Monday, August 17, 2009

Seattle Seizes Opportunity Regarding R-71

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The Seattle PI, the new online version of their news service, has been relatively quiet about Referendum 71---until yesterday. They seized the opportunity to make two points in one little article.

In their article yesterday, the PI pointed out correctly that the error rate on the signature count on R-71 has inched up the last couple of days. Interestingly, I didn't notice that they reported when it "inched" down.

As we reported last week, the Elections Office has accelerated the validation process, because, they explained to us, the other side is putting pressure on them to complete the process and because they have other tasks facing them in the near future, so to accommodate all this, they have set an artificial deadline to be finished and have accelerated the process.

We expressed concern that as they accelerated, the "master check" level may not spend the time they had been spending at that level, which would cause our error rate to rise. This is happening. They are spending lees time per check, at that level, and the error rate is inching up.

The error rate had been as low as 10.41%, then moved up to 10.68% on Thursday and by Friday evening, they are reporting 10.99%.

Because of the way most all of these signatures were gathered, the error rate will be lower than normal. Much lower. We are deeply concerned that the emphasis seems to be shifting from accuracy to deadline. The Secretary's office is assuring everyone they will be done by the end of the month. We wish they would go back to spending adequate time, particularly at the master checker level, to insure accuracy, not a completion date.

We are particularly concerned about the several thousand deemed "not registered" voters and the 501 signatures they say don't match the signature on file.

The PI chose to identify all of us who support marriage as "anti-gay rights".

I know there are those in the Seattle press who understand that at the heart of the matter, we are not "anti-gay rights," but are pro-traditional or natural marriage. This article chose to identify us in the more negative light. I, nor most of the tens of thousands of people who are standing for and actively defending marriage, are "anti-gay rights." We are pro-marriage.

It was only when homosexual activists began to demand that marriage be deconstructed and family be redefined, that we became active.

While some may become weary or distracted, there are those of us who will always work to advance Judeo-Christian values in our culture. Not because we are against things, but rather because of what we stand for.

These values gave rise to the greatest country in the history of the world and only these values can sustain this great nation.

Your support allows us to continue. Thank you for your financial support.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. If Gary didn't notice when the PI noted that the signature rejection rate on Referendum 71, it can only be because he didn't look, perhaps because he wanted to falsely claim press bias. The PI covered the drop in rejection rate on the very same blog Gary cites today, just three days earlier (when the rejection rate dropped) .

    As for term referendum 71 an anti-gay rights measure, that is an accurate description. Since neither SB 5668 nor Ref 71 deal with marriage in any way shape or form, to use Gary preferred term of "pro-traditional marriage" would be inaccurate and misleading. Now, that may be allowed in this state in political campaigns like Ref 71, but it certainly not what one expects from an unbiased news source! Ref 71 is objectively anti-gay rights. Passing it will not strengthen nor mend a single "traditional marriage" nor will it protect anyone's marriage. If Gary wanted to protect so-called traditional marriage he would be working on an initiative to stop divorce, rather than one to take rights away from Domestic Partnerships, which are not marriage.

  2. sigh, This is a pro-authentic marriage 'movement'. Hate does NOT enter into any of this. This 'saying' was made up by the gay community and THEIR 'supporters.' These are lies. Many 'gay' people have come out of this life style, not by hate, but by love that they felt from people, and more importantly,from God! Ref 71 will help keep the DOMA (defense of the marriage act) that was passed several years ago via this state, plus many other states, and by the U.S.congress!It's the DOMA that is important to keep intact! Which will keep our authentic marriages intact!
    When I was in school, homosexuality
    was considered a deviate behavior. I know in todays world, this is not being taught as such now. In the dictionary, it states;Deviate-turn aside from a course, degress from a line of reasoning-a deviant;
    sexual pervert!'That is strong, I know. The bottom line is no matter what choices people make on this matter, they all are probably 'good' people, caught up in a behaviour that is contray to God's original plan for authentic marriages! We that have chosen authentic marriages, have ONLY compassion and love for those who have not chosen God's way of man and woman relationships!

  3. I want to commend you Gary for your steadfastness in the faith and your willingness to lead in the face of adversity. Many so called leaders want to lead as long as there is no controversy. When we are called upon to stand for what is right, they fade to age, wearniness or rethinking what they believe.
    I saw the news story on KIRO 7 news about the threats the gays are making toward you.
    A lesser person would step back. You have not. Thank you. Our prayers and financial support is with you.
    We are leaving our church, I wish you pastored on the east side of Seattle.

  4. Referendum is not against gay rights, it is for marriage by God's definition.

    Homosexual citizens have the right to marry just as hetrosexual
    people do. They may marry someone
    of the opposite sex same as everyone else. Marriage in that
    way and according to God is holy.

