Thursday, April 16, 2009

WA State Legislature Approves Homosexual "Marriage"

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Washington State Legislature Approves Homosexual "Marriage" --without the name---for now.

Washington State lawmakers passed SB 5688 yesterday afternoon, thus giving the homosexual activists what they want.

Gov. Gregoire will sign it.

We will seek to overturn it by referendum.

While the lawmakers were voting in favor of homosexual marriage in the Capitol, I and several other leaders in the faith community were meeting a few blocks away, finalizing details before filing a referendum to overturn this legislation.

A more detailed press release will be forthcoming following the Governor's signing of the bill into law.

The bill, the homosexual activists in the Legislature initially called "Every Thing But Marriage," but dropped after we called them out on it, elevates homosexual relationships to that of traditional marriage, thus eliminating any legal difference between domestic partnerships and marriage.

Their next step will be an easy one them. Litigate, correctly claiming there is no legal difference, then claim discrimination and it's a done deal.

They will have successfully done an end-run on the State Supreme Court ruling which upheld DOMA and will have dismantled the Defense of Marriage Act.


We can overturn this legislation with our referendum.

Joshua once asked the people of God to, "Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house," he proclaimed, "We will serve the Lord."

This is that kind of moment. Do you believe in homosexual marriage?

If you do not, stand with us. If you do, then watch it happen.

I do not believe a majority Washingtonians believe in homosexual marriage, nor do they want to become a national attraction for homosexuals from our states and countries.

We know we will be outspent probably 6 to 1 or more on this referendum campaign, however we are equally confident, people of faith and conservatives will do all they can do to help us.

If you regularly support Faith and Freedom, my most sincere "thank you."Please continue.

If you do not or have not supported us recently, please do.

I cannot over state our need for your financial support today. Thank you for making that choice and stepping up with us to defend the time honored and biblically mandated institution of marriage.

Click here to make a donation to Faith & Freedom.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Excuse me, what is the "Freedom" in your organization's name mean?
    I got very excited that this had passed and I could get rights (NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION) for myself and someone I care deeply about, and your FREEDOM is going to try and take that away from me based on HOW I WAS BORN?

    Please remove the FREEDOM from your organization's name. Thanks very much. Oh, and I will be giving TONS AND TONS AND TONS of hard earned money to make sure you and yours do not get your hateful way. I PAY TAXES TOO. I DESERVE EVERY RIGHT YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sure this won't be approved, but I'm glad you will read this.

  2. The more I read your crap, the more incensed I get. I'm only one, there are PLENTY others. You have unleashed a fury, I can promise you that. Me getting rights has NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with you! Why can't YOU UNDERSTAND THAT.

  3. What an idiotic name for an organization that intends to intends to the freedom of others.

  4. What an idiotic name for an organization that intends to intends to the freedom of others.

  5. As usual going about this in totally backwards Bizarro fashion. Look at it this way:

    It's done, over. Everyone can license the marriage contract with their spouse now, albeit under different names. Same features, same rights, same responsibilities ☜ very important. The state supreme court has said this is perfectly ok, they will not overturn the state DOMA on 'equality' issues.

    Rather than playing the part of enemy, play the part of the bored 'game over' guy: "Everyone has the same rights from the state, shoot if someone is over 61 years old they can license either contract, the issue is settled."

    Then when some one starts whining about some incremental this-or-that you can just respond "Get over it! You got it all! Find some better use for your time!"

    Seriously, the ONLY thing left would be a legislative or referendum push to merge the two contracts and I don't seen anyone seriously doing that until they are sure it won't be overturned by voters. And if they alter the federal DOMA so that it allows federal recognition of domestic partnerships it will undercut even the final excuse and regardless that has nothing to do with the state - its done all it needs to.

    Again, a recap: take the high road here and you can basically end the whining on this subject - fight it and you will most likely fail like the last effort and you will just keep the opposition reactively galvanized. But just say "Fine, are you happy now?!" and you put your opposition into the position of just looking whiny if they start saying they deserve more.

    Just saying...

  6. "the homosexual activists in the Legislature initially called "Every Thing But Marriage," but dropped after we called them out on it"

    Really? Last I checked the bills supporters were still using that language. Could it be that Gary wants the terminology to go away because it puts the lie to what will be the main thrust of his referendum campaign: calling this bill same-sex marriage.

