Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unholy Alliance: Church And State

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It is a story that, unfortunately, defines our times. And will heighten our awareness.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) of Connecticut's website was found last May to contain links to groups promoting a pro-homosexual interpretation of the Bible and religion---including Christianity.

The Family Institute of Connecticut contacted the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), and ACLJ wrote a letter charging that the DCF had violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment by promoting one set of religious beliefs over another on its website.

Example. The state sponsored website linked to the Human Rights Campaign website, a pro-homosexual organization, which featured a document called, "For The Bible Told Me So," which presents a revisionist view of the Bible which rejects traditional Judeo-Christian teachings on homosexuality.

The DCF also had links and relationships to Safe Harbor and True Colors, both primarily homosexual advocacy organizations.

True Colors, for example, holds workshops that include topics that present ex-gay ministries as oppressive and illegitimate, "God and gay," which helps reconcile your sexual orientation with your childhood religion---specifically directed at Mormons and evangelicals, and a workshop titled, "LGBTs And The Real Jesus In The New Millennium." This workshop projects onto Jesus what He would probably say, or what they would want Him to say, about health, sexuality, relationships, family and the ability of LBGT to live happy successful lives.

You won't believe how the state responded to this matter and ACLJ's letter.

Within a few weeks the state responded to ACLJ's letter assuring them they would take care of the matter and be sure that they were compliant with the Constitutional requirements.

The DCF removed the names of Safe Harbor and True Colors from their website as well as certain links.

Victory, right?

Not quite. They have now revised the website with new names and links that lead to, you guessed it, the same sources---still using taxpayer money.

Marcia Segelstein has written an in depth article detailing this story, which is still developing. She also gives the links to follow as they relate to her article.

Segelstein was a producer at CBS for 10 years, an Episcopalian for 40 years and now considers herself a "reluctant rebel" against the mainstream media, the Episcopal Church and the decaying culture her children witness every day.

I strongly recommend you read her linked article to better understand the depth of resolve to revise and remake our culture and even Christianity, by homosexual activists and, sadly, an unrestrained government standing by to aide and abet.

Segelstein says, "It's doubtful the state of Connecticut ever had any intention of concerning itself over the charges of unconstitutionality brought by the American Center for Law & Justice on behalf of Family Institute of CT."

So this story continues and so does the continual assault on all that is good.


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Modern idolatry! Historically, when a nation rejects God, they start fashioning their own gods into their own images rather than humbly submitting themselves to the One True God. The One True God never changes; God calls all men to repentence; men must be willing to follow God, not God following men. God calls men to be changed in their heart and soul based on Standards HE sets.

  2. Fortunately, your cult is shrinking in size and influence. Just because you believe your God endorses gay bashing, slavery, segregation, or witch burning doesn't mean society should condone it.

  3. God bless ACLJ in the work they are doing which is a blessing to all of America.

    As a Christian I do not envision an America that has government run
    websites, that have a place where
    you my click with your mouse and make a donation to some Church organization such as Rod Parsley's
    Bridge of Hope, or James Dobson's
    Focus on The Family, or TBN, or Daystar, or any of the other hundreds, if not thousand of good places where we might invest our money, gifts, talent, and time.

    That's not the kind of vision I have for America. I want something else.

    I would like to see Christians in government, doing their government work, responsibly and honorably. In so doing they may also honor God by praying with their fellow government workers, whosoever is willing to honor God
    in prayer and worship.

    I would like to hear God honored by them in word in every speech they make, reminding us that God has blessed this state and nation,
    and by the grace of our creator we
    have seen him sustain us. Therefore men ought to remember the things that are right, for the things that are right are determined by him and he remembers the righteous in time of trouble. We therefore ought to seek his favor and remember him in all that we do. Let us not be found seeking our own things but the things of others, only in the
    ways that please our maker.

    I look for governors, senators, and such who in their spare time
    look after one another, not by political party, but by communicating with each other openly and honestly seeking to do what is right, not by aligning themselves to any group, prefering one over another in personal matters.

