Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why We Do What We Do

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Why We Do What We Do

There is a constant chatter that is suggesting that abortion, homosexual "marriage" and pro-family matters should not be part of the public political discourse in America.

Those suggesting that, are, for the most part, secularists and left leaning.

However, not all are.

In different and creative ways, the media is helping this chatter along with news stories intended to support that notion in the interest of bringing our divided nation together so we can be strong, etc. The media also often misrepresents the facts or ignores certain stories for the same reasons.

There is also a movement, well rooted in the same media that suggests that those of us on the "right" are growing weary, are burned out, or in the face of recent set backs, simply giving up.

Dr. James Dobson was on national television last night straightening out a story that has been circulating about him.

Since Dobson announced to the Focus on the Family staff that he was going to step down from some of his responsibilities on the board of the organization he founded, the other side has taken his remarks to staff, twisted and edited them and essentially ran to the ends of the earth with their message, not his.

Starting with the London "Telegraph" rewording his statements in part by omission and part out of context, a story has developed that Dobson has grown tired of the cultural war, has lost heart, has thrown in the towel and any other mindset that would suggest failure. None of which is true.

Last night he was on Fox News' "Hannity" explaining why he would never "throw in the towel" on principles that have been his passion for more than three decades.

How could any of us burn out or give up on eternal principles, when we know that by embracing them an individual or a nation will be blessed with life, prosperity and freedom, and by rejecting them one can only experience decline, insignificance and ultimate bondage?

However, it is not only the media and their allies on the left that are trying to dampen the passion of the Christian conservative, some who should be thankful and supportive of this kind of commitment are also suggesting the "values" people are in the way and perhaps responsible for recent setbacks in elections.

There seems to be a philosophical disconnect among so-called "moderates who have enjoyed seeing the people of faith and conservatives do much of the heavy lifting. While the idea is fed and nurtured by the left, some in the Republican Party are now beginning suggest that there should not be public discourse on such issues as abortion and homosexual marriage---"it's divisive," some say. Of course it is as long as people oppose wholesale killing of unwanted babies and stand in defense of marriage. If the folks who carry the banner for righteousness and traditional values are silent and gone the moderates and far left can live happily ever after, because for them it is about politics. For people of faith and conservatives it is about principles.

This is a secular left wing dream that will not come true.

There are reasons we do what we do.

Political activists eventually burn out, give up, throw in the towel.

People of faith who have this burning passion for faith and freedom and to see our country and our communities stand on eternal principles, don't give up. Eventually there is an appropriate time to pass the torch to the next generation---but you never give up.

Recently, the newly elected chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party gave an interview to a gay newspaper in which she said the Republican Party would not be focused on social issues during her term as chairman and she would back all Republican candidates, regardless of where they stand in the culture war.

She said, "To me, social issues are personal issues. Those are personal views, and we're not legislating---at least, I'm not legislating anyone's personal views."

I sincerely hope she will set aside her position in regards to legislation for those whose personal views include rape, murder and theft, which are also social issues.

Massresistance, a Christian activist organization in the state, has responded to her comments.

Unfortunately, I see some of these same seeds being planted here in Washington State. Sam Reed in an op ed column, suggested some of the same beliefs. Our own press is quick to report these kinds of statements. Reed's and others similar comments are causing some people of faith and conservatives to reevaluate the depth of their commitment to the Republican Party.

Starr Parker has written an excellent column on the subject. In it she says, "Those who write off Christian conservatism as a political force have underestimated the driving compulsion behind traditional faith and American freedom.

Faith and the desire for freedom are often underestimated.

Starr asks, "Without a moral compass in politics and law, where do we go to answer the hard questions?"

Unfortunately, the answer is that every man becomes a law unto himself which leads to chaos.

"The Christian right," she says, "has interjected itself into the political world because the political world came into their world." This has happened through the aggressive advancement of abortion on demand, the redefining of marriage and the attempt to strip every vestige of Christian morality from America's public life.

