Tuesday, June 09, 2009

ACLU Threatens Students Over Religious Expression

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ACLU Threatens Students Over Religious Expression

During the graduation ceremony at Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida, nearly 400 graduating seniors stood and recited the Lord's Prayer. Many of them also painted a cross on their graduation cap as a statement of faith.

The ACLU had previously filed a lawsuit against the school, alleging that the principle had asked the athletic director to bless a meal at an awards ceremony.

The ACLU had threatened the school that they would take legal action if any kind of religious message was given at this particular graduation.

Matt Staver, of Liberty Council, is representing the principle, Frank Lay and teacher Michelle Winkler.

He says he will also represent the students if necessary.

Lord, bless the children.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

Follow up point of interest to yesterday's blog: After President Obama's all out endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle, declaring the entire month of June "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Pride Month," the homosexual activists are now expressing frustration with him for not moving fast enough and omitting repeal of DOMA and the military, "Don't ask don't tell" policy in his proclamation. I have linked a story from POLITICO that is very informative. Note the pictures of activists with signs calling Obama "Fraud" and "Fail".


  1. The First Amendment of the United States Constitutional explicitly forbids an establishment of a state sponsored religion. Because public schools are paid for by the people, the courts have time and time again applied the First Amendment separation of church and state to them. Private schools are free to establish whatever religious preference they choose.

    I support this separation. What if this school decided to promote satanic spiritual practices, or witchcraft? These religions are also protected by the first amendment, but I doubt you would want them in your public schools, now would you?

  2. Why a nation that God has blessed so abundantly should be against him who only can get them out of trouble is amazing.

    We need prayer in every school. In another America I would say that the govenment will soon step in to protect the religious rights of the students and squash the darkness that has been against them. Now all I can say is
    that the government should.

    We need God everywhere because he's the only one that can get us out of the economic troubles, the wars, the social problems, and whatever else it is that comes our way.

    And doesn't it all come our way because we have chosen our way instead of his?

    We can not afford to try to be one nation without God, or one nation without being under God and knowing and confessing who it is that is above all things.

    Promoting homosexuality only brings the troubles we can not get out of without the help of God. And how shall we receive his help if we are against him? God is not mocked. What a nation sows, it shall reap. We must therefore plant the good seed of the kingdom of heaven where ever we can.

    Why is it we have so bitten the hand that protects us, if not for
    our ignorance or rebellion? Do we
    think we will be more blessed and protected with Satan's hand?

  3. So, 10;33, it is ok to take God out of our schools, even if for years He was a part of it, and then allow teachings of it's 'ok' to be gay!? interesting!

  4. 2:25 PM

    Yes it is perfectly acceptable to remove schools from subjugation to your religious beliefs. Schools should teach facts, not superstition. It being OK to be gay is a matter of state law, your side tried to repeal that law through referendum as well and were as successful as you will being in taking rights away from domestic partnerships.

    You're going to have to teach your children to be "good Christian conservatives" (in other words, hate all the right people) at home. Schools should also teach that it is OK to be Muslim, Christian, Atheist etc. etc. You already get a take break on your indoctrination centers (Churches, Sunday schools), why should your religious beliefs be not only subsidized, but forced on all students?

  5. Since the schools were first established in the US, prayers were normal, and God was taught as being the 'almighty' who made this earth--and us! Today, schools should be taught ONLY the r's, and NOT other 'religions' , as our country was founded on God's principles, and OTHER religions NEED to RESPECT this fact, and theirs are allowed only, and to recogize that ours is first, that they need to respect!! I told a teather this, and she obviously never 'thought of it this way!

  6. Christian revisionist history of the foundations of this country boggle the mind. Thomas Jefferson was very wary of religion -- hence the First Amendment. He once wrote, "Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason that of blindfolded fear."

  7. Thomas Jefferson also wrote back to a newly established baptist church, who feared the government would get into the CHURCH'S bussiness, as it was in their homeland, where they came from. Jefferson wrote BACK that to fear not, the government will keep out of their business--NOT the OTHER way around, as is repeated in todays world!


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