marriage one of the most precious aspects of your life? Why should the gay people who grew up around you -- in homes and with families not unlike your own -- feel any differently? How could a gay person not find pain in being denied such joy?

    The quest to find a loving partner, to raise children, to care for each other, and to not die alone is universal, and a gift of our peaceful and ordered society. Civil marriage offered by the state and government is the basic framework that allows that. Religious marriage gives us additional meaning on top of that.

    No one is asking that you choose for yourselves what or who others choose for themselves. If that’s the case, I suspect you could find marriages all around you that you do not approve of, or lives that you would not lead, and you have a long road ahead of you to put obstacles in the paths of all of those lives and all of those marriages. You are only being asked to make room for everyone, and to aid others in finding a chance at the love and happiness you have found.

    God bless.

    Buckley, WA

  3. To Paul in Buckley,
    Just because same sex families exist is no reason to give them same sex benefits. There are many people who want to live an abnormal lifestyle, but that is no justification for it.
    If you truly realize that for many of us this is an issue of our beliefs of right and wrong, you would not be asking us to
    compromise them.
    Next you speak of feelings, again like that is justification for abonormal behavior. What if three people have feelings and want to get married? What if someone has feelings for their dog? Should we also allow that behavior and call it normal?
    Why cant we just stand up and say that this behavior is wrong. No one can possibly argue that we are physically made for anything but male/female relationships. God himself calls this behavior detestable, among other things. Those who want to deny what the bible truly says are deceiving themselves.
    And what is next?
    If we do make marriage for same sex couples legal then schools will teach our children that this is just normal behavior, that your truth is what you want it to be. I call it truth anarchy.
    Look, my favorite aunt was a lesbian. I loved her with all my heart. I also work for and with people who are gay. I wouldn't think of treating them unfairly or with out respect. But just because I like someone is no reason to not follow the truth of God.
    Believe it or not, God had reasons for the rules and restrictions he put into our lives. He knew our sinful nature would be a huge problem, and because he loves us he has given us a picture of how we should live. We are not putting roadblocks in front of people that don't already exist.

    Read your bible, Paul. Listen to the truth of God and choose wisely who to follow.

    Lake Stevens

  4. I think Andrew Sullivan said best when describing the anti-equality forces in Utah today:

    "It's not about protecting marriage; it's about treating gay citizens and their relationships with contempt."

    Gary can create all the numbered or bullet-pointed rationalizations he wants, but the fact remains it isn't about protecting marriage it is about treating some of their fellow citizens with contempt.

  5. Omy, Paul, how off base are your thoughts, and SO sad! I apologise for coming across as 'judging' you right away, but, please do know the majority of people disagree with you! Even those who don't have a 'faith'. This is a 'movement' that are against God's principles--I am confident that you have heard this phrase many times. You know, Eternity is a LONG time, and we 'of faith' respect God's principles, because we want to 'please' Him. We of faith KNOW that knowing His Son and believe in him, that we will be with THEM for eternity. WE pray for those who have not 'caught' on to this yet! This movement of 'gay rights' are being prayed for a lot-trust me!! WE are saddened and care a great deal for these people being duped into this 'thinking'.! However, we are the ones being 'judged' and critized for expressing our beliefs on this subject. Yes, this is a counry of 'freedom', but, as in the past, if one chooses the gay lifestyle, let them do it 'quietly' and not interfere in our God given rights of marriage between a man and a women--period!
    'man lying with a man,women with a women is wrong!' Besides, God's plan for two different sexes, is for multiplying the earth. God makes no mistakes.

  6. Homosexuals have all kinds of rights. They have a right to health care in this state. They have rights to nondiscrimination. They have rights to not be assaulted just like the rest of us. To vote against making special rights is not to hold them in contempt it is to use the laws that already exist to protect a fellow human.

    The only reason for special rights (note the name 'special rights') is to establish homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle. Sorry, two men don't go together and neither do two women. Simple, no mistake.

  7. "The only reason for special rights (note the name 'special rights') is to establish homosexuality as an accepted lifestyle."

    The only reason to deny equal rights (note the name 'equal rights') to same sex couples is to establish anti-gay bigotry as an accepted lifestyle.

  8. Reading the comments on this blog, it's no wonder Christians have gotten a bad rap as of late. It's not enough to have the freedom to choose one's own religion (or non-religion) and to freely live by our own values. Christians insist that ALL of us must live by THEIR value system. The rest of us are "duped" and "abnormal" and "wrong" and your way is the only way.

    When gay marriage becomes legal here, you will not have to compromise your value system even one tiny bit. The only thing that will change is that your gay neighbors will get to enjoy the benefits of marriage, just like you enjoy them today.

    And Dave -- I know of no man-dog couples that have formed families, can consent legally to their relationship, and can contribute to society. Until you can produce one, I think you can quit the bestiality comparisons. It's insulting.

  9. anon 2:06
    We don't have a 'bad rap' for standing up for God's principles! For standing up for the basic principles that our forefathers have set up for us. You and others who say we 'have a bad rap' are a selected few. Deviant behaviours--homosexuality--does not belong with our authentic marriages-one man one women only! Sorry you cannot understand this important concept! You will someday! Prayerfully it will be before our Lord comes!!

  10. "It's insulting."

    I'm pretty sure that's the point.

  11. What is 'insulting'?

  12. The anti-gay bigotry on display in these comments, e.g. the bestiality comparison noted above.

  13. 7:08pm

    We're not the selected few. Did you miss the outcome of the last election?

    Actually, you guys are becoming the freakazoids of society. I confess that my interest in this site is akin to ogling an accident on the freeway.


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