Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's Budget: "Worse than Robinhood ... Will End in Tears"

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Guttmacher Institute released a study yesterday that reveals that Planned Parenthood needs more money.

Imagine that. Bailout.

Guttmacher, however is Planned Parenthood's own research arm. Article.

Judie Brown of American Life League says it is outrageous. They made $114 million profit last reporting period.

Brown is publicly asking Planned Parenthood to, "Donate $114 million for programs that would empower the poor...instead of sterilizing them."

Obama's Budget: "Worse than Robinhood ... Will End in Tears"

Peter Morici, a University of Maryland professor, after seeing President Obama's budget said, "The taxing aspect of this is worse than Robinhood." The professor said, "He is resurrecting class warfare for political gain."

Even Reuters News Service, a left-leaning news service said, "Bill Clinton declared the era of big government is over. With his new budget, President Barack Obama has brought it back."

It isn't only Republicans who are expressing concern about the $3.5 trillion budget.

President Obama is flying high, leading a parade of extreme far-left liberalism, that some predict will end in a trail of tears.

In fact, I have linked a picture from Duesseldorf, Germany of a parade float that depicts President Obama flying high and bringing Europe along with him.

While Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and others on the left to far-left are flying high and not only taking Europe with them but our own future as well, many here are becoming concerned, after actually looking at his budget. They are already asking where this Obama special flight is really going to take us. If he crashes, will we all go down with him?

Reuters said in their story posted early this morning, "Obama's first budget was emblematic of a politician who, when he announced his run for the presidency two years ago, had rejected the conventional wisdom that, having little experience in national politics, he was moving too fast and should wait his turn."

He gambled and won the presidency, risking only the marring of his own political future. What did he really have to lose?

He is now gambling not only with his resume, but with the future of the greatest nation on this earth. And our children and their children's future.

William Galston, a Brookings Institution economist who worked with President Clinton said, "My judgement is that his reach will exceed his grasp."

But Senator John Kerry is saying no, no, "This is nothing short of a sober, honest assessment of where our own country stands and a tough, realistic plan to get our budget in line with our priorities."

This leap toward socialism is hardly in line with the priorities of most Americans.

Nancy Pelosi agrees with Kerry and his priorities. She said, "At long last a budget that is a statement of our national values."

Our national values?

If anyone has ever wondered how the values of the left differ with the values of the right, this budget process is evidence in HD. And wait until President Obama has time to get to the social issues, the ones some Republicans are wanting to marginalize; of abortion, traditional marriage and family and homosexual "rights".

This budget which spends $11,833 for every American, is obscene. I won't even attempt to list the 9000 earmarks in Obama'a budget, but will merely remind you that with his finger raised, he told America earlier this week he would not tolerate earmarks. But, that was then and this is now.

In promoting class warfare, he consistently reminds America that he is going to tax those people who make $250,000 or more. While it likely makes some feel good that some will be punished, or "redistributed" because of their success, this concerns many, including many who do not earn that much money per year.

They know that many of those earning $250,000 or more per year, are small business owners. As their taxes go up, they will be forced to lay off people because they will not be able to afford the payroll and other expenses. The unintended consequence of just the increase in unemployment could be catastrophic. It can not even be forecast. And the revenue to the government will decrease.

Obama Inc. is flying high today, leading the parade, but clouds of concern are already gathering, even among some Democrats.

Professor Morici fears Obama's policies could make matters worse than they already are.

He says, "We have learned from hard experience that big government only begets big government and high unemployment. We have the 1970's solutions for new-age problems, and it's not going to work. People are going to be happy to get some free health care for a while, then it's all going to end in tears."

If Morici and others are right, this carnival parade may well end as a trail of tears.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Oh please, you only pay higher taxes on the amount of income above the cut off and its only 4% more, the same tax rate during the effectively 'golden age' of the Clinton administration. Someone making $300,000 a year would pay an extra $2,300 because of the tax increase - "class warfare" "Robin Hood" - how much hyperbole can be brought into this discussion?

    I do admit that I think Obama is using the budget to add in the extra spending that didn't get passed in the stimulus bill but as long as he cuts the Bush deficit in half by the end of his term its not a concern for me. You'll be glad of the spending too if it turns around the recession by the end of next year while leaving us with better infrastructure, universal healthcare, and strong steps towards energy independence.

