Monday, March 02, 2009

Gary Locke: Is Third Time a Charm for President Obama?

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NASA's chief climate scientist is calling on citizens to engage in civil disobedience today at what is being billed as the largest public protest of global warming ever in the US. Some think he is a hero, while others, including some at NASA ,think he is a nut and very foolish to be leading the global warming parade.

The event, scheduled for Washington D.C., may be facing a severe March snow storm. Ironic.

Gary Locke: Is Third Time a Charm for President Obama?

President Obama is having a tough time finding a Commerce Secretary. After two fiascos, he has now chosen former Washington State Governor Gary Locke. But this third choice also has some personal problems.

The press, as usual, is doing its very best to help the President succeed in this the third try. NPR is saying Locke, "has a clean reputation," The New York Times says he possesses, "A largely scandal free resume" and the Washington Post says he is a "safe choice" because of his "straight-laced reputation."

But Michelle Malkin, a syndicated columnist and former Seattle Times reporter says,"His laces ain't so straight."

Malkin recounts what she discovered while working for The Seattle Times. She says the Governor had problems in his personal business dealings, financial fund raising for Clinton/Gore and his questionable ties to Chinese fund raisers, the Buddhist Temple in Redmond, Washington and the Chinese government itself.

I have linked Malkin's column. Because of her unique relationship to this matter, she is likely the most qualified to address the issues surrounding Locke and his nomination. It is fascinating.

In the end she concludes, "Supporters are now touting Locke's cozy relations with the Chinese government as a primary reason he deserves the Commerce Department Secretary post. Yet another illustration of 'how hope and change' is just another synonym for 'screw up, move up'."

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