Tuesday, September 01, 2009

R-71 said to be historic

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The Secretary of State announced yesterday afternoon, "R-71 headed to November ballot."

It has been said that the signature verification has come under more scrutiny than any referendum or initiative in the state's history.

The Secretary's office also announced it could be the narrowest margin ever for qualifying for a ballot.

As of last night we had 121,617 valid signatures. That number could rise a bit as the final checks are completed. We needed 120,577.

Thank you to all who took part in this truly grassroots effort. Some were saying it could never happen, but you went door to door, to church, to Walmart, to family members, to church friends, to neighbors and anyone else whom you felt would join in defending marriage.

From the young to the elderly, you carried the petitions across this state, because of your deeply held beliefs that marriage is worth defending.

And God blessed your efforts. Thank you for allowing me to work with you. I am honored. Some gave money, some circulated petitions, some did both and all prayed for God's blessing. And God helped us.

Now we face the greater challenge. Over the next few days we will be showing you how we will have a conversation with the state. When people understand, as you do, that SB 5688 is more about homosexual marriage than it is about benefits, they will join in stopping the deconstruction of marriage.

So, what about the lawsuit that is attempting to restrain the Secretary of State from certifying R-71 to the ballot?

There are essentially two allegations. The first alleges that many of you signed the petition before you registered to vote. I do not believe that. However, I personally believe they will find it difficult to even present a legitimate case on that allegation because the petitions are not dated.

Secondly, they allege that the Secretary should throw out many signatures because the back of the petition was not signed by the person who circulated it.

An attorney for the Secretary of State said the Attorney General's Office has advised for several years now that petitions do not have to be signed by the signature gatherers, so long as the declaration is printed on the back of each petition form.

Judge Julie Spector has said she will rule on this on Wednesday. The Secretary of State's office has said he plans to officially certify R-71 to the ballot on Wednesday.

I'm sure you understand, your financial support is absolutely essential at this point. Thank you.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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