Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama to Pick Pro-Abortion Health Secretary

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President Obama is continuing to fill his team with far left advocates.

The New York Times says President Obama will name Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as his new Secretary of Health and Human Resources.

This will be a major blow to the pro-life movement.

Here's why. Remember one of her best friends in Kansas? Does the name George Tiller ring a bell?

The Secretary of Health and Human Resources will play a very important role in helping the President craft his new health care plan. You will recall that the President first chose Tom Daschle for the post, but Daschle was forced to remove himself due to the scandal over his tax problems. Daschle is pro-abortion.

However, the President has now moved even further to the left in picking Sebelius, who was once considered for the vice-president spot on Obama's ticket, but was passed over because she was thought to be too far to the left.

You will remember that it is Governor Sebelius who has provided cover for late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller in Kansas. He has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to her and her allies and has so far, with the Governor's help, avoided prosecution and any accountability for allegedly and repeatedly violating state abortion laws.

Steven Ertelt, at LIFENEWS, wrote an article late yesterday, as this news became available, which chronicles the lengths to which she has gone to protect a man who some consider to be a murderer, including a secret event with Tiller at the governor's mansion, which she failed to officially report.

Ertelt feels that she, if confirmed, could issue new regulations overturning the protections President Bush put in place that protect pro-life doctors and medical centers.

The hope continues to fade. But remember, after the darkness comes morning and light.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. "This will be a major blow to the pro-life movement."

    The major blow to the so called "pro-life" movement came when a sizable majority of America rejected their candidate and elected Obama, who is pro-choice. Why anyone would find it surprising or shocking that a pro-choice President would fill his cabinet with people, who share his views. Elections have consequences.

  2. Which is why I campaigned heavily and voted for HUCKABEE.

  3. Gary, the biggest blow to the 'pro-live' movement was the self inflicted wound of the Bush presidency.

    8 years of extreme right wing rule persuaded the nation to move in the exact opposite direction.

    GW did his share of damage, but history may show it as net positive because it sparked a huge populist revival that will make us a much better nation.

    Obama is exercising the will of the people and has their support.

  4. We'll see how you feel this time next year if it even takes that long.

    Did you listen to his rhetoric about how he was going to work together across party lines? Yeah, that was the truth. Also about how he felt about abortion? Yep, sure sounds like he meant what he said there too.

    The most basic common sense, I realize that is not in vogue anymore, regarding economics proves that his plan will not work. So lets all just keep on keeping on and we get to see what happens.

  5. Yes, we will definitely see. Because this blog archives, it's fun to go back and see what was written and said in years past.

    It turns out we liberals were sure right about Bush and his policies. I'm sure it will validate our positive opinion of Obama as well.


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