She concludes, "America is in a crisis because the wrong people have been making the wrong decisions for too many years. Christian conservatives have an obligation to help lead America to it's founding principles of traditional values and limited government. Christians must actively shape public policy in the country and inject our values into every part of our shared space."

And that is why we do what we do.

Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to continue.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Four years ago, shortly after Bush's re-election, the media discourse was reversed. The right’s influence, it was said, was mighty and perhaps nearly permanent, and liberals and their ideas were looking more and more like a thing of the past. The media is not your enemy; they are a reflection of the times.

    And, speaking of the times, a lot has changed in the past four years. The more discourse we've had on same-sex marriage, for example, the more people come around in supporting it. So there certainly isn't support on the left for ending the discourse.

    And that’s where Republicans are feeling the pressure. The latest CNN poll put national support for same-sex marriage at 44 percent. Some estimates put a 5 to 10 percent increase in support of same-sex marriage over the last 5 years. Nate Silver, a statistician at did a study showing that statewide votes against same-sex marriage drop at about 2% a year on average. And, it's not a secret that opposition to same-sex marriage is generational. In the short term, the issue still has "legs" for the right, but in the long term, it's a big loser.

    Astute Republicans understand that. And Republicans in states or districts more supportive of the rights of gay couples realize that this issue is a loser for them sooner rather than later. Are you really surprised that Sam Reed wants to distance himself from issues like same-sex marriage in Washington? I’m one of those liberals you despise, yet I’ve voted for Sam Reed twice.

    Tony in Seattle

  2. Fine have it your way. Lets see how long it lasts? Since this is the last country to fall. You liberals don't have a clue to whats just around the corner.

  3. Tony the media reflected what ? Bush lied , people died ? You read the Seattle papers ? Perhaps with Fox you got a slant toward lesser regulation and smaller government themes, , but the money spent on Iraq , what was happening there was always repeated daily . With negative slants , except perhaps FOX . Bush supported big government , Obama is supporting BIGGER government . No way did the media preview Bush supporting smaller government . Bush did not support smaller government anyway.

    The way many media outlets handles this was actually astounding to me . NBC had a person speaking to
    the racist beliefs of the protesters . As if ? Meadows on CNBC actually was perverted in her comments . News media is becoming so outrageous with bias. Even protesting higher taxes is now linked to Homeland Security as possible links with terrorism .
    Instead of President Obama still using the methods of tracking e mails and phone calls that got so much publicity under Bush as illegal wire tapping , 4th Amendment violations , we now get Homeland Security linking protesters with militias and terrorists . You don't even get the wire tapping reporting anymore .
    Smaller government and lower taxes is seen by some to help people gain opportunity for better lives .
    Disagreeing with that is tottaly different then reporting that tea parties are based on racism and anti government beliefs . I suggest to you , disagreement is patriotic , Got a lot of media pres when the left uses it .

    To some it may be seen as a ways to just get more personal goodies . Obly the left has pure and righteous views like on gay marruiage for instance .

    Not too hard to undertand people worried about the out of world spending , even if you disagree that present polices will help us get back on track . One person stated to me look at the good things that some of the stimilus was going for . I totally agree , many tings are needed , perhaps will not cause permanent jobs , but may also help some people till they come back . But at what price ? What happens if it back fires , and using common sense spending money you can not hope to repa has always done so . Always.

    Hiring new police officers to protect us with borrowed money our grand children not born yet will be paying for does not say too much to me about concern for their polce protection . We seem to have gotten into this mess with republicans and democrats spending , getting re elected , spending, getting re elected . But after all this spending , appears spending is not the solution to some of us folks who use the basic pay as you go philospy . 48 percent of the people get from the federal government or do not pay taxes at all .

    Seems like those in dire need of help perhaps would have been better off saving themselves for a rainy day instead of relying on government also . Eventually those numbers requiring from the government will gain , then our standard of living declines for all of us . The opportunity and incentive is taken away .


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