Thursday, March 26, 2009

Press Ignoring Marriage Advocates - Homosexual Activists are not

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As we follow the so-called, "everything but marriage" legislation that the homosexual activists are intent on pushing through the Legislature, we are learning a couple of things.

The press doesn't particularly care how we feel about marriage. Even if a couple of thousand of us stand at the gates of the legislative "temple" and say "please honor marriage," it is not news worthy.

However the homosexual lobbyists are very interested in what we believe and what we are doing. Equal Rights Washington, the largest homosexual rights group in the state, is reporting what we are doing, how they define us and are raising money off us.

They are also defining your motives.

Please note the last line of their communication referring to who is the source of their strength and success.

Keep in mind Who is the source of our strength and success. Therein is the difference.

Read it and be informed so you may more effectively resist.

At least they are not ignoring us. I hope the following will underscore the need for us to work together and support our cause with time and money. Please contribute to Faith and Freedom.


Subject: Far-Right fundamentalists to announce "Next Steps"

"There are those who seek to re-engineer family and redefine marriage. They have...called tolerance the new truth, revised history to support their ideologies and are moving our country toward a socialist, secular society with relativism as the
moral compass.”

-Gary Randall, Faith and Freedom Network

Dear _____,

In just a few short hours, busloads of fundamentalists and Far-Right extremists are planning a rally in Olympia to announce what they are describing as the “next step in defending marriage.” This announcement comes from Gary Randall, of the Faith and
Freedom Network
. The message is clear: these groups will stop at nothing to take away those rights we have worked so hard to achieve and erase any possibility of marriage equality in the future.

We cannot sit by and watch fringe groups from the Far-Right shred what we know are our fundamental rights. We must all stand together to send a STRONG message to say to Gary Randall, Ken Hutcherson, and others who seek to restrict our civil liberties.


Contribute here to join this powerful and growing group of Washingtonians who want to see full equality in our State, and who have decided NOW is the time to act!

The power of our movement and the strength in our voice is measured in terms of our ability to work together. The Far-Right's cash machine was heavily instrumental in the disaster with Proposition 8 in California. We need your help to stop them from
doing the same thing here in Washington. Your contributions and the response of our community and our allies will be critical in the coming months in educating Washingtonians on our issues and changing hearts and minds.

Working together, we will be successful in defeating these or any other Far-Right hate groups. Please join us through making a personal commitment to this most important of causes.

YOU are the source of our strength and success!
Connie Watts Executive


As noted, they will be working to "change hearts and minds". The next few months will be a watershed time for the culture of Washington state and the future we will hand to our children and grandchildren.

I have not yet seen the "far-right cash machine" they referred to above. If there is such a thing, please ask them to visit us.

While we wait for their visit, your financial support is the only way we can proceed. Thank you for standing with us in your financial support, prayer and action.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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