Thursday, August 13, 2009

When Should Grandma Die?

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When Should Grandma Die?

"The rumor," said President Obama, "that's been circulating a lot lately is the idea that somehow the House of Representatives voted on death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma because we've decided that it's too expensive to let her live anymore."

Now where would the American people get such an idea? And why would the President of the United States feel he needs to assure the people in New Hampshire and the country that he doesn't want to pull the plug on grandma? Did Ronald Reagan or either of the Bush Presidents ever feel the need to assure the nation that they did not want to kill grandma?

Here's why we are where we are.

We have elected a majority of people to the Congress who are not pro-life, pro-family or pro-marriage. Although some of them pretended to be some or all of that---they are not.

The President's words suggest he is pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-America, etc., etc. However, his actions seem to betray him on many fronts. It was difficult for many Americans to understand how candidate Obama could claim to love his country, while remaining in Rev. Wright's church for 20 years, listening to the anti-American hate, only leaving when it threatened his political ambitions. Twenty years is a lot of sermons.

He has told the American people and the Pope, for that matter, that he wants to reduce abortions, yet he has expanded funding for abortions not only in America, but around the world.

He has said he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, yet he has promised the homosexual lobby he will abolish the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

He has essentially pulled the plug on capitalism and free enterprise, has all but nationalized the auto industry and plans to further destroy the American economy with his carbon legislation.

It is not difficult for many to believe that while saying he loves grandma, his people could be pulling the plug---ever so gently on the best life for the elderly.

The fact that Representative Earl Blumenauer, D-Or., has introduced a measure that would provide "end of life" counseling for the elderly isn't terribly reassuring either.

President Obama also told the New Hampshire crowd that, "Somehow it's gotten spun into this idea of death panels."

The President has chosen Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother to White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, to be his top medical advisor.

Therein is another problem for some in our country. Did the President actually know what Dr. Emanuel believes? Certainly he did, because he is now defending him.

Dr. Emanuel has written a number of books and articles. Witting in the bioethics journal Hastings Center Report in an article favoring health care for active people, he said, "An obvious example is not guaranteeing services to people with dementia."

I am pleased that Dr. Dan Doornink of Yakima was my parents doctor, as they lived through their "end of life". He was not only a great football player, but he is a great advocate for life.

Dr. Emanuel also wrote an article last January in which he says age is one of several factors that could be considered in deciding who receives scarce organs or vaccines. "Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocations by age is not invidious discrimination," he wrote, "every person lives through different life stages."

House Minority Leader, John Boehner, R-Ohio, has said of all this it, "may start us down a treacherous path toward government encouraged euthanasia."

Indeed. That would save significant amounts of money.

Newt Gingrich told ABC's "This Week" that, "You're asking us to trust turning power over to the government, when there clearly are people in America who believe in establishing euthanasia."

As traditional, Judeo-Christian, pro-life and pro family values are restored in America, these kinds of public discussions will diminish because the focus will be on saving and sustaining life. Promises not to pull the plug on grandma will be a distant dark memory.

Certainly prayer can change these difficult times. It will also take action. If people of faith and conservatives will show up and vote our values, we will not be having a national public debate over whether our President is trying to "pull the plug on grandma."

How tragic. God help us.


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. When I or anyone else dies is no business of any government, nor should it be pre-decided by any death panel that collects data. The imminent of a loved one is very personal among family members. Many times families know one another's wishes, anyway and can make those hard decisions when the time comes. Those who don't know, can come to an educated decision after discussing the prognosis with the doctor. The government is in our private life enough as it is, they have no right to take away our fundamental right of life guaranteed by the constitution.

  2. Gary, once again you have nailed it. I want to thank you for your consistent conservative, Christian positions. Some other "leaders" seem to be all over the place. People we once trusted to lead in the cultural battles have deserted us. Keep up the good work. We are behind you with prayer and finances.

  3. You are on the front line of duty. My prayers are with you. Stand strong.

  4. "When I or anyone else dies is no business of any government"

    Agreed. I even thought that back when Congress and the President were injecting themselves into the Schiavo family's private matter.

    Plus, I don't want the government telling me I can't decide my own fate by outlawing doctor assisted suicide here in Oregon.

    The irony here is that the end of life directives you're so afraid of provide protections to keep those decision within the family.

    Check history. Newt and even Sarah were completely supportive of end of life directives until they were included in health care reform. Newt even said they would save Medicare lots of money.

  5. What is this? Now you've morphed into a cross between Palin and Chuck Grassley? Don't you have an original thought to offer? Nah, instead just spread around more lies. It's easier that way.

    God help us is right - from dealing with hate mongers like you.

  6. Shorter Gary Randall:

    If candidates supported by Christianists like myself win elections, we won't subject the nation to these baroque lies about the winner.

  7. You have brought clarity to this whole disscussion about pulling the plug on grandma. It's pathetic that we are even talking about this, especially the president. How sad.
    Dr. Emanuel is scarry. It's hard to believe that's where we are.

  8. Anyone who makes an option or a requirement by government intervention that would give counsel to people concerning euthanasia does not know where that will end up.

    It's like saying, "Roe v. Wade was
    only about the right to abort....So where are people coming up with some kind of story about millions of babies being put to death?.."

    Government has no place giving counsel to people on the pratice
    of euthanasia. It should not be allowed. Sin will always take a man or a nation much farther than
    they think they are going. That's simply the deceitfulness of it.

