Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charles Colson Makes Strong Prediction

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Prison Fellowship founder, Charles Colson, was direct in his comments to Southern Baptist pastors gathered in Louisville, KY for their annual meeting.

He predicted that pastors will soon face prosecution under hate crimes laws if they preach that same-sex relationships are sinful.

He told the pastors that the sponsors of congressional hate crimes legislation insist that it won't restrict speech.

Colson doesn't believe that and told the pastors that he believes they will face the threat of prosecution within the next two years.

He also told the pastors that medical professionals are losing their conscience right to refuse to perform abortions and faith-based ministries could soon have to hire non-believers.

Colson expressed deep concern over the continuing threat from Islamic terrorists and dismissed the Quran as an "irrational" invention of Muhammad, rather than divinely inspired scripture.

Chuck Colson is a proven Christian leader and thinker. I take his insights very seriously.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. He predicted that pastors will soon face prosecution under hate crimes laws if they preach that same-sex relationships are sinful.

    Just like they have about saying being black is, or not being a particular religion is or...

    Wait a second! That's hasn't happened at all anywhere in the US even though those things are already covered by federal hate crime legislation!

    I wonder maybe Gary and his friend are very much wrong on this one, eh?

  2. Colson wasn't just direct in his statements, he was dishonest. This claim that the hate crimes expansion will lead to jailing of pastors for speaking out against homosexuality is wholly without basis in fact. When was the last time you heard of an Aryan Nations or similar "pastor" being jailed for their anti-jewish, anti-black rhetoric? Both groups are covered by EXISTING hate crimes laws, so if what Colson calims were true, they would have been jailed.

    Than again, what do you expect from a convicted criminal like Colson?

  3. Why are the anti-gay forces in this state so afraid of open and honest debate of this issue? The video's Gary is talking about only accept comments from Protect Marriage WA, this forum is heavily censored. For all the noise anti-gay activists make about gays being afraid of debate, they sure don't seem to be open to it themselves.

  4. On what basis?

    Religion and race are already covered by hate crimes laws.

    When have you heard of a Christian pastor jailed for speaking out against Islam?

    When have you heard of an atheist jailed for calling Christianity a sham?

    Show me just one person who is/was jailed in this country for something he/she said that was considered a hate crime. Just one. Any one...

    You won't find one.

    Hate crime laws inflict greater punishment for crimes that terrorize a whole community, rather than an individual. Speaking out against a community is not a crime -- it's a fundamental American right.

    The good news is that this seems to be the "best" argument the right can come up with to oppose hate crimes. That means the right is running out of arguments in their relentless pursuit of harming gay people and their families.

  5. What I saw in this that concerns me is the falling membership of churches.

    Church should be among many things, a sanctuary, a refuge against the evils of this world.

    Now, how to get people to come to church?

    Suppose a certain church made it known that in that church everyone
    was encouraged to be a deliverer,
    a judge, a reconciler, a worker in
    the ministry of reconciliation by the gospel of God in Christ.

    They could be trained to plead the cause of the oppressed, to hear all matters, to take one or two other with them as witnesses, if ever they are called upon to hear a matter between two when they have not been able to resolve
    a thing.

    They could be trained to not judge
    immediately by the hearing of the ear, but to be diligent to search a thing out to see if indeed it is so, as God did when he took his
    two witnesses to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    They could be trained to hear all matters, not prefering one over another, and to make the plea at the proper time, "Please have mercy.", on the behalf of the oppressed party to the oppressor.

    They could be trained to not be willing to hear matters that are not causing a PRESENT distress, as
    such information may be oppressive
    and hurtful and used by evil forces to cause division. Anything that's of the past that's not causing a present distress should not be brought up to be used against another.

    God is among many things, a God of process. He has a good process,
    and a bright future for his children. He will lead them through. He does provide. He does
    lead them to water. God does deliver. He heals.

    If any is willing to forgive and to repent of their sins as they become known to them they do have
    a good future with God, an eternal
    hope of Glory. They will not be disappointed.

    That should bring them in. Anyone
    that can stand on the word of God
    and use it rightly has authority
    when they do that. Everyone who receives Jesus has authority in the earth.


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