Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Than 138,000 Signatures Delivered on R-71!

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We delivered a little over 138,000 signatures on 9,359 petition sheets to the Secretary of State's office in Olympia a few hours ago.

The Secretary of State's office will now validate the signatures this coming week. Obviously some of the signatures will be disqualified for various reasons.

As you know, we need 120,577 signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

I will give you more information as we progress through the next few days.

Thank you to all who worked so tirelessly on this petition.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom


  1. It really seeems true to me that any state or nation can not afford
    to think it can spend it's way out of it's troubles, organize it's way out of it's failures, or
    secure it's future, if it will not
    return to God, any more than a prodigal son can spend his way out
    of troubles.

    We must stand against abortion, homosexuality, pornography, adult entertainment and whatever is taking our state or nation down a wrong path.

    We must return to the Father. Hasn't it been lust that has corrupted us? If we promote it, won't we just get more of it, and
    what can it produce as it's root is evil?

    How shall we gain the favor of God if we do not return to him?

    Doesn't that go for a state or nation as well as for a man?

    Our government leaders need this kind of perspective. Let's share it with them. Together we can affect this nation. It can be saved from it's devices.

    I traveled to the midwest last week by highway. I saw casino after casino along the way. It didn't used to be that way. I went into one for something cool or drink and drank just one. I think the cost of my drink would have been less if I was gambling for it was aked me when I ordered it, before the price was given. I saw the people playing on electronic machines. They didn't look like they were happy, not like on the TV commercials I have seen.

    Instead, I wish there were places
    where refreshments were served and people talked of their travels
    along the way, and how their church or school is doing, or how their sons and daughters are doing righteousness, delivering the oppressed, speaking up against
    wrongdoing, helping one another, and changing their community and how God is prospering their city or state, and how many people are coming to know him and something of their eternal future in Christ.

    Maybe they will be speaking of how
    their sons and daughters are getting married, raising their children in the Lord, how they are growing up wise unto salvation, building houses, planting crops and expecting good things to come.

    And maybe most of the refreshments will contain no alcohol or most all of those who drink one will drink only one because we returned to God and good sense by Jesus Christ.

  2. What part of Zeus do you fail to understand?

  3. This is the most articulate assesment of where things are that I have seen from the Christian side. Well said. This should be forwarded to all friends and family.

  4. Just looking at the PDC reports this seems to have been accomplished by a pure grassroots effort . The opposing side seems to have doubled the amount of dollars spent to try and stop it somehow , perhaps to be used during the November ballot ellection in commercials and such . Might be the last referendum accomplished without paid signature gathers in this state . Regardless of your views , this was a political accomplishment . Considering the GOP is staying away from this it should be quite interesting political wise how it turns out .

    The middle ground IMO will vote by the flow of public opinion at the moment .

  5. this is Glenn from Seattle- or should I say " Little Sodom"-- It is past-time for Christians to "Stand In the Gap " on Issues and to Expose SIN for what it is by calling it what it is !! Also, every Christian should learn how to tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ as in Matthew 28:19-20 and do it Door to Door !! We need to pass Ref: 71 and other measures continuously to be on the Attack for Jesus !! God says to go forth "Boldly " -not this Ecumenical Sissy Lifestyle Witnessing !! We need a Christian Newspaper like the Sword of the Lord in Seattle and Churches like the Philadelphian Church- not the Laodicean Churches of today !!


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