    Born again fiscal conservatives are just harming their credibility with rhetoric like this. Try to be like the current administration - drop the hysteria, acknowledge that even those you don't agree with love America, and present your concerns honestly without the demagoguery. Its talk like this blog entry that is driving people away from the Republican party in droves.

  2. Gary, this is brilliant. Thank you. Many of the major news sources are saying what you are saying this morning.
    Thank. Keep it up.

  3. I am so concerned. I have nerver seen anything like this in my life and I am older. I didn't vote for Obama, but I thought some were overstateing the problems he could cause. You were not overstateing. It's worse than I imangined it could be. Like Gary says, God help us.

  4. I don't believe you. President Obama is only concerned about all of us and taking care of us. We have been oppressed and this is our time of rising.

  5. Another 'cold shower' factoid to take the edge off this hysteria.

    When you add in the war costs Bush's 2009 budget was $3.1 trillion, so we are talking about a 14% increase over the last budget that will actually give us wonderful things in return.

    Robin Hood really took only 14¢ more on the dollar than the previous thief? I knew his rep was just good PR


  6. Oshtur, good to see you back. I don't think Obama's budget of 3+ trillion includes projected war costs either.

  7. 10:47 AM

    If you are indeed older, than you HAVE seen budgets like this before in your life! In those conservative halcyon days of the 1950's the top marginal income tax rate was 90%! Was the Greatest Generation made up of robin hood socialists?

  8. Thanks. The budget resources are on line at

    in the Department of Defense part:

    "To address the costs of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Administration requests $75.5 billion for the remainder of 2009 and $130.0 billion for 2010"

    There is still a possible additional 'contingency' cost but it is percentile.

    People should stop letting themselves be manipulated by the demagogues. The budget is only incrementally bigger and gives us as US taxpayers much more for the buck than any Bush budget plus the benefit of its stimulus effects. The tax changes are minimal especially compared to the past. (a friend says many don't understand that you only pay the higher tax rate on the part of your income that is in that tax bracket - is that really true?)

    Quit letting yourselves be manipulated by the agenda driven.

  9. A true Christian would want the debate to be about the best way to get the health care coverage for everyone. Instead you offer no solutions and choose to denigrate those who do want coverage for everyone as wanting 'free health care'. Millions without health coverage would be a top priority for Jesus.

    Thankfully, there's a huge populist movement and Obama does represent the desire of the American people. Check the polls.

    People are seeing through your purposeful misrepresentations.
    Oshtur is right, keep it up and you'll just chase more people away and drive your little party further into the margins.

    oh, and 11:51, Obama is including the war in the budget. No more deceitful numbers!

  10. Right on! Gary, everything about obama is false. I think if the devil himself were president,oshtur and his other cute buddies would believe he could do no wrong. Obama is looking more and more like the real thing. God help us!

  11. Obama asked for an additional amount of $$$$ to go to the war. This doesn't include the total budget, does it. 3.5 trillion isn't enough? You must have your head screwed on the wrong end again, today.

  12. Again lets review:

    a 4.6% income tax increase to the maximum tax rate only on income over $250,00 dollars, same tax rate as during the Clinton Administration, and over 50% lower than the maximum tax rate in the 50's.
    Ex: someone making $300,000 will pay about $2,300 in additional tax, someone making 350,000 would pay $4,600 in additional tax, someone making a million would pay $34,500 in additional tax.

    The current budget is only 14% over last year's budget, and that includes $75.5 billion to cover the rest of that last year's budget. Budgets always have a contingency allocation to the military so there is no risk that it will run out of money in the middle of a military engagement.

    "Everything about Obama is false."
    "You must have your head screwed on wrong end again today"

    The kind of well thought out, fact-driven comments we've come to expect around here. Gary, these are the kind of people who are your fans and supporters - is this really what you are looking for?

  13. Gary Ihave been wanting to write an email to you to say thank you for your blogs. Instead I decided to post it. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  14. Gary says,

    "President Obama is flying high, leading a parade of extreme far-left liberalism, that some predict will end in a trail of tears."

    Obama leaves Gates as Secretary of Defense and many Republicans agree with Obama's proposal to rachet down the war in Iraq. "Extreme Far Left" ?? HARDLY!!

    BTW - "Extreme Far Left Liberalism"(that quad banger is so purely manipulative and partisan it is, admittedly, nauseating and almost impossible to read)

    Gary uses all the sort of fear-mongering buzz-words to stir up the faithful - and, on cue, you can see them posting above. No need to think for yourselves guys....

