Monday, April 20, 2009

Seattle Times: "Domestic Partnerships are Marriage, Apply the Word"

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UPDATE: I have just received the results of our state wide survey, asking voters if they approve of homosexual marriage. I am studying the results today. We will be reporting them this week.

Seattle Times: "Domestic Partnerships are Marriage, Apply the Word"

The Seattle Times is at full throttle, going straight for homosexual marriage in Friday's edition.

Be assured we are responding with equal passion and conviction in preparation to file our referendum. We, however, are restraining ourselves until the bill is actually signed into law.

The Times loaded their gun by choosing to carry several national columns supporting homosexual marriage. On Thursday they carried Ellen Goodman's piece "Defense of Marriage Act Is Becoming Indefensible," and Friday, Fromma Harrop's syndicated column, "The State by State Evolution of Gay Marriage," along with their own editorial proclamation, "Domestic Partnerships Are Marriage, Apply The Word."

Before Gov. Gregoire can even sign the bill, SB 5688, into law----and she has a quick draw for advancing the homosexual agenda, Washington's largest newspaper is saying it was marriage all along, confirming exactly what I and others in the faith community have been saying from the day this bill was introduced.

But wait! Didn't Sen. Ed Murray stand tearfully, with quivering voice on the floor of the Senate and say, "I wish this bill was marriage, I sincerely wish this bill was marriage, but it is not"? Yes, he did. I just reviewed the video. And didn't Senator Rodney Tom from the 48th District around Bellevue and Redmond send out a letter assuring his constitutes that this was not gay marriage? He sure did, I just reread it.

Why did they lie?

I guess that was then---this is now. All the homosexual activists who have sworn on a stack of ----something, assuring voters that this was not---I repeat not, gay marriage, are now basking in the afterglow of the deception.

Truth changes when relativism is the compass.

Not only is the Seattle Times calling for the state to go straight to homosexual marriage, their editorial board has even published their own definition of marriage.

The Times says, "Passage of the Domestic Partners Expansion bill moves Washington quietly, purposefully and rightfully down a path toward full recognition of same-sex unions for what they are, marriage."

The "big lie," that was said to be merely about benefits and fairness---not marriage, has now succeeded, and as the Times now affirms, is marriage.

The Times also admits that the big lie was quietly and purposefully moved forward. We now better understand what we all knew 4 weeks ago when the news media that regularly covers a half dozen people on any given corner protesting any given idea, would not cover 2400 citizens standing on the Capitol steps in the rain in defense of marriage.

Their silence on SB 5688 has been deafening.

The Times now has their own definition of marriage: They say marriage is an institution that socializes couples and families into a community; consists of a loving relationship; has a legal definition and societal recognition.

Ellen Goodman, in her column carried by the Times last Thursday titled, "Defense Of Marriage Act is Indefensible," says DOMA, "Is an out of date law that enforces an identity crises."

Those who honor an institution that has existed for more than 5000 years in every civilization, which honors and elevates the special union between a man and a woman, provides for procreation and the nurturing of the child and is the cornerstone of every successful society in history, are now diminished to people who are in some kind of identity crises.

There is certainly an identity crises, however it exists with those who are helping drive the homosexual agenda who cannot decide from day to day which restroom they want to use.

This deceptive agenda seeks not only societal recognition, but cultural affirmation. They are standing squarely against the historical beliefs of every society in history, every major religion in history and the biblical teachings upon which this country was founded.

Is this enough to awaken us? I think it is.

Gov. Gregoire will almost certainly sign the bill this week.

We are prepared to immediately file a referendum to overturn SB 5688 once she has signed it.

The Faith and Freedom PAC board has been expanded, a coalition of nearly all the faith based organizations in the state have come together and we are committed to work together to defend marriage and overturn this back door deception to achieve homosexual marriage in Washington State.

The organizations have asked me to lead and we will be using the Faith and Freedom PAC, however nearly all the faith based groups will be involved in the campaign and in leading their respective groups of supporters.

Larry Stickney from Washington Values, Senator Dan Swecker, Representatives Matt Shea and Jim McCune have been added to the PAC board and Ron Boehme of YWAM and others will be involved in top leadership.

We must all stand together. No one alone can or should attempt to address this issue. We believe that with God's help and blessing, your support, and a united effort, we can turn this tide. The wind is not at our back at the moment.

We fully understand that we are standing against the press and the electronic media in most cases. We further understand that many young people have been indoctrinated by public education to turn away from the historical model of marriage and forsake both societal norm and biblical teaching on homosexuality and marriage.

We also understand that many well meaning people have been misled and deceived into thinking that this is about fairness and benefits, not about homosexual marriage. We feel that the truth will surface and it will be seen in the light of articles such as the Times columns, the Seattle Times editorial board itself and our campaign to educate the public on this issue.

The numbers I'm initially seeing are indicating that Washington voters do not approve of homosexual marriage. More on that later.

Our efforts to overturn SB 5688 will draw national attention and nationwide financial support from homosexual activists to defeat us.

Are you prepared to stand with us?

We are already receiving emails from Europe and elsewhere opposing our efforts.

This is the time. And this is the defining issue.

This is an issue in which people of faith and conservatives must prevail. The future of our culture hangs in the balance. The kind of state and community you will hand to your children and grandchildren is attached to this issue.

Please stand with us financially and prayerfully. Donate to Faith and Freedom Foundation.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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