  7. Hello I am Paolo and Catholic. I follow the tenants of my faith and while I see the decline in our faith, I realise that much of that decline is because our church is so exclusive that we shut out those who seek God, who seek Jesus. I struggle to understand what danger there is to allow loving relationships to be recognised. The church condemns other than us but I am compelled to believe that everything I see and every one I see are creations of god and worthy of His love. Yet my church and your organisation seek to withhold this love if others are not like we.
    We should bear shame for this. T
    Le Scotte, Siena, Italy

  8. It is impossible for you to explain how rights being granted to people has anything to do with you and your faith. Why would you spend so much time, energy and money to force your faith onto other people and take away their rights? If your god does exist, it will be interesting to see how YOU are judged when the time comes. If I'm not mistaken, it is not your place to judge others. In fact, I think you commanded to not judge others...but here you.

  9. Stuart I can understand why you get hurt and angry . Many people do not see it as rights issue as you. Perhaps hanging around in a different blog would be better on your personhood. I do not believe it is a rights issue in regards to marriage. I do however realize it is to you.

    My understanding of marriage laws would be the exact same if homosexuals did not exist. The hate comemnts are good politically and intimidation tactics have worked extremly well. But from what I see, people such as yourself often get quite hurt and feel their inner spirit crushed because of this debate . when yiour side wins perhaps that will be one good thing if that stops . Hard to be able to look at things clearly when your always feeling like your being attacked .

    It actualuality this has nothing personally with the fact you have different biological desires. First time marruaige laws were challenged in a federal court was for a polygamous sect.

    Would you rather have a loving mom and a loving dad , or do you see say a loving dad with no mom , or two same sex partners, say three parents, or other arrangements all being equal in as fas as to the benefit to the child? If you see two non biological parents as being what is desired , marriage laws were suppose to support that.
    The simple fact we see one political party all voting one way basicaly and the other another tells me that regardless of marriage laws , the basic understanding of what a community sees as important are gone in the wind as they say .

    I would say you must be totally frustrated from the points given here . I use to be also.


  10. So sad--you all are blinded by this 'movement' and not seeing the the horrible consequences that it's bringing to our society--especially with our impressioable young people! I am so concerned about our country. I am reminded of sodom and gormorah, to which we are heading! We were founded on God's basic principles, and we need to go back to them. Yes, and strong familys of men and woman being married and having families. NOT 'same sex' people! They say they are 'in love'--they are sick! Period! So Sad--go ahead and say I am being judgemental, as it appears to many, but at the same time I ache for thier deliverance from these deviant life styles, and for their hearts to be changed with inner peace! MANY have indeed changed, and have left this life style! Bless them!
    God guide us--and those who still are under the influence of this movement!

  11. How sad it is that people think they have every right to dictate the behaviors, feelings, and beliefs of others. People spewing hatred do no service to the one they worship. God is Love. Unfortunately, this cannot be seen in so many who profess to follow Him. Why does it matter to you who someone else loves? How can you claim to be for freedom when you would restrict those who are not as you would have them? By what right do you decide what is acceptable? You don't have to agree with us, just leave us alone to live our lives, pay our taxes, and do all the other every day things you do. What happens in my bedroom is none of your business. I don't poke my nose into your private live, keep your nose out of mine!

  12. You are making a mockery of our authentic marriages---when you were 'quietly' living your lives, we all 'got along'. NOw, you are in our faces 'demanding' that we 'accept' you in a marriage situation. We cannot/will not, as God has set up man and woman only in a marriage situation. This is NOT hate--this is obedience to our God who have set up the families this way--period!

  13. I am very grateful that we live in a country that, in the end values equal rights over religious bigotry. I understand how strongly some feel about 'marriage' but in the end you will lose your battle. The majority of people in recent polls either support marriage equality, or don't think its an issue worth fighting for. The current 'young' generation are heavily in favor of marriage equality. Barack Obama will overturn DOMA within his first term. I project that within 10 years marriage equality will be the standard. The popularity of your anti-marriage equality stance is waning. You have lost. It is over. Get used to it.

    But there ARE worthy causes that will never be over and that are actually a real threat to families. A brief list includes poverty, hunger, health care, education... I believe THESE are the causes that Jesus would rather see you spending your time on rather than inventing strawman devils such as marriage equality and wasting your labors and money there.

    So I encourage you to move on because you are quickly becoming obsolete along with your socially backwards views.


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