    Had Bush done the same thing - which he did with the massive increase in the national debt (about 3 or was it 4 Trillion or something - you tell me) - Gary would not have said a word.

    The class warfare has long been going on in America - it is the extreme far religious right and their corporatists masters attacking the common people of the United States of America. They fight using dirty tricks of manipulation and rank partisanship (this post will be a fine example).

    "The common people heard Jesus gladly..."


  15. In a previous comment I said Obama spent more in approx. 1 mo. than President George Bush in his entire 8 yers. I correct myself, Obama has proposed more spending than anyone in history. For every action there is an equal reaction, I hope Obama remembers this. I firmly believe the Tea Party demonstrations in 40 cities are only the beginning of a movement. The American people's core values while being repressed are not dead, and the Obama administration, and congress are going to find that out.

  16. It seems to me that spending money
    by a government to fix an economy
    should be to help the poor more than the rich without hurting the rich and at the same time find a way to help the economy to get moving again.

    If the rich companies made poor business choices and go under because of it, maybe we should say
    "So be it. Let another company more wise in it's dealings take it's place even though it has not
    made itself big by overextending itself."

    It seems to me that there is a big
    part of America that is of the working class who are not rich, but do have the means to build new
    homes, or buy homes they do not now have, if only they could get
    the mortgages that would fit their

    What about a 60 year mortgage with a fixed reasonable rate that
    could be reasonably backed by the
    government with little or no down
    payment much like the VA loans of
    the past, given to qualified buyers who have steady employment
    that don't seem to be much affected by today's economy?

    Some businesses are doing better business because of the current conditions, though they are not nearly as many in number as other

    I believe with the low mortgage rates available today and the lower home prices, many homes on the market are just out of reach of many who rent, but with a little backing by the government
    (reasonable backing not outlandish) we could see a new real estate market begin to move
    and new construction of modest condominums and smaller homes which could get many employed again in America's largest industry, the constrution industry.

    I suppose many of the more expensive homes may remain on the market for awhile, or their prices
    begin to remain low, but given some time stock markets may begin
    to turn as more American's go back
    to work in the real estate and construction industries.

    That would be an example of investing some help where help is needed for many families who have
    been renting and not gaining equity because buying a home has been just out of reach. I think there are many in that condition.

    I am one who would like to see residential construction work move
    again, but would rather see it benefit those who are not the rich, but are able to hold a new
    older home or buy a small new condo or home, which would begin to move things from the bottom up,
    rather than from the top down.

    Why is it that we must always think of moving the economy from the top down? Can't it move from the bottom up?

    Maybe we need 99 year mortgages.
    Many people would be more than happy to buy a modest home with a
    99 year mortgage if the payments were about the same as their current rent payments as they would have hope of gaining equity
    over the years.

    When government gives to one group, it seems it must take from
    another group. It's just the way it is, but why must it be that the less rich pay the price for much money given to those that have more?

    Does it have to be that way?

    I know there are other problems with the economy than the construction industry, but it is one of America's largest industries, and if that gets going
    maybe other things can get going like the auto industry.

  17. It is interesting to me that much of the budget is simply Obama responding to the military's request for various increases (as well as leaving the war costs IN the budget instead of deceptively excluding them).

    I have yet to hear anyone on the religious right - starting w/S Palin - actually complain about Gov spending when it comes to the greatest part of the budget - the military.


  18. If congress hadn't forced lenders to give away houses to those who would not pay for them, our economy, or the world economy wouldn't be where we are today. Our economy is in good shape compared to the rest of the world, and yet it is our economy that is the cornerstone of the global economy. Well liberals were so worried about the rest of the world liking us, just wait until the global soup kitchens open.

  19. Want to hear about government spending in regards to our military? Barack Obama is cutting the Raptor program. Barack Obama is sending secret documents to Russia making deals which involves the missile defense shield that would have protected Europe, and the U.S. from Iran's missiles. There's nothing wrong with peace from a position of strength. the secular left has effectively dumbed down our children in the schools. Never since pre WW2 Nazi Germany have I seen such a process. The United States is now becoming under the rule of the Obama administration a third world country in every sense of the word. This country was not founded on these principles, and I don't see the American people taking this kind of dictatorship much longer. There's a time for God, and a time for country.

