Friday, March 27, 2009

A Growing Chorus in Defense of Marriage in Washington State

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There is a growing chorus of voices being raised in defense of marriage in the state.

I received an email yesterday from a woman who is a member of the Faith and Freedom Network, telling me she had spoken to her pastor about the importance and urgency of the current assault on marriage and the need for their church to become involved. She said he enthusiastically said their church would get involved and he wanted to begin receiving our communications.

The reality of the actual intent of the present homosexual legislation now moving through the Legislature is becoming more clear to more people. And they are beginning to raise their voices in defense of marriage.

We hear much about the homosexual activist legislators who are pushing the present legislation. And we should know that Senator Ed Murray has called the Defense of Marriage Act-DOMA a reprehensible law.

However we should also know that there are those Legislators who have and do strongly support traditional values and marriage.

Senators Dan Swecker and Val Stevens are two veteran Senators who have for many years stood tall on behalf of family and biblical values. They along with others, whom we will be highlighting, are standing tall of the SB 5688 bill.

A few days ago Senator Stevens published an email to her entire constituency.

It begins with, "Our society is in deep trouble. The Washington Legislature is dangerously close to passing a law that makes homosexual relationships equal to marriage in every respect---except name."

Please read her entire statement below and then forward this page to as many as possible.



Our society is in deep trouble. The Washington Legislature is dangerously close to passing a law that makes homosexual relationships equal to marriage in every respect – except in name.

The Senate has already passed Senate Bill 5688 and if it passes the House, homosexual marriage will be law.

At that point, all it would take is for homosexuals to sue the State for the right to be given a marriage license. If domestic partnership is equal to marriage, then the court must decide if that includes a marriage license and ceremony.

A decades-old, hidden agenda

Same-sex marriage is only part of a hidden agenda homosexual activists have promoted for more than 35 years.

As a legislator for almost half of that period, I can tell you this legislation is not about “love” and “families” as many of the activists portray. It is a secret, hard-nosed political movement determined to fundamentally change our society.

For example, on Christmas Eve 1984, then Governor Booth Gardner signed Executive Order 85-09 giving special protection to homosexuals within Washington state employment. This order bypassed the Legislature and the people entirely.

In 1986 we ran Initiative 490 in an attempt to overturn that Order.

Unfortunately, for lack of signatures, it failed to make it to the ballot. People did not know then that this seemingly small executive order would lead us down such a slippery slope.

In 1993, before he died of AIDS, Representative Cal Anderson introduced House Bill 1443 to expand the Human Rights Commission giving homosexuals special protection from discrimination by all employers.

More than 450 people turned out to oppose the bill. The hearing room was so crowded the committee meeting had to be moved to the House Chambers. I had never seen that happen before and haven’t since.

Even though it died in the Senate, the bill passed the House because Rep. Anderson had convinced legislators to ignore public reaction.

Over the years, this hidden agenda has gained more and more ground.

We have lost our rights as parents, employers, citizens

Over the years, we have lost:
1. The right to control the moral character of the people who teach our children.
2. The right to decide what our schools teach about sex.
3. The right of an employer to determine whether an applicant’s moral character will affect his job performance.

These basic parental and employer rights are gone forever.

In fact, this agenda has invaded the foster care system, our schools, state government, sex education, and now two homosexuals who sign a paper will have all the rights of a married couple.

If you remember, in 1998 House Bill 1130, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), was passed by the Legislature into law.

In 2004 homosexual activists sued the state to overturn it. I was a defendant in that lawsuit and, with others, defended our state’s right to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

After two years of court battles, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld our right to ban homosexual marriage.

If SB 5688 is passed this session, “domestic partnership” becomes equal to marriage in every practical way. And it WILL overturn the Defense of Marriage Act.

What can we do now?

If we are to protect Families we MUST fight this ongoing homosexual agenda.

If Washington allows homosexuals to marry, their agenda will invade every part of life in our state. You will not be able to protect your children or society at large from the changes that will stem from that one law.

While there is still time, I urge you to call every member of the Washington State House of Representatives and tell them to vote NO! on 5688.

And keep calling…do not let up!

