Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama: "I Get It"

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President Obama is a very good public speaker. In the Yakima orchards they call guys like him, "good talkers".

He assured us he "gets it" and most likely he does understand that we are in a very bad economy. I think we all get that.

However, one wonders if he gets it in regard to the solution. It's very difficult to find a nation that has solved their economic problems caused by over spending and over borrowing, by more over spending and over borrowing.

He assured us the first trillion dollars is but a beginning, there will be much more to come.

Fox News posted a story late last night, highlighting some of his statements and squaring them with the facts. You may want to check that out.

Two things of perhaps lesser importance also caught my attention.

One is about the auto, the other about Gov. Bobby Jindal.

First the car. The President is very committed to the American auto industry and their unions. We all want the U.S. auto industry to succeed, however, we did not invent the automobile as he said. Karl Benz, a German engineer actually built the first practical car in 1887. A French inventor, Nicolas Cugnot built one in 1769, but it was steam powered and was never mass produced.

Governor Bobby Jindal is a good guy. I have not met him, but know several who know him well. Very well. I understand he is right on most all the important issues. He is smart. He is a man of character and can win elections.

He called President Obama's spending spree, "irresponsible" and it is. I agreed. I agreed with all he said.

I know it is very difficult to follow a speaker like Barack Obama, who is President of the United States, speaking to the Congress, on national television, when you are standing at the bottom of a staircase in front of a single camera. That's tough.

But guys---you who are working about two years out, who read this blog, you know who you are, we have worked together; if we plan to win any elections we are going to have to do better than that.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Barack Obama in his speech, said we need to stop spending as over 8500 earmarks were being added to the omnibus package. The spendulus package was front end loaded with spending, and those items thrown out to get it through the senate were slipped back in when it passed in the house. Democrats are trying to put the GOP out of business, and make our country a socialist, one party country. Obama, and the Dems are buying the vote from the "what have you done for me lately" crowd. Otherwise the spending would have started post haste, NOW, when our country is in "CRISIS", sound familiar? Why else would the spending begin in 2010? Obama's scheme is treacherous, and diabolical, I don't care what political affiliation one is, I hope the American people don't fall for Obama's smile. By the way, I sure hope the $13.00 a week I get from the messiah doesn't kick me into a higher tax bracket, I will have to consult Tim Geitner as to how to evade paying my taxes.

  2. Where was your condemnation of overspending when Bush was in office?

  3. I agree about Jindal. A great person and all, but it concerns me when I read that the Republican Party thought it was outstanding. You are right they need to kick it up a notch.

  4. I wonder how Washington residents, who live in the shadow of active volcanoes like Ranier and St Helens feel about Jindal characterizing monitoring of said volcanoes, which could result in earlier warnings of eruptions, saving thousands of lives, as irresponsible. Do they agree with Jindal and Gary (who agrees with EVERY WORD Jindal said) that efforts to protect their and their children's lives is irresponsible?

    I wonder if Jindal thinks hurricane monitoring funds for NOAA are also irresponsible, or if protecting the lives of residents of his state is a good use of government funds.

  5. Careful Gary, the leader of your party, Rush Limbaugh, has let it be known that anyone, who dares criticize Jindal is anathema to him!

  6. Gary,

    Could you please comment on the trillions of dollars of pork spending and debt engaged in by the Reagan, Bush I and primarily by the Bush II admin - resulting in a destroyed economy.

    I would like to understand more on how we got into this severe mess after Clinton eliminated the annual budget deficit.


  7. The Obama administration has spent more in approx. 1 mo, than the entire 8 years Bush was in office.

  8. All the spending and borrowing wouldn't bother me so much if this
    nation did not allow abortions, did not allow adult entertainment,
    pornography, or promote homosexuality.

    A God fearing nation can prosper
    in whatever path it chooses with God's blessing, but what can a
    nation do if what it does is against him?

  9. I watched Jindl's respOnse . All I can say is he is smooth.
    I heard the same old rhetoric from Ronald Reagan in California about the government horror stories .
    I bought this line then , but I don't buy it now . If any of you are interested I have bridge that I sell you.

  10. 5:56 PM

    That's completely false! The Bush tax cuts for the rich, alone exceed the size of the stimulus bill! That's not including the costs of the two wars, or the Wall Street bailout of last fall.

  11. The administration's stimulus plan is straight out of the economic books. Keynsian solution to a recession, the one used by democrats (openly) and republicans (stealthfully by funding wars) for decades.

    People are not spending money - that is the cause of a recession and additionally if anyone gets money, companies or people, they tend to save it or use it for debt reduction rather than spend it. That's why tax credits and reductions are inefficient recession busters as that kind of money is used for debt reduction, not spending.

    The Keynsian recession solution - have the government reduce the tax rate and spend lots of money to offset the spending short fall and put as much of it as you can into the hands of those who won't save it. Every dollar will pass hands and 'multiply' in its effects - current estimates are for every stimulus dollar spent you will get $1.59 worth of benefit.

    And ANY spending is stimulus - you could pay half the population to move a pile of bricks to one location and the other half to move them back and get the stimulus benefit. Of course its best to get something useful and lasting from the spending and that's what this bill does. Those that stimulate the economy by starting wars give us almost nothing in return, send a large percentage of the money overseas, and because of this they end recessions slowly unless massive aka World War II.

    No grand conspiracy, no attempt to deceive, just Econ 101. Yes a few economists are not Keynsian - but they didn't win the election. And the Keynsian solution requires 'enough' spending, too little is next to useless. That's why any 'compromise' can't compromise on the size of the stimulus but just the particulars on what its being spent on.

    It might not be the plan you wanted but its the plan we're going with - get behind it, spend some money that you might want to save, and get this recession overwith.

    My personal solution that would be cheaper than the current solutions would be just have the government pay off all the current credit card debt at 50¢ on the dollar (about 400 billion), have the industry rescind all cards, make getting them as hard as it was back in the 80's. Since credit card debt is the primary straw that breaks the family camel's back this would jump start the economy, demand new personal fiscal responsibility in the future, and remove the primary 'debt reduction' that sucks up dollars that are being spent. Not 'fair' but it would fix the immediate problem.

  12. 5:56 pm

    It's commensurate with the damage Bush did to the economy that Obama needs to fix.

  13. Bush aprroached the legislature many times as to the problems with the banks etc, but they would not listen!

  14. 2:09 PM

    Really? When? Can you provide a source? Perhaps a contemporaneous news item?

  15. 5:56 PM is not interested in reality - he just threw that comment out to mislead - it is blatantly false.

    Those who fear the Lord would not engage in such behavior.

  16. Anonymous said...
    Bush aprroached the legislature many times as to the problems with the banks etc, but they would not listen!

    If this is true then it only proves what weak leader president Bush was. I have to give him credit . I read in the news paper that he is going back to grade school to improve his education.


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