  20. "Barack Obama is cutting the Raptor program."

    I remain fascinated how those who claim to be "conservatives" (but are not) are all about small gov, cutting gov, UNTIL it comes to their sacred cow - the military - boy, better get out of the way then - we don't want to hinder those corporatists war profiteers, e.g. Eric Prince, et. al, for even one moment on their road to billionaire glory off the shrinking American middle class taxpayer.


  21. 6:30 PM

    Reading your post it becomes painfully apparent that you don't feel there is "time for education".

    Just because your side lost, doesn't make it a dictatorship, it just makes you losers!

  22. When there is no system of checks and balances in Washington DC it is a dictatorship. A dual dictatorship I might add, because Reid and Pelosi are pulling Obama's puppet strings. Barack Obama is doing quite a dance I might add. Yes there is a time for education, but unfortunately liberals would have none of it. Conservatives tried to teach liberals what Obama truly is, which is a talking head for congress. That's why the Democratic party dumped Hillary, she can think for herself. Well the honeymoon is just about over because the American people, all American people cannot stand to lose much more. Obama says the stock market should not dictate policy, and that's true. However policy needs to effect the overall good of the country, and that means not shunning Wall Street. Because shunning Wall Street trickles down to Main Street, and the savings of all. Those youngsters who were duped into voting for, and chanting the name of Obama will be very disappointed when there is no more money for their education. Yes there is a dictatorship in Washington DC, and it is bringing down the most successful country in the history of man.

  23. 8:57 AM,

    So then you must be very pleased that the Bush dictatorship is over, since there were far fewer checks and balances and traditional respect for them was severely eroded during his administration!

    As for our current economic woes, again Bush's fault. As for your crazy rants about the "real Obama", it's just the bitter bleating of a sore loser! Both sides presented their cases, America considered both and realized that the GOP and their policies were leading this nation in wrong direction. No dictatorship, just a government freely elected by the people. The fact that you lost simply does not make it a dictatorship!

  24. No I wasn't pleased with the Bush dictatorship, as I am not pleased with the Obama dictatorship. But here's my question. Why would anyone elect another political monopoly to Washington DC, who is now proposing more spending than anyone in history? Especially after an administration that was accused of the very same thing? Why would anyone do that? Please feel free to tell us all why anyone would rather burden their grandchildren with the cost of studying pig farts, and the genealogy of catfish, than investing in their own retirement, keeping a roof over their family's head, or the education of their children. Is this all for the "greater good"? If so, the greater good ain't so good.

  25. That is a series of false choices as all spending isn't the same. Bush spent it on wars, funneled huge amounts of it into the hands of multinationals who gave us as a nation nothing in return, and did everything he could to shift as much of the wealth of the nation into the hands of the already wealthy as he could.

    The Obama administration is spending to end the worst recession since the 30's caused by the Bush administrations shenanigans - again as I've pointed out in detail this is Keynsian macroeconomics 101 for recession busting. Both the Stimulus and the proposed budget work to this end.

    Worried about retirement? If this recession goes on for a decade or more you just won't be - ever. If we can end it in a year or two then you might still have a chance. And please anyone honestly in the discussion isn't discussing 'earmarks' which comprise about 1% of one of the bills and yes, even spending money on catfish genetics puts money into people's hands so they can spend it - it does its part for recession busting too.

    Now could we be doing everything we are if it was just a US recession? No, it would put us at risk relative to the world but since the entire economic structure of the world is suffering the same way it doesn't - every trade dependent major economic power in the world is doing the same things.

    Everyone is going to have to be tolerant of everyone else's massive relative debt for a long time because not doing so would make their debt recallable - think of it like the old nuclear war 'deterrent' of everyone having enough nuclear weapons to destroy everyone.

    Someone spending lots of money is the only way to end the recession, and the only ones who will do that are governments. At least the current Administration is trying to put more of this recession busting money into the hands of the 'not already rich' Americans and we as a nation will have things of value for it in return.

    I know some radicals are saying we should just let the financial and housing sectors fail and let the new arise from the ashes but they are nihilists - that future would mean a global depression of 'dark ages' proportion, and the US would not arise as a super power afterwards - our financial markets wouldn't be the hub of the world, no nation would even want to take dollars anymore. Talk like that is just an express ticket to '3rd world nation' status. Only by keeping our broken system cobbled together enough so its still functioning better or at least as good as the the competition will we come out of this with our world status intact.

