Thursday, March 26, 2009

Press Ignoring Marriage Advocates - Homosexual Activists are not

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As we follow the so-called, "everything but marriage" legislation that the homosexual activists are intent on pushing through the Legislature, we are learning a couple of things.

The press doesn't particularly care how we feel about marriage. Even if a couple of thousand of us stand at the gates of the legislative "temple" and say "please honor marriage," it is not news worthy.

However the homosexual lobbyists are very interested in what we believe and what we are doing. Equal Rights Washington, the largest homosexual rights group in the state, is reporting what we are doing, how they define us and are raising money off us.

They are also defining your motives.

Please note the last line of their communication referring to who is the source of their strength and success.

Keep in mind Who is the source of our strength and success. Therein is the difference.

Read it and be informed so you may more effectively resist.

At least they are not ignoring us. I hope the following will underscore the need for us to work together and support our cause with time and money. Please contribute to Faith and Freedom.


Subject: Far-Right fundamentalists to announce "Next Steps"

"There are those who seek to re-engineer family and redefine marriage. They have...called tolerance the new truth, revised history to support their ideologies and are moving our country toward a socialist, secular society with relativism as the
moral compass.”

-Gary Randall, Faith and Freedom Network

Dear _____,

In just a few short hours, busloads of fundamentalists and Far-Right extremists are planning a rally in Olympia to announce what they are describing as the “next step in defending marriage.” This announcement comes from Gary Randall, of the Faith and
Freedom Network
. The message is clear: these groups will stop at nothing to take away those rights we have worked so hard to achieve and erase any possibility of marriage equality in the future.

We cannot sit by and watch fringe groups from the Far-Right shred what we know are our fundamental rights. We must all stand together to send a STRONG message to say to Gary Randall, Ken Hutcherson, and others who seek to restrict our civil liberties.


Contribute here to join this powerful and growing group of Washingtonians who want to see full equality in our State, and who have decided NOW is the time to act!

The power of our movement and the strength in our voice is measured in terms of our ability to work together. The Far-Right's cash machine was heavily instrumental in the disaster with Proposition 8 in California. We need your help to stop them from
doing the same thing here in Washington. Your contributions and the response of our community and our allies will be critical in the coming months in educating Washingtonians on our issues and changing hearts and minds.

Working together, we will be successful in defeating these or any other Far-Right hate groups. Please join us through making a personal commitment to this most important of causes.

YOU are the source of our strength and success!
Connie Watts Executive


As noted, they will be working to "change hearts and minds". The next few months will be a watershed time for the culture of Washington state and the future we will hand to our children and grandchildren.

I have not yet seen the "far-right cash machine" they referred to above. If there is such a thing, please ask them to visit us.

While we wait for their visit, your financial support is the only way we can proceed. Thank you for standing with us in your financial support, prayer and action.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I think it is terribly sad that money is being spent on this fight. Why can't we all just get along? Gary Randall fans can live life their way, gays and lesbians can live their lives the way they want. What if we just buck the trend, and come together as two very different groups of people and spend the millions and millions of dollars a referendum would cost and feed the homeless or care for the sick and feeble? There are so many people in need right now that I believe Jesus would rather have me spend my money helping people rather than hurting them.

  2. Dueling fund raising requests - who can complain?

    All can guess it more amuses me than anything else.
    First you want the word 'marriage' as your own - the State Supreme Court gives it to you so then you have to 'come out' that really that wasn't the issue at all - you want the state to ignore other citizen's marriages not merely have your own civil contract.

    Laughed when someone posted the definition for 'perversion' in the previous thread - exactly what sexual behavior are same gender couples engaging in that many many more opposite gender ones aren't performing with gusto? If the problem is the 'sin' of'aberrant' sexual behavior they're worrying about the speck of dust and ignoring the logs - how traditional, eh?

    I guess you are a bit like Don Quixote, good intents but tilting at windmills when that effort could be put into fighting the real dangers of this world - hard heartedness, poverty, loneliness, and marginalization.

    Your choice - let me know how it all works out.

  3. Mr. Randall, the press apparently *did* cover the rally. According to this blog post, Seattle Times gave you and Mr. Stickney a lot of page space before hand, and Seattle Gay News reported on it afterwords. Not comprehensive coverage, but then the PI has just closed, so I wonder if the Times is stretched more thinly now.

  4. Sauce for the goose Gary...

    After all, you are constantly defining pro-equality groups, and raising money off of them. You also misrepresent their motivations. Something, your claims aside, they did not do to you in the letter you posted.

  5. Margaret, wow, talk about twisting the facts! I read the blog post that you mentioned, and the way I see it you are saying the same thing that we are saying about you all!
    Tis sad, huh! BUT, we stand on our ground. You do not bring out as to 'why' we feel so strongly and why, as you perceive us, as 'meddling' into your lives. We ONLY want our authentic marriages of one man and one women respected-as God has understandably set up for the authentic families! It's your business to choose otherwise as to your lifestyles, but, not at the expense of taking away OUR rights in the attempt of you changing society! We don't want our children to be told that 'they maybe gay' when they are taught at home, that this is impossible,and that the gay lifestyle is a deviant behaviour! That is what my school books told me, and I want my grandchildren to know this truth also. There are many areas of concern. The other is our DOMA. This bill pending, 5688, would make our DOMA nil in our state. This is wrong. OUR rights are threatened. Live your lives as you have done so all these years, just stay out of OUR lives, which for centuries have been working just fine! We have and can continue to live in harmony! Up to you!