    We seem to not know the way that we go. America has been on the wrong path for a long time.

    Instead of spending all this time on the subject of healthcare, we would be better off talking about how we are going to rid this nation of pornography, adult entertainment, protect marriage, stop the homosexual movement from
    destroying whatever it touches, and get rid of gambling as it does
    not produce anything good for America. All these things I just mentioned have lust as it's root which produces after it's kind, except one, Protecting Marriage.

  9. This is a terrific article. Thank you. Makes us think and believe we can change things if we work together.

  10. 3:09pm

    Where the heck are you coming up with euthanasia????? Could you be specific please? And I mean REALLY SPECIFIC, because it's just a figment of of your paranoia. So prove me wrong. Show us all where euthanasia is part of the private discussion with your personal doctor about your end of life wishes and no government person involved. by the way, you can have an advance directive that says hook me up to every machine you've got and keep the blood pumping until the insurance company cuts off funds. That's the point of a private conversation with your own personal doctor to come up with your own advance directive. You get to figure out how you want that situation handled. And it's OPTIONAL!!!!!!!

  11. It seems clear that God is showing America her ways.
    We're beginning to see how we
    have strayed from having good days.
    The path God has chosen for us in
    Jesus is that one that really pleases. Though it may be difficult at times to resist this world's ways and rhymes,
    Jesus remains the same and never
    changes through times.
    The rock that oils the fire that burns, that keeps our lamps, overcoming enemy spurns,
    will keep America for his purpose
    to honor God through any circus,
    because his blood on those was shed, who in America in sins were
    dead, but came to life again by Christ, to be again a shining light.

    Let's see liberty shine again through Christ.

    We will stand together in Jesus
    as long as we keep our eyes on him. It takes one man to change a
    nation. We need Jesus. America was made for him. It was made by
    him for God. All that is good in
    America was done by him. His goodness prevails by his grace.

  12. Anon. 9:34
    Bringing Terri Schiavo into the debate is silly. Her husband was trying to do away with her so he could appease his own guilt over being unfaithful to her. However I agree the government had no business in this case, or any other case. Terri Schiavo's brain had no chance to recuperate. Yes she had brain damage, but we only use 20% of our brains capacity, and in other cases like hers other parts of the brain have been known to take over for the damaged part. Terri Schiavo's family wanted to care for her, and instead her "husband" euthanized her. Is this what we do to our loved ones we no longer have any use for, after they've sacrificed for us? As I said in my prior comment, when the time comes families will make the hard decisions if they need to. The government has no right deciding when I or anyone else dies. They've lied about death panels being in this bill, so why should we believe them about anything else? The government also has no right with holding care that has been paid for by he elderly, infirm, and baby boomers. This is a form of passive euthanasia.

  13. 8:15 AM

    Nice revisionist history of the Terri Schiavo incident. Her brain was sufficiently damaged that recovery was not possible, this is a medical fact, supported by the fact that she didn't recover in over a decade of care. Terri's family made the decision to let her die, her parents and Christianist activists, who saw an opportunity for political gain, sought to interfere.

    Lastly, I don't know what relevance right-wing lies about "death panels" has to do with any of this, but you appear to misinformed about that as well. How sad.

  14. One thing leads to another along a wrong road. The dangers we do not see yet are just ahead. Just because you don't see them now does not meant they don't exist.
    They will be just around the next corner unless we change course.

    That's just common sense.

    A bad road taken in this world doesn't mean it won't get better
    just ahead, but in the spiritual realm it's different. Evil produces more evil. That's why it's important to turn away from evil at all times. It's like a leaven.

    Is America not yet seeing some of the fruit it has sown? It's time to wake up.

    Someone wants to pay for consultation about the time of death with tax money. Someone else
    wants to have euthansia. Though the two are not necessarily connected with one, a few, or many people, one day it could and likely will if
    we allow it.

    Some people feel the pressure being put upon them because of the evils of this world. Some seem not to feel it.

    Who's feelings can be trusted?
    Where do they come from?
    Do they come because of their political party?
    Do they come from God?

    Because the proposed bills about health care have been confusing,
    people react in confusion. Is it
    the people's fault or is it because there is something wrong with the proposed legislation?

    I believe there's some fault on both sides.

  15. The fault if with the people actively lying about what is or isn't being proposed in the health care bill for political gain (see Palin, Sarah; Randall, Gary).

  16. Terri was still aware of her family, thus they had no right to 'kill' her!
    In some countries in Europe, they have Euthanasia.Scandiavian countries especially--look it up!
    I just read about a man who gave 'permission' to die, kept coming back, they admistered more 'poisen'(whatever he had chosen) , he kept coming 'back', and finally, he shared how God told him that it was NOT his time yet! Interesting, eh!?

  17. Terri Schiavo was NOT aware of her family or anything else, that is just a cruel lie.

    What European countries? What is the name of this alleged man? You are presenting rumor and hearsay, not facts.

  18. Barack Obama criticizes the insurance companies for "dropping" clients when they get sick, yet the system he wants to force on the American people kills Americans through rationing of health care. Obama can't have it both ways. Mathematically it's impossible to add 78 million baby boomers, 48 million uninsured, and subtract 500 billion dollars from medicare, without rationing care to those who worked all their lives, and paid for this benefit. It just doesn't work. The federal government now must eliminate those they have ripped off by spending the insurance premiums paid by so many Americans for so many years. They should be in prison right along side of Bernie Madoff.


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