Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage Blocked in D.C.

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R-71 UPDATE: Efforts are continuing with the distribution of petitions for Referendum 71. There is a continuing demand. We are mailing and hand delivering them as we hear from you. We are also beginning to receive reports from many that their signature gathering is going quite well. There is some resistance in certain public places and some pastors are hesitant to publicly endorse the referendum. However, other pastors are publicly encouraging people to sign the referendum.

Thank you for your efforts and your financial support.

OTHER NEWS: President Obama beginning to cave to growing criticism from homosexual activists. He is expected to act today.

Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage Blocked in D.C.

Associated Press reported yesterday that the DC Board of Elections and Ethics has rejected a clergy-led effort to hold a referendum on whether Washington should recognize same-sex "marriages" performed elsewhere.

AP says a coalition of black ministers led by Bishop Harry Jackson sought the referendum opposing recognition of same-sex marriages.

They quote Bishop Jackson: "We feel that there is a moral imperative for us to stand against the effects that this particular same-sex marriage direction for the District would have on the next generation."

God bless you, Bishop Jackson and colleagues.

Bishop Jackson told the press that he knows working to ban same-sex marriage can make Christians unpopular but says, "We have a responsibility to be salt and light and if we take that seriously, then it means at times you're going to have both persecution and intense conflict."

Well said. And very true.

Some of us are finding that our support of Referendum 71 is characterized as "hate" and "bigotry". And it has indeed created intense conflict.

I find it interesting that on the one hand we are often told that we who support natural marriage are "out of step with society" or trying to hold on to the past, while everyone else has moved on, yet those who accuse us will do anything to avoid allowing the people---the general public, to vote on homosexual marriage.

The battle to defend natural marriage is not an easy one, but it is a worthy one.

God bless you for standing and acting on what is right.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Funny how sticking your nose into other people's lives and forcing them to live under the rules of your crazy mythology can cause resentment. Why can't the gays just let you be?

  2. "Why can't the gays just let you be?"

    LOL , pretty good one Mr 1039
    I always get a kick what people say on this subject , President is for Federal benefits for partners , but is for Traditional Marriage , but he is against legislation that perserves that institution in the traditional manner. If you took a similiar position on health care , ehhh I guess that is why health Care is messed up too.


  3. Let's not allow the homosexual activists to de-form this state and nation, rather let us continue to honor the things that are honorable. May we not be found to be
    honoring anything that is dishonorable.

    God bless those who bless the things God has blessed, and who oppose that work that is contrary to God. God bless them in Jesus Christ. God give unto them the wisdom and love that is from above
    through him who came down for us
    and our salvation. Blessed be his
    name forevermore, for he had no conversation in the things of this world, but rather spoke against them, taking nothing of the corrupt things of the flesh, being himself the example of God,
    even unto the death of the cross.

  4. @ 10:03 AM Stop speaking for God. You are insulting him.

  5. Insulting our Lord? Don't think so! The angels are probably singing praises for those who consistently are 'staying the course' with God's principles, while reaching out to those who can't seem to 'hear' of the simple, but meaningful messages that that the Lord has for us, via his Holy BOOK, and more importantly, His Only Son who has a gift for all of us, for those who accept what he did on the cross for us all! That is overwelming Love--that is the greatest gift in the world to have--'for those who believe'! Insulting? NO--PRAISING!


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