    There is NO realistic solution that doesn't involve big spending by the government - you're just going to have to come to terms with that.

  26. I really need to know how studying pig farts will help the economy recover. How does healthcare reform create jobs, it will actually cut jobs. As far as the genealogy of catfish is concerned I'd rather teach a man to fish than throw him a fish as if he's a seal. I still don't understand how we spend our way out of a depression. It didn't work for FDR, and it won't work for BHO. Why not make the Bush tax cuts permanent? Doesn't anyone out there remember how the world economy was shaken post 9-11? How Bush's tax policies in spite of his spending kept the economy robust? The economy began imploding right after the Democrats took control of congress in 2006. Right after they had been repeatedly warned of a housing meltdown, and ignored it. Why not lower corporate taxes, and make America a better climate for all businesses, thereby creating jobs? Why raise capitol gains taxes making it more difficult for main street to recover lost wealth? Why cause class warfare by taxing those who really create jobs? Wealth comes from main street, yet BHO is rewarding Wall Street. Democrats who claim to be so much in the corner of the little guy should be up in arms at what BHO is doing to main street. Don't believe the lies about no tax hike either. Main street will be paying hidden taxes the likes of which we have never seen. Taxes for things that don't even exist, and we will have no choice. I guess there are those out there who just can't put down the koolaid.

  27. I really need to know how studying pig farts will help the economy recover

    At the very least it employs people that research such things. Doh.

    How does healthcare reform create jobs, it will actually cut jobs.

    It spends money on the people who implement the new system, it saves money to be spend on other things. Any thing time you change something you have to pay people to do the change - why is that difficult to understand?

    I still don't understand how we spend our way out of a depression. It didn't work for FDR, and it won't work for BHO.

    Well there's your problem - it worked just fine for FDR - the GNP went up every year of his spending and only had one year blurp when he listened to the people that said to cut back spending. The massive stimulus bill called WWII finished off the recession.

    Why not make the Bush tax cuts permanent?
    Because they were implemented to transfer money from the middle class to the rich. They are bad for the majority of Americans.

    Doesn't anyone out there remember how the world economy was shaken post 9-11? How Bush's tax policies in spite of his spending kept the economy robust?

    YOU have it backwards - Bush implemented a massive stimulus bill, the wars, that reversed the 9/11 recession. It did it slowly though because so much of the stimulus bill went to multinationals that didn't spend much of the money in the US. This stimulus bill reversed the recession IN SPITE of the tax cuts, not because of it. This is the standard 'bait and switch' that Republicans do - they talk about tax cuts but then do stealth stimulus bills.

    Why not lower corporate taxes, and make America a better climate for all businesses, thereby creating jobs?

    Because it won't have that effect - it will just reduce tax income, it will do nothing to increase the availability of credit or demand for products. It is the lack of demand for what businesses produce that causes a recession, not the lack of actual money by the businesses. Jobs loss is the symptom of a recession, not the cause.

    Why cause class warfare by taxing those who really create jobs?

    It won't it will have those who profit the most from the American systems give back some of it. Totally reasonable amounts too. 4.6% more on the money over $250,000 in a family. Again that would be 2,300 more taxes AT MOST on a family making $300,000 a year and tax experts say it would actually be closer to $1,100 a year. If anyone or any class would go to war over effectively chump change the class they need is one in anger management.

    One of the recent rants by the right has been about charitable donations. Did you realize that if a teacher making $50,000 a year donated $1,000 they would be able to write off about $150 while if the rich do so they can write off $350? That the proposed changes what wouldn't even take effect until 2011 would just take that $350 down to $280?
    (the teacher would still only get a $150 write off of course)

    The rich have been deliberately given a very sweet ride for the last 8 years, its time for them to pony up in their nation's time of need.

    I guess there are those out there who just can't put down the koolaid.

    Total irony. Seriously, you don't seem to understand how things have worked, the situation we are actually in, or how its been solved in the past. You're being mad for madness' sake, not because there is anything actually wrong what's being done.