    For example, let's suppose one person in office is being harrassed by some other who is trying to find fault in anything of their past, or their family that has no bearing on the duties of their office, and that by such
    harassment (by legal means or other) their ability to do their job is not enhanced, but rather is hindered.

    Shouldn't there be those who are willing to hear any matter of oppression whenever there is any injustice that has not been worked out between the two parties involved, who is willing to hear the case, verify the facts, search out the matters entirely, till they find something that has been truly done wrong and is continuing to happen or be an unresolved problem, and make it known that they are willing to go with them to the other party and ask for mercy, that mercy be extended, making the plea on behalf of the one oppressed, to the oppressor,
    whoever it may be at the time, letting all parties understand that they are willing to hear both sides and desire to do the same service for both parties, willing to not prefer one over the other, as they seek righteousness above all earthly
    ties, doing what is right in the sight of the Lord.

    They might make it known that they do this for fun in their spare time, and that they call it fun because though at times the work may be stressful, it can also be a very fun thing to walk with the Lord.

    If we had many of those in government office that would be willing to do that for any other,
    no matter what political party they are of, wouldn't that help
    to not only cleanse government of corruption, but also bring unity,
    love, light, and goodwill?

    Wouldn't that help heal America
    and be a good example to the world?

    We would have to understand that all people involved would have to be willing to forgive, repent of their sins as they become known to them, and once a thing has been repented of, that it should most likely never be visited again, for what does that which is dead and gone have to do with what is alive and at hand?

    You might ask, "What standard will
    they use?" They can use the best they have.

    We might ask, "How will we know what is right?" We can do the best we can.

  4. Where was the ACLJ and their firm belief in Church/state separation when Bush was shoveling taxpayer money to right-wing religious groups? Oh, that's right, they were in favor of that. Situational ethics much?

  5. 9:40
    cult? God endorsing gay bashing, slavery, and witch burning?! Wow, where is this happening! Not happening in my world! Where ever this is happening, ya, they need to be confronted and prayed for! In my world, people are concerned for our country, yes, but not to the point of condemning--we are praying and loving those who are 'lost'!

  6. Yes, cult, as defined in the dictionary.

    In the past, Christians have defended slavery, segregation and even witch burning as being God's desire. In time, discrimination against gays will join those now frowned upon practices. I'm sure you don't see that, but logic tells me that if you'd been around 300 years ago, you'd be for burning witches because you love them and want to save them.

  7. From Genesis 18&19,

    The Lord appeared unto Abraham. Abraham saw 3 men. The Lord talked to him as Abraham pleaded for the city to be spared from destruction, sending his two witnesses into the city to see if in fact things were as he had heard concerning their works.

    God's two witnesses (the two angels) came into Lot's house after first meeting Lot in the gate of the city, being convinced of him that they should stay at his house rather than sleep in the street all night.

    But the men of Sodom compassed Lot's house, despising Lot for his work of discouraging wickedness and pleading to protect
    the righteous. The men would have
    forced their way into his house to
    do evil unto those that God had sent, those who had done no wrong,
    and did not practice any sin but only served the Lord.

    What should we think such men might have done if they would have
    had their way in judgment to those two men (the angels sent by God)?

    Would they have been treated fairly? What might they have charged the angels with if it would have been allowed to happen that way?

    I think there was a reason the home intruders were smitten with blindness.

    Was it their ways that they did not repent of, that caused them to act that way toward strangers?

    Jesus is the only man who lived in this world, born of a woman who was found by God to be truly righteous, having never sinned. He let the world kill him for their own sins. The good news is that we all can be saved by him, his blood which was shed being the spiritual covering for us which we do need to stand before God and the accusations of the evil ones. And it does cover those who have faith in God by Jesus, being the means of their salvation through faith. It's power brings conviction to the heart of sin and assurance of
    divine work begun. It's covering
    speaks of God's righteouss as well as that of his Son Jesus who
    is the only one who can deliver us out of the city of destruction
    by the power of God.

    His kingdom is coming and his train will fill his temple. (see Isaiah 6:1)

    The mercy of God will rain down upon those who need it, to those who have come to Christ for refuge.

  8. Let's also remove "In God We Trust" from our money.


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