Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Budget: "Worse than Robinhood ... Will End in Tears"

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Guttmacher Institute released a study yesterday that reveals that Planned Parenthood needs more money.

Imagine that. Bailout.

Guttmacher, however is Planned Parenthood's own research arm. Article.

Judie Brown of American Life League says it is outrageous. They made $114 million profit last reporting period.

Brown is publicly asking Planned Parenthood to, "Donate $114 million for programs that would empower the poor...instead of sterilizing them."

Obama's Budget: "Worse than Robinhood ... Will End in Tears"

Peter Morici, a University of Maryland professor, after seeing President Obama's budget said, "The taxing aspect of this is worse than Robinhood." The professor said, "He is resurrecting class warfare for political gain."

Even Reuters News Service, a left-leaning news service said, "Bill Clinton declared the era of big government is over. With his new budget, President Barack Obama has brought it back."

It isn't only Republicans who are expressing concern about the $3.5 trillion budget.

President Obama is flying high, leading a parade of extreme far-left liberalism, that some predict will end in a trail of tears.

In fact, I have linked a picture from Duesseldorf, Germany of a parade float that depicts President Obama flying high and bringing Europe along with him.

While Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and others on the left to far-left are flying high and not only taking Europe with them but our own future as well, many here are becoming concerned, after actually looking at his budget. They are already asking where this Obama special flight is really going to take us. If he crashes, will we all go down with him?

Reuters said in their story posted early this morning, "Obama's first budget was emblematic of a politician who, when he announced his run for the presidency two years ago, had rejected the conventional wisdom that, having little experience in national politics, he was moving too fast and should wait his turn."

He gambled and won the presidency, risking only the marring of his own political future. What did he really have to lose?

He is now gambling not only with his resume, but with the future of the greatest nation on this earth. And our children and their children's future.

William Galston, a Brookings Institution economist who worked with President Clinton said, "My judgement is that his reach will exceed his grasp."

But Senator John Kerry is saying no, no, "This is nothing short of a sober, honest assessment of where our own country stands and a tough, realistic plan to get our budget in line with our priorities."

This leap toward socialism is hardly in line with the priorities of most Americans.

Nancy Pelosi agrees with Kerry and his priorities. She said, "At long last a budget that is a statement of our national values."

Our national values?

If anyone has ever wondered how the values of the left differ with the values of the right, this budget process is evidence in HD. And wait until President Obama has time to get to the social issues, the ones some Republicans are wanting to marginalize; of abortion, traditional marriage and family and homosexual "rights".

This budget which spends $11,833 for every American, is obscene. I won't even attempt to list the 9000 earmarks in Obama'a budget, but will merely remind you that with his finger raised, he told America earlier this week he would not tolerate earmarks. But, that was then and this is now.

In promoting class warfare, he consistently reminds America that he is going to tax those people who make $250,000 or more. While it likely makes some feel good that some will be punished, or "redistributed" because of their success, this concerns many, including many who do not earn that much money per year.

They know that many of those earning $250,000 or more per year, are small business owners. As their taxes go up, they will be forced to lay off people because they will not be able to afford the payroll and other expenses. The unintended consequence of just the increase in unemployment could be catastrophic. It can not even be forecast. And the revenue to the government will decrease.

Obama Inc. is flying high today, leading the parade, but clouds of concern are already gathering, even among some Democrats.

Professor Morici fears Obama's policies could make matters worse than they already are.

He says, "We have learned from hard experience that big government only begets big government and high unemployment. We have the 1970's solutions for new-age problems, and it's not going to work. People are going to be happy to get some free health care for a while, then it's all going to end in tears."

If Morici and others are right, this carnival parade may well end as a trail of tears.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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