Monday, April 27, 2009

Elway Results on Marriage in Washington State

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Faith and Freedom Network paid The Elway Poll to ask one simple question: "In your opinion, should homosexuals be allowed to legally marry?"

A majority said no.

I have included the entire report. Demographically, the results were predictable, with Seattle strongly in favor of homosexual marriage, King County favorable, but less so, with the rest of Washington State opposed.

The age demographics should be of concern to all who support traditional marriage.

Click here to view a copy of The Elway Poll.


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Great Gary, thats an even higher margin for marriage equality than the recent University of Washington poll - if you'd had a question about domestic partnerships in there the combination of 'yes' no doubt would be even higher than the 66% the UofW found.

    Once those 65+ers move on to the ∞ column, marriage equality looks like a done deal, until then 2 identical contracts will get the job done.

  2. This was a relatively small sample. A more accurate poll would include about 1000 people according to statistical science.

    However, pro-equality supporters should be pleased by the results. With a + or - 5 % equality is clearly trending towards the winner.

  3. This is a technical matter but I feel that we need to clarify what is becomming a definition problem. Homosexuals have the right to marry today. They have this right today with the same stipulations as every other citizen. Marriage is defined as a union between one man and one women, of age and not of close relation. Homosexuals though are looking for special rights. They are seeking to re-define marriage to include same gender marriage which is not what marriage is defined as. It should be re-phrased to " In your opinion, should homosexuals be allowed to re-define the word marriage to include a like union between same gender individuals. Again, homosexuals are not barred from marrying today within the context of our current laws.

  4. Gary, as a supporter of marriage equality, I found your survey very comforting. 52% of respondents under 55 are in favor.

    Given that public opinion is moving in the direction for marriage equality and that the core of the opposition appears to be seniors, the future looks very bright.

    Keep in mind that telephone surveys are becoming less reliable regarding younger voters who often only have cell phones. Then factor in how heavily skewed this was toward seniors, and it's likely that we already have the majority!

  5. Anonymous at 12:00...

    RE: Homosexuals have the right to marry today...

    Your system of "fairness" gives marriage rights to gay people, but only if they give up one of the most important aspects of marriage -- love. Yes, gay people can marry, but only if they choose someone they do not or cannot love. You do not have to make such a sacrifice in order to marry.

    Using your logic, a law that allowed marriage ONLY between members of the same-sex would be equally fair as current marriage laws because it would be applied "equally" to all. I don't think such a law would be fair, because you would be forced to marry someone you cannot love.

    Not only do laws need to be applied equally to all citizens, but laws cannot be fashioned to put an undue burden on a group of people for whatever reason.

    As a further example, we could not create a marriage law that would cause you to violate your religious faith in order to participate (for example, only rabbis can marry couples). While such a law could be applied "equally" to all, you would be forced to make an undue sacrifice in order to take advantage of the law. That would be unfair.

  6. RE: Homosexuals have the right to marry today...

    Is that what you really want? People attracted to the same sex marrying the opposite sex?

    Here's what happens when a gay man marries a straight woman because he wants desperately to be straight (and believes that's what God wants, too): They both save themselves sexually for marriage (easy for him, he's not into women), the couple goes to pre-marriage counseling with their pastor who, when the man admits he's attracted to men, tells them it's just a phase and surely the man will be cured if he prays enough. She plans her dream wedding, her parents spend tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of guests come from all over the country, the families are overjoyed. The man continues to hope and pray he'll be straight once they're married. The honeymoon is a disaster. No sex. Counseling, praying, trying to stay together for years. Finally, her dreams and hopes and faith crushed, she leaves the marriage. She can't spend her life with a man who can't love her. She gets an annulment. She finally meets another man 10 years later and gets married again, but by then too many years have passed and her hopes of children and a family have gone.

    Is that the kind of equality you are advocating? Is that what you want people to go through so you can save your dictionary definition of civil marriage?

    If you haven't guessed by now. That's my story above. Encouraging gays to try to be straight hurts not only them, but those who love them as well.

  7. "That's my story above"

    That is your story. A sad story yes . I am sorry this happened to you . But it is not everyone's story.

    Good news for you as indicated by the polls and the age factors , when enough people die off with a value system different then yours , gay marriage will be accepted .

    I wonder if you consider the future better because of that?
    I would not want to be a kid growing up today .

  8. 2:35
    Man, you are 'sick'! Sorry to be so blunt-but, you have described a very scary fairy tale! SO opposite of what is 'really going on'! Those of 'us' who choose to stay within God's principles, are happily married (41 yrs here) and no regrets--and SO concerned for our young people of today getting this 'garbage' messages from people like you! Tis garbage--and tis SAD--so sad! For your information, many of those who got caught up on this deiviant thots and behaviours, have gotten OUT of it via Exodus and other means and establish 'normal' one man/one woman relationships! Sigh--you are being prayed for--along with others being 'duped' with this dangerous life style!

  9. 5:25

    If you had been born gay, I think you'd rather be growing up today than 30 years ago. And I'm confident it will only get better!

  10. Once those 65+ers move on to the ? column, marriage equality looks like a done deal,


    People dying I see is something the gay marriage side looks forward to . How telling.

  11. NO ONE is 'born' gay! God does NOT make 'mistakes'---the 'enemy' is 'busy' these days within our culture, 'influencing' our young people with these deviant behaviour ideas! Again, God help us--help THEM!

  12. What is Love? It's unconditional!

    For all of us, gay or straight.

    God loves us all unconditionally, whether you believe in Him or not.

    It's your choice, you make the decision, its your choice.

    God doesn't like the way we are all living, too complacent.

    Change is coming whether we like it or not, because God is always in charge of destiny. His Mercy endures forever, His Love is everlasting, His Love is Unconditional. He's been warning this country for a long time, our Blessings will be given to someone else who appreciates it!!!

    It's SAD we as a people have gone this far, to end up loosing it all.

  13. Yes. God is 'unconditional' Love, but, he expects us to correct where we are wrong--and gays are wrong in their distorted thinking and living! Yes, we ALL have 'issues' that God would want us to change, and yes, he deals with each of us with those issues, as we seek His will in our lives!!

  14. Why is everyone referring to homosexual couples or gay couples all the time?

    There is a significant number of bisexuals involved in same-sex relationships.

    Same-sex marriage is a far better term. It is more inclusive.


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