Wednesday, September 02, 2009

R-71: Everything Has Its Season

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R-71 UPDATE: R-71 has exceeded the 120,577 valid signatures to be placed on the November ballot. Representative Matt Shea told me last night that we have 122,011.

Judge Julie Spector has said she will rule today on the lawsuit filed, asking for a restraining order against Secretary of State Sam Reed, preventing him from certifying R-71 to the ballot. The Secretary's office has said he intends to certify the Referendum today.

The Temporary Restraining Order we were given, which temporarily sealed the names of all who signed the R-71 petitions, will be considered tomorrow in a different court with a ruling to follow.

We will keep you updated.

On a personal word, thank you to all who sent me emails yesterday. There were so many that I am unable to answer or respond by email. Your encouraging words mean more than I could say. Thanks and God bless you.

Everything Has Its Season

Ancient Scripture says, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven."

The narrative continues, identifying 14 such seasons, one of which is, "A time to keep silence, and a time to speak." Ecc. 7:3

Referendum 71 has become a defining issue in both the church and the culture.

And everything has its time. Is this the time to be silent, take the path of least resistance and let the culture devolve and ultimately implode morally? Or is it a time to speak? You will decide. Washington State cannot now avoid addressing the issue of same-sex marriage. It will be before every Washington voter.

I am certain very few will be silent.

Yesterday, Senator Ed Murray announced that he will not run for mayor of Seattle. He acknowledged that a write-in candidacy is very difficult but said, "The recognition that Referendum 71 will appear on the fall ballot galvanized my decision." He also called R-71 making the ballot, "A dark day."

Seattle mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan called it a sad day. He said, "It is preposterous to me that a small group of people can push a referendum to strip away rights from any group of people." He said of the coming campaign that it, "will show those who organized this hateful campaign that they do not represent Washington State's values."

It is apparent that those of us who are not silent, will be accused of hate, bigotry and extremism. I spent some time on Dori Monson's talk show yesterday on KIRO 97.3. As our interview was concluding he said, on air, "Gary, you know the other side will unleash every imaginable attack on you as this moves forward, don't you? Are you prepared for that?" My response was, "No, I'm not prepared for that, but am willing to walk through it."

And there is a time to speak.

There are also voices within the church who are calling for silence. We have seen and heard that call from the day Referendum 71 was launched. I would suppose that voice, in various forms, will continue---even intensify.

Those of us who have formed this coalition are asking you to hear a call to action. This voice is asking you to defend marriage, protect the family and preserve those values upon which the greatest culture in history was built.

Pastor Jan Hettinga from Northshore Baptist told the Seattle Times several months ago in response to the, "leaderless army milling about in the field" conversation that, "I think there is a very intelligent, moral, conservative population in this city and in this state, but they just haven't figured out yet how to let their voices be heard without being labeled."

I agree with Pastor Jan. There is indeed such a population, but perhaps we will not fully escape being labeled "haters" when we do not hate; bigots, when we are not bigoted; and attempting to strip rights from people, when we are trying to defend marriage.

There is a time to speak.

Being labeled is not inconsistent with Christianity. The word "Christian" was not initially intended to be complimentary.

R-71 has been called "historic" by the press. It is. Yet the most historic aspect of what you have done by putting R-71 on the ballot may yet lie ahead.

It is possible that this may become a defining time for both the culture and the church, particularly Christians and people of faith.

As we have secularized our culture, we have drifted far from our founding principles and lost our moral compass.

The fact that you put R-71 on the ballot has already been a wake-up call to many---on both sides.

This is not a time for Christians and people of faith to be silent. It is a time to speak. We must not at this important time, misunderstand our responsibility to the culture and to God's kingdom on this earth and remain silent.

This is a time to speak.

We need money. On a few dollars we have been able to progress to this point. We must have more funding in the days just ahead. I know you understand that and will do what you can.

Your donation to the Faith and Freedom PAC is spent entirely and exclusively on direct expenses related to promoting R-71 through the Internet, printing, mailing and now media advertising.

Thank you for donating now.

This is a time to speak.

In a few days we will be giving you specific direction as to how we plan to proceed. Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Well said..God bless you Gary.

  2. Yes, this is a defining moment. We have the opportunity to work together to finally provide health care to all of Christ's children.

    And you choose instead to lead your cult in taking away rights from people different from you.

    You have clearly defined your religion as separate from the teachings of Christ.

  3. There is no 'movement' to take away rights. ONly to keep authentic marriages intact. Gays,the single people, have just as many rights as the rest of us do. If they want 'more', get it legally via lawyers. Live in peace, with respect, even though we may disagree on these issues!

  4. If gays must go to lawyers for RIGHTS such as community property, inheritances, rights to loved ones pension and retirement benefits, rights to use sick leave for their loved, and all these other rights (versus RITES) then so should heterosexuals. Either or both - not one without the other.

    I'm not fighting for your RITES I am fighting for my RIGHTS.