At last week’s Stand Up for Marriage Rally several speakers told the estimated 2,400 attendees they would be introducing a public initiative to affirm marriage is only between one man and one woman.

It’s up to you.

I will continue the fight – no matter what! We can do it!


Val Stevens

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Whatever happened to Honesty and Integrity?
    Why can we not find Politicians who Say What They Mean and Mean What They Say!

    From a President who said he was going to have open government and then signs stimulus packages with into law without giving us, or the Congress a chance to read them!

    To a Governor who said she was not going to support the Homosexual and Lesbian agenda and then said it was the happiest day of her life as she signed Washington Sates ‘Domestic Partnership’ law.

    To Senator Ed Murray who was infuriated that I accused him trying to pass Homosexual Marriage legislation and then stating ‘It’s all about Marriage, and always has been.’ And when their petition before the Courts to Validate Homosexual Marriage was refused because they did not have all the rights of Marriage; what do you think they did?

    That same Senator Ed Murray of King County introduced a new Bill, SB-5688 to “Expand the rights and responsibilities of Washington State registered domestic partners” to correct His oversight. Once SB-5688 to “Expand the rights and responsibilities of Washington State registered domestic partners” is signed by Our Governor Christine Gregoire it into law and most likely Before the Ink is even dry; The Homosexual and Lesbian lobby will be requesting a new date on the Court’s docket. And this time they will most likely be rewarded for their labors while The “Marriage Covenant” will be buried in the graveyard of acceptance without knowledge or action by those it affects most.

    Once "Marriage" is no longer confined to a Man and a Woman and the sole criterion becomes the presence of "Love" and "Mutual Commitment," it is impossible to exclude virtually any "Relationship" between two or more partners of either sex. To those who scoff at concerns that homosexuals and lesbians' marriage could lead to the acceptance of other harmful and widely-rejected sexual behaviors, it should be pointed out that until very recent times the very suggestion that two women or two men could "marry" was totally unacceptable.

    What are homosexuals and lesbians' looking for? Validation of their life style?

    At what cost? Marriage? Homosexuals and lesbians' want Society to Validate a life style that will degrade and destroy the "Marriage Covenant." A "Marriage Covenant" that is designed to birth the next generation of mankind. A "Marriage Covenant" that is designed to love, cares for, protect, raise, and instill knowledge and wisdom in a new born child.

    At what cost? The Family? Homosexuals and lesbians' want Society to Validate a life style that will tear apart the "Family" that is the backbone of our society and a life style that cannot birth new generations that ensure the continuation of the "Family."

    AT what cost? The continuation of mankind on the earth? Homosexuals and lesbians' cannot reproduce. The can only recruit.

    The destructive effects of redefine the institution of marriage may not be immediately apparent, but the cumulative damage is inescapable. The eminent Harvard sociologist, Pitirim Sorokin, analyzed cultures spanning several thousand years on several continents, and found that virtually no society has ceased to regulate sexuality within marriage as traditionally defined, and survived.

    The "Marriage Covenant" must survive and take the MORAL HIGH GROUND it so justly deserves.

    Hear This: You Get What You Pay For! If you do not DEMAND HONESTY and INTEGRITY of your leaders, You will not receive it. So what right do you have to expect it…

  2. I read a comment from yesterday about giving to the poor instead of spending money on hurting people. I took their advice. I just gave to the United Way.

  3. Yes Gary, marriage equality may become the law of the land someday - but not today…

    …and not because of the domestic partnership legislation. The Supreme Court of Washington has already ruled specifically on DOMA's state constitutionality and they found it so. The legislature can pass restrictive legislation for whatever reason it wants and the courts can not invalidate their reasoning. That was the ruling. Because of that DOMA is safe from all future judicial challenges on it being "unfair" even IF there is an identical contract for those couples who are excluded by it. So as it stands only the legislature or a populist referendum or initiative can change that, not the courts. Domestic partnerships will not and can not over turn our state DOMA.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your single-minded drive to give exclusionary special rights to just citizens with opposite gender spouses because of religious bias, such unAmerican activities just marginalizes you and your supporters more here in the most unchurched state in the union. Every time you cry out for unequal rights, for saying the state should care more about some citizens than others, that some citizens and their spouses 'just don't count' all because of your religious sect's views, you lose more and more support.

