Thursday, April 16, 2009

WA State Legislature Approves Homosexual "Marriage"

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Washington State Legislature Approves Homosexual "Marriage" --without the name---for now.

Washington State lawmakers passed SB 5688 yesterday afternoon, thus giving the homosexual activists what they want.

Gov. Gregoire will sign it.

We will seek to overturn it by referendum.

While the lawmakers were voting in favor of homosexual marriage in the Capitol, I and several other leaders in the faith community were meeting a few blocks away, finalizing details before filing a referendum to overturn this legislation.

A more detailed press release will be forthcoming following the Governor's signing of the bill into law.

The bill, the homosexual activists in the Legislature initially called "Every Thing But Marriage," but dropped after we called them out on it, elevates homosexual relationships to that of traditional marriage, thus eliminating any legal difference between domestic partnerships and marriage.

Their next step will be an easy one them. Litigate, correctly claiming there is no legal difference, then claim discrimination and it's a done deal.

They will have successfully done an end-run on the State Supreme Court ruling which upheld DOMA and will have dismantled the Defense of Marriage Act.


We can overturn this legislation with our referendum.

Joshua once asked the people of God to, "Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house," he proclaimed, "We will serve the Lord."

This is that kind of moment. Do you believe in homosexual marriage?

If you do not, stand with us. If you do, then watch it happen.

I do not believe a majority Washingtonians believe in homosexual marriage, nor do they want to become a national attraction for homosexuals from our states and countries.

We know we will be outspent probably 6 to 1 or more on this referendum campaign, however we are equally confident, people of faith and conservatives will do all they can do to help us.

If you regularly support Faith and Freedom, my most sincere "thank you."Please continue.

If you do not or have not supported us recently, please do.

I cannot over state our need for your financial support today. Thank you for making that choice and stepping up with us to defend the time honored and biblically mandated institution of marriage.

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Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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