Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sarah Palin to Campaign for Democrats: Todd not registered Republican

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R71 UPDATE: We continue to get good reports from those gathering signatures for R-71. We also continue to receive signature pages that have been separated from the entire petition form. While it is less expensive to mail just the signature page, especially if you have several petitions to send in, if the petition is not intact, it will be disqualified. Please do not separate the signature page. Keep the entire petition together.

Also, for those of you who are harassed while gathering signatures, one of our signature gatherers gave us a great idea yesterday.

She emailed me saying that she has found that if she keeps her video camera with her and begins taking video of those who are verbally assaulting her, they leave very quickly. If you have any video of this kind of behavior, please send it to us at info@faithandfreedom.us.

We will soon have an updated report on the signature count.


Sarah Palin to Campaign for Democrats: Todd not Registered Republican

Sarah Palin says she plans to jump immediately back into the national political fray.

She says she views the electorate as embattled and fatigued by nonstop partisanship.

So who will she be campaigning for?

In an exclusive interview with Ralph Z. Hallow of The Washington Times she said, "I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation."

She said, "People are tired of this partisan stuff---even my own son is not a Republican."

Both her son, Track, 20, an enlisted soldier serving in Iraq and her husband Todd, are registered "non-partisan" in Alaska.

As some in the Republican Party are blaming values voters and social Conservatives for recent losses, her message is resonating with those who place principles above politics---and Party affiliation. This may not be the best time for people like Washington State's Secretary of State Sam Reed to be suggesting that the Republican Party move away from social Conservatives so they can win.

Palin's PAC has soared to over $733,000 in the past 5 months.

For those who care about our country and the direction the next election will take, the next 36 months will be very interesting.

May God lead his people in these important matters.

God bless you.

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Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Gary is right. America is tired of so called Republicans acting like liberal Democrats, calling themselves moderates. When we figure out what we believe as a party we will win. Running around trying to be a little of every thing is a loosing formula. Define the principles and you get votes.

  2. Nice double standard Gary.

    Yesterday people, who disagree with ref 71 taking pictures of signature gatherers was part of the "harassment" they suffer, and today you are encouraging them to video those who express their disagreement. I guess it's OK if you are an anti-gay conservative, eh?

  3. Actually, Todd being registered "non-partisan" is a recent development. He was previously a member of the Alaska Independence Party, whose primary platform position is secession of Alaska from the US. How patriotic!

    I'd be interested to see what Democrat would be willing to let a far right fringe figure like Palin campaign for them, my guess is there aren't many - if any.

  4. I believe the times are a sign that it's time for America to amend it's ways.

    If it requires amendments to the constitution, would you be for the abolishment of homosexuality,
    abortion, adult entertainment, and

    I would.

    Think of what America would be like today if those things had no
    place in it's history.

    The root of all those things is lust which corrupts. What good fruit can be produced by an evil root?

    Have we seen corruption in America?

    America has been attacked by things that are more of a threat than terrorism, more subtle too.

    When God gives peace, who then can make trouble?

  5. 12:35 PM,

    Thanks for revealing the true face of the so-called "pro-marriage" "pro-family" side. I can't help but notice that divorce and adultery, the actual threats to "traditional marriage" fail to make your little list.

  6. "He was previously a member of the Alaska Independence Party, whose primary platform position is secession of Alaska from the US. How patriotic! "

    Yes yes and he is for burning books and we know he speaks in tongues. Luckily we have Ted Kennedy whose silver tongue is keeping America on the right course, Al Franken, Barney Frank , the CZars all keeping us safe and our tummies full , I like the part we don't even have to pay for it , let our Grand Kids do it .


  7. Does America stand with it's foot on the hose and it's back toward God? In many ways I think so.

    Going it's own way without him will not prove to be right, but rather very costly.

    Whatever we know of that is contrary to God that is allowed in
    America, we should seek to change
    with all our effort.

    Has there ever been a nation that has shown a history with it's roots in God other than America?
    Yes, a few, and they are still among the most blessed nations of the world.

    Hasn't America been turning away from God? As it has done so, it has not been well with it.

    Let's pray for this nation which has turned back from God and has not recently been considering his ways.

    May God wake up it's government by
    it's people of faith.

    I wonder if it's time for a new political party. Party of faith, or something like that, one that
    gets in to cleanse America of those things that clearly go against God and likely cause a nation to loose it's favor with him. That could be their main concern. If they don't see anything that clearly is against God but see the other parties active in day to day business of government, they don't have to do much except support the best decisions and what directions seem the best, while they become the leaders in prayer and worship of God in their workplace, and the leaders in restoring the protection of freedom of religion
    in America.

  8. abolishment of homosexuality,
    abortion, adult entertainment, and

    I would.

    If your serious you sound like you need to read somewhat about the pharisees and such. No personour own sins we commit may seem less to the modern western civilization culture of our time , in the eyes of God he sees them as Sin regardless.

    I believe pornography , abortion, homosexuality are all things you mentioned do harm people, mainly the person involved , and their relationships in one form or the other . But if you were going to measure human beings , say with Hitler on one side and miles away Christ on the other , the most stand up and closest thing to the perfect christian would be standing closer to Hitler then Christ . People have way too high of a spirtual opinion of ourselves.
    Humble yourself my brother , Jesus will make up for it by allowing More of Him inside of you . I believe, we all have our sinly nature to deal with my friend .
    I would be concerned with people who condemn and ridicule homosexuals then making laws against their being .


  9. Funny thing Mick, I don't recall Ted Kennedy, Al Franken or Barny Frank ever joining political parties intent on breaking apart the union, nor do I recall hearing a peep out of you about the numerous policy czars appointed by the Bush admin. Seems more a case of partisan politics than deeply held beliefs is what is behind your comments.


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