    But you don't care that all those 'special protections' protected everyone of any sexual orientation. You don't care that this legislation is about domestic partnerships, marriage can be reserved by the legislature for only opposite gender spouses as per the state Supreme Court. In fact its hard to even understand what you are upset about - you are really trying to make the case that its BETTER for the state and society to pretend that citizens with same gender spouses DON'T have spouses? How in the world is that better for anyone?!

  4. Those politicians with a left leaning agenda, will continue to pander the vote of the left. However what they don't realize is they are sealing their own fate come time for re-election. There are many good people in the state of Washington, no matter what their political affiliation. Good people who see right through the that shrouded attempts of gays to advance their agenda. There is an anger building among the folks. Folks who are losing jobs, homes, young people unable to go to school, due to the silliness of leftists who try to sneak through their agenda while our state, and country, are trying to get back on their feet. It won't work, and common sense folks will speak out loud at the polls.

  5. Thanks for posting Senator Stevens' email. It makes it perfectly clear that this isn't about marriage for the far right, but about having government endorse their disapproval of homosexuality.

    As for the state DOMA, it was passed by the legislature, it no more reflects the will of the people than the domestic partnership law does. Just because Gary endorses it doesn't make it sacrosanct.

  6. 9:16 AM,

    Yes, those pro-equality politicians should really be shaking in their boots after the way you all managed to "Change the State in 08". That was a simply incredible tidal wave of conservatives that over took the legislature.

    BTW:Very smooth the way to attempt to link people's economic troubles with gays attempting to get equality. Goebbels would be so proud.

  7. Let's take a closer look at the "rights" Val claims to have lost:
    "1. The right to control the moral character of the people who teach our children."

    Translation, Val is upset that gays are allowed to be teachers.

    "2. The right to decide what our schools teach about sex."

    This one is just off-the-wall nonsense, sex ed criteria are set the same way they have always been, the majority views have just shifted from the anti-gay ones Val espouses. If the majority shared Val's view on sex ed, that would be the criteria, the majority does not share those views, hence they are not the criteria.

    "3. The right of an employer to determine whether an applicant’s moral character will affect his job performance"

    Again, Val is upset because you can no longer fire someone simply for being gay. The anti-gay right tried both a referendum and an initiative to repeal this law, both failed to garner sufficient signatures to get on the ballot. The majority of the people in this state feel that, just as Val receives employment discrimination protection so should those, against whom she wishes to discriminate.

    Isn't it telling that none of these have anything to do with marriage or domestic partnerships? Could it be any clearer that "protecting traditional marriage" is not the primary objective of folks like Val Stevens, but discriminating against homosexuals is?

    So there you have it, the only "rights" Val is arguing her side has lost is the "right" to discriminate against people for not sharing her religious view that homosexuality is wrong. Cry me a river Val.

    But please, Val please keep speaking out on this issue. Every time you espouse your position you clarify the anti-gay animus behind it, driving fair-minded people farther and farther away from your reactionary party.

  8. Folks, remember, this not really so much about fighting gay marriage as it is firing up the reactionary right to donate cash.

    Most of right wing has moved on to other still winable causes. However, this is most prolific fund raiser Gary has ever had. And he's going to milk it as long as he can.

    That's why he lets liberals literally destroy him with their posts. It's money in the bank. We're not going to change any minds here and we just remind his followers how serious the opposition is. It's red meat to them and the bottom line is - it creates donations.

    This is Gary's income. Once gay marriage passes, he'll essentially have to go 'job hunting' to find the next great fund raiser.

    I've posted this before and it never get's published - so I think I'm hitting a nerve. I'll be shocked if they publish it this time.

  9. You are WAY off base. Trust me, he has no worries for the future, no matter what! Besides, we as believers KNOW that God does provide,especially while standing up for HIs principles!

  10. anon3:43. I guess you are shocked. You should also be informed. Gary is retired from a very successful ministry and business career. Many across the state know that. Maybe you should inform yourself before you crow.
    Gary is not earning his living through this organization.


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