  28. Yes that's just what we need more researchers who make a lifelong income out of applying for and receiving grants. Kinda like those who made pie in the sky promises 40 years ago about arthritis research. So far all they do is hide signs and symptoms. Or those making pie in the sky promises about stem cell research now. What promises can be made about swine flatus?
    Until you've worked in health care don't think you know what you're talking about. Health care reform cuts staff jobs by time studies, then those who do the time studies are terminated, so jobs are lost all the way around. I remember only too well nurses marching on Washington DC in protest of Hillary care, and Hillary asking "What do nurses do anyway?". I am no nurse but remember, "a nurse can be a nurse without a doctor, but a doctor can't be a doctor with out a nurse".
    WW2 pulled this country out of the Great Depression, we outproduced the entire world. Is that what the Democrats want a caste system? Where men and women all march blindly into factories like herds of cattle? That's right out of the early 1900's. Read "Valley of Decision", by Summerset Maum.
    There are those out there who envision the "wealthy" picking up the tab for them, however they seem to be too stupid to spot Obama's hidden taxes. Taxes like higher gas, and heating fuel tax, due to some mythological global warming, another money maker society was ripe to believe. Higher taxes on cigarettes to pay for health care, this is discriminatory. Taxes on sugared soda pop, this too is discriminatory. The skin tax right here in Washington state. Is our state government now pimps that they make money on porn? Oh then there's tax on the miles we drive. Many, many hidden taxes that will be paid by lower class, middle class, and upper class. Obama claims to give with one hand while taking with the other.
    If more corporations come to our shores who will do the jobs? Do you think they will import laborers? Lower corporate taxes will create jobs, as they did in Ireland. Unfortunately lower corporate taxes have taken companies to foreign shores, and jobs along with them.
    Unfortunately I understand only too well the situation we are in, and I don't listen to the rantings of a community organizer. I have seen the process over the last 5 decades. The constant dumbing down and eroding of freedoms in our country. I have watched our children indoctrinated in our schools. I wrote a paper calling for sweeping reform of our educational system that mysteriously disappeared. And I watched young people mindlessly vote for someone who didn't even serve a full term in the senate. A person who for 20 years attended a church with a racist pastor, who's friends are crooks, and domestic terrorists. A person who may not even be a legal citizen, but the jury's still out on that one. Yeah there was lots of kool aid to go around for all. Unfortunately there are far too many who ignore history as a teacher, only to mindlessly validate why they put Obama into office.

  29. Yes that's just what we need more researchers

    Yes we do, though I know you meant that sarcastically. And great strides have been made in all aspects of arthritis research in the 30 years I've been in the medical profession oops!

    WW2 pulled this country out of the Great Depression, we outproduced the entire world.

    Yep a massive stimulus bill that paid people, the middle class, to work. You are making my argument that economic stimulus is how we get out of a recession for me.

    Is that what the Democrats want a caste system?

    No that's what the Republicans want when they transfered money to the already wealthy disproportionately, decimating the middle class.

    Obama claims to give with one hand while taking with the other.

    Actually not a single one of those things is happening right now, but the Republican tax breaks for the already wealthy are.

    Unfortunately I understand only too well the situation we are in, and I don't listen to the rantings of a community organizer.

    That you don't listen is obvious. Starting with that sentence I will just let you speak for yourself and again ask Gary "Is this the kind of person you are actually trying to get in your corner? Do you really think this has anything to do with promoting Judeo-Christian values?"

  30. Oh and just in case you think I avoided your conservative 'corporate tax' meme:

    Of the 19 members of the OECD, the average corporate tax paid is 16.1%, with the US average being 13.4%.

    As to social and labor taxes (social security and unemployment and other payroll taxes) the US ranks 3rd from the bottom, only Belgium and New Zealand gives business a better break than we.

    You can't just compare the max corporate tax rates as the wingnut sources like FoxNews does with the Ireland meme - no one pays that rate whereever you are. According to the GAO even though our max rate is 35% the actual average rate paid by US corporations is 6%, far below the world average AND we even allow US corporations with sites overseas to write off a portion of the tax they pay there, basically subsidizing a business having a plant in France.

    To use your analogy its time for YOU to put down the kool-aid, quit just repeating what are told to be outraged about and look it up on the internet. Its easy. I just typed in 'debunk Ireland corporate tax rates' and it took me to well referenced articles about how what you are being told is only a deliberately manipulative tiny part of the real story.

    Yes the rich would love to have you thinking they are being beset upon and probably laughing about it as they take larger and larger proportions of your money.

    Think! Question! Do your own research! Easy answers are almost always wrong.


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