    I'll respect your RIGHT to prevent me from accessing religious RITES if you respect my RIGHT to the RIGHTS in SB5688.

    SB5688 does not require any religious organization to do anything. All it requires is that the state allow two people who want to commit to each other in a civil, and non-religious way, to access an enumerated list of RIGHTS.

    While the record across this country is 1-31 in approving gay rights on a public vote their has not yet been a public vote that eliminates a separate statutory scheme (wither civil unions or domestic partnerships).....and I don't believe WA will be the first state to do so.

    Kudos on defying the odds at making it to the ballot. But
    good luck on the November vote as you will need it.

  5. There is no sense in discussing our understanding w/ these pro- homosexuals, not in a 1000yrs would they ever get it. There minds and hearts have become dark and foolish,Rom 1:28. I believe we live in a day where the Truth has been exchanged for a lie and for some there's no turning back. Be bold Brothers and Sisters and know what you believe for it will be tested...soon.

  6. My 'authentic' marriage will remain intact regardless of gay marriage. If yours is that fragile, perhaps it wasn't solid to begin with. My condolences.

    And, contrary to your statement, your cult is seeking to reverse rights granted by the legislature.

    I am peaceful and I respect opposing viewpoints. I cannot respect discrimination.

  7. Tormenting a minority in the name of Christ seems immoral to me Gary.

  8. It is a sad day when the governement and special interest groups can just push a bill through based on the beliefs of the group. This country is democratic and the laws are based upon what the majority of the people want. It is scary to me when we have to fight to have the right to vote on somthing so inpacting to all of us. As Christians we get called bigots and hateful for believing what we believe, but the Ref 71 really is about our right to vote and have a say in this Democracy. Something is terribly wrong when we are sued and threatened because the people said they want to vote on this matter. I am sure throughout history there have been people that wanted things done the way they wanted them done but the majority saw it another way.

  9. Two people who choose to live in a devient behaviour type relationship, is sad. Yes,it's their choice, and their personal business. Living in our country of freedom, they are protected and allowed to live this gay life style. However, to redefine marraige cannot be allowed! Our nation was founded on God's principles, and to go against these principles will have harmful consequences for all of us, for our nation! I trust the people of faith will come to realize the importance to vote in Nov. on this important Ref, and realize the consequences if there were not enough understanding as to the importance of this issue. We need to start NOW talking to our friends and families, to make certain that indeed to stop this movement and to preserve authentic marriages! At the same time, attempt to show our LOVE,CONCERN, COMPASION ONLY for the gay community,and dispel this 'movement' of attempting to view us hateful, bigots, as we are the opposite!We have nothing but Love and concern, and yes, we are consitently praying for them! With the help of our faith, yes, but more importantly, in obedeience to our Lord and Saviour, speaking up for HIS principles that HE has set up for all of us! I still feel eternity is a long time, and Christians need to look, think about the 'big picture', as we all strive to be in His 'will'while allowed to be here on earth, before entering Heaven, and in the meantime, to be HIS instruments here, when there are distorted views about God's guidance for us. Yes, authentic marriages are the back bone of our nation and families. Let's stay united, show love to our gay friends, but at the same time, do NOT waver to speak for our Lord's way of life, as he has set up for us! How else will our friends and family know of Christ's Love and His way to be the 'best' way, if we don't speak up!? Let's shine for our Lord, and never waiver, with our Love, and with our committments to do HIS WILL--to stand up for the very foundation of our country--our families--the authentic marriages of one man/one women only!

  10. Keep it up FFN supporters, Gary's arguments that the anti-Ref-71 crowd isn't motivated by hate or bigotry fall to pieces when one looks at the posts on this blog, posts approved by FFN moderators.

  11. 2:21--Its' all in ones perspective--yours is opposite of many of ours--That is ok, God is still in control, in spite of us!

  12. As Gary has said regarding the law suits being filed to try and keep Ref 71 off the ballots in Nov, He and others supporting this Ref have had death threats against him and others standing up for our rights to vote on this matter. I question who is hateful and a biggot. I don't believe any Christian or supporter of our right to vote had made death threats against gay organizations. I think the name callers should be taking a good look at themselfs when it comes to hate and biggotry.

  13. Sometimes I watch those Judge TV shows and see people who were not married who have lived together and they contend over unpaid bills, or personal property, and they take it to the judge.

    I know of no special laws for them. I don't think we need special laws to make the unmarried who live as if they were, to be legaly as if they are.

    I don't see men and women fighting
    for laws through the legislature to make their situation as if they
    are married. I don't see the need for it and would be much against it, for marriage should be honored and protected and separate from all other relationships.

    It seems to me that I should oppose every kind of attempt to make some kind of relationship that is not marriage, to have the same benefits as if it is marriage whether it be between one man and one woman or between two of the same sex, though one is a far worse sin than the other
    having a judgment of God upon it that is according to his determination which is right. See
    Romans chapter 1.


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