Thursday, February 26, 2009

GOD: The New "Four" Letter Word in Public Schools

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Bailouts, bailouts, bailouts. Everywhere-bailouts. The automakers want more, the banks want more, the nation's largest insurance company wants more because the $150 billion they got last year isn't enough.

What happens when the government check that the President and his Congress writes is returned, marked "insufficient funds"?

54% of Americans now oppose bailouts.

55% say the media tries to make the economy sound even worse than it is. Imagine that.

GOD: The New "Four" Letter Word in Public Schools

John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, is considered by many to be conservative America's foremost legal, political and cultural watch dog.

I first met John when I interviewed him on television some years ago. I was impressed with his grasp of the issues then and still am.

Whitehead has gained a great deal of insight into the issue of religious discrimination in public schools as a result of the many cases that have come across his desk over the years.

He is now saying that he believes that "GOD" has become the new four letter word in the classroom, at least in most public schools across America.

Why this has come to pass is very concerning.

Whitehead says, "An elite segment of society that views God as irrelevant has come to predominate."

He says that elitists--the people who run society, from public education to certain governmental agencies and institutions, have basically decided that God is irrelevant in public discussion.

This, he says, ignores the 120 million or more people in America who take their religion seriously, practice it and who pay taxes to support these very institutions.

These people are being forced, along with their religious rights and free speech rights, into subservience to all other beliefs.

He says the issue is not, as secularists, the ACLU and others would have you believe, separation of church and state. It is an issue of the religious believer versus the state.

This, Whitehead believes, is a denial of everything this country stands for in terms of the freedom of speech, religion and a respect for moral tradition.

He says it reminds him of the old Soviet Union or even China where people of faith must fend off the state.

Whitehead has released a six-minute video on the subject. I strongly recommend you view it.

Patrick Henry once said that, "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

It is clear that many who have cloistered themselves in public education have a very different view and priority than most Americans. They have, especially in public colleges and universities, often hiding behind tenure, espouse anti-American and anti-Christian views.

This cannot help but have a negative effect on this country and our culture.

Abraham Lincoln knew this and once said, "The philosophy of the classroom today, will be the philosophy of government tomorrow."

This is a time when Christians are being called upon to stand and take back their country.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Since he didn't comment on it, I assume Gary agrees with Bobby Jindal that the lives of families in the Puyallup area aren't wroth the expense of volcano monitoring.

  2. John Whitehead forgets to mention that in the 1960’s, Churches deliberately placed themselves under government regulation and censorship when they decided to continue operating as tax exempt entities after newly established Congressional IRS tax laws started prohibiting tax exempt organizations from continuing their involvement in government and political affairs. This was unprecedented and marked the beginning of America's decline. Basically, the Church, at that time, handed over morality and control to the State; willingly separating itself from the State; in exchange for the continuation of State financial benefits; and Churches continue in this practice even today. And while this practice led the American Church into an age of unprecedented prosperity, the consequences to society have been tragic; and the Church is now suffering under its own consequence of decline. America’s Founders knew better: a State regulated Church is not God’s Church, and no citizens should support such an idea. America has no hope of reforming politics, judicial ethics, education, families, citizen morality, etc. until the Church repents, undergoes reform, and turns back to following God and upholding his righteousness on earth. God is the foundation for freedom!

  3. In the 60's, we did not realize how society would change so drastically with our moral issues!

  4. I wish I could go back to school and do it all over again. I think
    I would tell the math teacher that
    God was the first one to use numbers when he ordered the days.

    He also started the study of life
    (biology) when he brought to Adam
    the living creatures so that he
    could name them.

    I can't go back to school and do it all over again, but I can by his grace let my soul bless the name of the Lord God because of Jesus, right where I am at.

    If I had a child I would like to teach him to praise the Lord and tell him that I will back him up
    and support him, and if he is treated unfairly, that I will determine to plead his cause, for
    the foundation of God is founded
    upon truth, righteousness and justice through the mercy and grace that is in Jesus Christ,
    and if and when he makes a mistake, I will be there to love him and to be certain that he is
    covered by the blood of Christ and
    will help him get back up again. My purpose as a parent should always be to justify him through the power of the gospel of Christ.

  5. Rutherford states:
    He says that elitists--the people who run society, from public education to certain governmental agencies and institutions, have basically decided that God is irrelevant in public discussion.

    Rutherford's statement is baloney - he is creating a straw man ("the elitists") to fear monger. The reality is that Republican right has been running this country for pretty much 4 decades (since Nixon) with a few brief stints of semi-alternative in between, i.e. Carter mainly (Clinton was a moderate Republican and the Republicans wielded great control through the legislature).

    Those who run this country are primarily corporatists who lobby government and make fat profits off the massive US military war machine and then influence government further.

    The other primary influence is the right wing controlled corporatist media who decides what you can and what you cannot see and hear - and, thus, think.

    More than any - the Evangelical leadership primarily wields influence as they politicize their flock - so often it seems leading them to the ballot box to prop up the real elite - the corporatist power structure - rather than leading them to Christ (other than in name only).



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