    Homosexuals have the same right to it as everyone else. I know of no one who is a Christian who stands against gay people marrying someone born of the opposite sex. I've not heard them speak up against it.

    We all should be against the practice of homosexuality as it is a vile abomination that is offensive to God and to his subjects.

    Homosexuality causes many diseases
    that would not go around as they have would people marry someone of the opposite sex and keep the marriage holy.

    Homosexuality causes broken families.

    Homosexuality causes increased health care costs.

    Homosexuality destroys people's reasoning processes. It causes confussion because it is confussion. God says so and he knows. He created man, and he is holy.

    Therefore we are for marriage the way it ought to be by the instructions of God who blesses us and teaches us what's right.
    To be for marriage as it ought to be in this day, means taking a stand against what's wrong.

    To call someone any kind of term that is meant to call them something less than what they are about is unfair. Those who call gay OK, call people who are for righteousness, anti-gay whatever,
    and thereby put forth a negative
    where there is to be a positive.

    They do that because they are confussed and backward, having rejected the instruction of God in a particular matter which God
    has ordained for his glory.

    The good news is that if they repent and receive his Son Jesus
    who was unjustly killed by wicked
    hands, knowing that he was righteous and the ways of the world that was and still is against him was and still is wrong, then he will receive him and cleanse him of his sins. God will then bring such a one into his eternal family to be instructed and rehabilitated unto
    righteousness and eternal glory.

    Those things in which they once had pleasure in through the fallen
    flesh, will then begin to be something they hate as God gives them a new perspective and a heavenly desire because of what they tasted of him which is good,
    while that which is evil was cleansed away from them by the power of the blood of Christ.

  5. Funny how anti-gay activists always proclaim they aren't motivated by hate when no one has accused them of it. Perhaps a guilty conscience is at play?

    The simple facts are Referendum 71 will not keep a single marriage intact. It will not prevent a single divorce, spousal abuse or infidelity. All it will do is deny rights to domestic partners.

    3:12 PM, of course you like Kiro 7's report, it was exceedingly credulous of the claims of anti-gay activists and didn't feature a single voice expressing the other side's views. Can you imagine the hissy fit Gary Randall would be having here on this blog, had Kiro produced a similar report talking only to equality advocates?

  6. 4:26 PM

    Do you really think spouting a bunch of anti-gay talking points proves your claim that this referendum isn't motivated by anti-gay bias? Please your post is literally dripping with anti-gay bias.

  7. Claim that you're not anti-gay all you like. However, I sense a distinct duck-like waddle in your walk.

  8. Every homosexual who wants to marry should marry someone of the opposite sex, after first getting clean of homosexuality through faith in Jesus Christ, for that is the will of God if they can find such a willing partner.

    God is for family, reproduction, fruitfulness, and multiplication. God is for every man coming clean of sin and coming to the knowledge of the truth in Christ. God is for everything good. Everything in his kingdom is good, clean, and healthy. Everything in his kingdom lives and thrives in him because of Jesus. Everything in his kingdom lasts and lasts and lasts. Nothing in his kingdom corrupts or decays. Everything is new in his kingdom. Nothing ever gets old or moth-eaten in his kingdom
    which is unto us who believe in God because of Jesus.

  9. Maybe "anti-gay wrongs" would be
    a more accurate term.

    Regardless of what terms are used
    God has given favor to his church because they have trusted in him.
    Though his church has suffered and will suffer in this world, he has and he will comfort them.

    See Isaiah 54:11-17

    See God's amazing grace in Isaiah

  10. The Government is anti religion , it separates it from government .
    There is no separation of gay and state . Cry a river up another blog .

  11. As a Christian man, married to one woman (and divorced--which is really separated until death or reconciliation--for many years now...), I have to say that the pro-homosexual activist comments about divorce cannot be dismissed out of hand and ignored by the vast majority of Christianity as they have been for nearly 40 years now (or one could effectively argue since the apologetics and doctrines of Erasmus in the 16th century). Divorce is sin, entering into a sexual relationship and calling it a marriage when one has a living spouse (even if "legally" divorced from said spouse...) is clearly adultery. Such persons are to be called (as long as they remain in said relationships) adultress'/adulterers...! Be they in either pulpit or pew... Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

  12. "Every homosexual who wants to marry should marry someone of the opposite sex, after first getting clean of homosexuality through faith in Jesus Christ, for that is the will of God if they can find such a willing partner."

    Will you be offering up your daughter as a bride to a so-called "ex-gay"?

  13. Good question. However, there are many couples now living a good life in a authentic, one man/one women marriages, after leaving the gay lifestyle.


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