  6. 4:00 PM,

    Calm down, Nancy. No one is trying to take away your rights! You are the one attempting to limit the rights of others. If same-sex marriage were legal it wouldn't affect your "traditional" marriage at all. It certainly hasn't in MA, or Canada or any other location with marriage equality.

    Your hysteria over the perceived incursion into YOUR rights and YOUR lives by gay people wanting equal treatment from their government is absurd. YOU are the one interfering with OUR lives!

    Your offer seems to be that we can all get along, so long as gays comply with your efforts to pretend they don't exist. Well, sorry but we do exist. There is nothing wrong with being gay, and I am not about to start acting as if there were to appease bigotry!

    P.S. If your children being gay is "impossible" as you claim, how do you account for the gay children of Dick & Lynn Cheney, Phillis Schlafly, Alan Keyes etc., etc., etc.?

  7. My answer to how these 'gay' children of these people, is that they CHOSE to be as such--God does NOT make a mistake--one is what one is born with -period! I feel sorry for you--someday it's going to be a shock to you as to how duped you chose to be! And yes, we USE to all get along just fine--I had friends in high school and even in Bible college--who CHOSE this lifestyle, but was smart enough to 'lay low' and live their lives in peace, and knew they would not be confronted by anyone of us--as we had mutual respect!
    Also, for your info--in Canada and Ms it's a mess--with who/how the teens with this 'new found freedom' has created probs where one is 'allowed' to go to the bathroom, ministers in Canada are put in jail for reading out of the bible, like Rom, while in the pulpit,as it explains how God does not 'want man to man or woman to woman', and this becomes a 'crime',just from quotes from the Bible, said from the pulpit! Children are being taught how 'gay is ok', when parents don't agree. Do you want your children to be taught things you don't agree with!? No, for years there has been peace between us. You can get the 'same rights' as those that us authentic marriages have--via a lawyer--I have heard over and over again that this can be done--consider doing that, get your needs met, and yes, stay our of OUR marriages, and create your own-via a lawyer!

  8. Have you ever read the book "The Emperor's New Clothes"? You all should. It is touted as a children's book, but like so many, it is far more profound than that. Moral of story: If someone is trying to 'snow' you just keep it simple and look at the facts. If you have trouble pitching it to a seven year old, likely there is a problem. ;-)

    A quick side note -- Point in fact -- Obama was told 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq . He collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, almost in tears, "Just how many is a brazillian he said?" He obviously doesn't understand a billion or trillion either.

    Basically the 'adults' can be duped by a con man pitching magical clothes that can determine whether someone is really pure of heart and spirit. Not wanting to be less than perfect the Emperor dons the clothes for his procession while all the citizens, who don't want to be exposed either, celebrate the new clothes and a little child cries out "The Emperor has no clothes on." Plain talk, plainly pointing out the obvious.

    A man does not go with a man and woman does not go with a woman. Not a difficult concept, not hard to understand, not hard to notice. A platform to discuss homosexuality as a reasonable sexual alternative can only be accomplished as we try to explain how complicated things can be. The more 'complicated' they are the more we can justify just about anything.

    Yep, it's weird to prefer someone of the same sex. Everyone used to know that and one was encouraged to get 'help' if they felt that way.

  9. 10:44 PM


    P.S. So you admit that, contra you earlier assertion, it clearly isn't "impossible" for the children of Christianists to be gay.

  10. True, not impossible for children of Christians to be gay--but,it's still a CHOICE to be as such!

  11. So if it is a choice, then are you saying the Cheneys, Keyes & Schalflys were all someone deficient in their parenting, after all, according to your stated views, they raised kids, who chose to violate the Christian beliefs they were raised in.

  12. NO, parents do the best as possible, while in the formative years of their children. There is a vs that says 'bring up a child in the ways of the Lord-and when they are grown, they will not part from it'--but, once a child is raise, they have free will to choose, and some choose to go against their upbringing--not thier parents fault--the choices that thier grown children make!

  13. Help the Sick I think you made a valid point.
    Concentrating on the Love of Christ is important.
    How sad how poitics makes some people . Reference how
    People even defend their actions and mis deeds by claiming others do it also . Like kids .


  14. If a Christian upbringing were so much better than the secular alternative, and one's sexual orientation were a choice, there would be no gay children of Christians, especially no gay children of professional Christians. Lucky for you, sexual orientation isn't a choice, so the plethora of professional Christians with gay children says nothing about their parenting abilities. The rejection of their gay children by some like Keyes does reflect on Christian parenting, and not very well in my opinion.


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