Monday, October 12, 2009

WA Catholic Bishops Oppose SB 5688

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R-71 UPDATE: Hundreds carried signs and marched peacefully in Lynnwood Saturday.

We want to thank the Russian/Slavic Christians for their stand to defend marriage. They have tirelessly supported this effort from the beginning.

You may also have read that while the homosexuals gave President Obama a standing ovation Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign Annual Dinner, many were wondering out loud if Obama would actually keep his promise to them.
WA Catholic Bishops Oppose SB 5688

In a headline that could be misleading, although I don't really think that was intended, The Seattle Times published the headline, "WA's Catholic Bishops Oppose R-71 and I 1033."

The initial response to reading the headline could be to believe that the bishops do not support REJECTING SB 5688, but rather favor the Senate Bill.

As you read past the headline, you learn that the bishops are opposed to R-71/SB 5688 and will vote REJECT, while they actually do oppose I-1033.

Their reasons are given in the article.

In their statement, the bishops say they oppose SB 5688 and Referendum 71, because its legislative sponsors specifically stated that the law is part of a strategy to legalize same-sex marriage.

Indeed it is.

The bishops got it right on two counts.

The sponsors have repeatedly said that domestic partnerships and SB 5688 is an incremental step to legalize homosexual marriage.

Senator Ed Murray, a sponsor says, "The goal is marriage equality. It's an important statement that our eyes are on the prize, and the prize is marriage." Seattle Times, January 10, 2007.

Senator Ed Murray: "incremental approach---a strategic plan". Seattle Times, May 17, 2007.

Representative Jamie Pederson, a sponsor, said SB 5688 will give homosexuals, "a bridge until they can legally marry." Seattle Times, January 28, 2009.

Secondly, the bishops know they were for putting R-71 on the ballot, now that it's on the ballot, we are voting REJECT thus defeating SB 5688 which is the last incremental step to the "prize".

This statement of support by the bishops should inspire every Catholic to reach out to their friends in the local parish. The bishops said they were leaving it up to each individual church as to how they should respond.

Ballots will soon be mailed out and people will begin marking their ballot. Please take every opportunity to explain what SB 5688 is really all about. We are finding that the more people know about this bill, the more inclined they are to oppose and REJECT it.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom


  1. So will Gary now admit that he was lying back during the legislative session when he claimed that Murray and Pederson were lying about their ultimate intentions?

    Of course, just because marriage equality is their ulitimate intention is no reason to reject domestic partnership benefits, and oppose any moves toward marriage equality. It's called compromise and would be the Christian thing to do.

  2. We live in a time when people want everything to be equal, but not everything is the same in value.

    In the garden of Eden there were many kinds of fruit trees with all their kinds of fruit, but not all the fruit in the garden was the same in value or goodness.

    There was some bad fruit in the garden of Eden, but Satan wanted to have it esteemed just as valuable to Eve as the rest of the fruit.

    Eating the fruit made her sick, not well spiritually. There was death in it, and it caused her death as well as Adam's. By the mercy of God they did not immediately die, but because of the severity of their sin they did eventually die. They sufferd much because of eating the wrong fruit.

    We might say that Satan was the first to start some kind of "equality movement", but it wasn't good.

    Not everything is the same. Not all things are equal. Some things are bad and should not be encouraged, financed, promoted, given honor, or otherwise given a blessing.

    Some things do corrupt. Not everything is wholesome. Some things should be rejected by a society, though some will partake of it by their decision to do so and suffer the consequences of their actions.

    God has made a way for the consequences of sin to be made of no effect by Jesus through faith.
    Where sin abounded, his grace did much more abound. The righteousness of Jesus is stronger than the unrighteousness of sin.

  3. Anon 4:38

    Of course the righteousness of Jesus has nothing to do with any of this - simply homophobic bigotry, petty and darkened hearts.

    If you want true righteousness, you will let God judge the world - that is His job - and you will focus on judging the Church - that is the job of the saints.

    Additionally - what the civic world calls marriage is not marriage at all - marriage is only done before God - what the civic world calls marriage is simply a Partnership Contract - nothing more or less. Thus all this is "traditional marriage" thing to protect a partnership contract is, admittedly, a sort of sick joke to those who actually believe the Word of God.


  4. Gary,

    I am puzzled why those who name the name of Christ would find any credibility in men who claim to have the power to turn a piece of bread into the Lord of Glory - men who supersede Jesus by imposing themselves between man and God as the only means to dispense grace through the sacraments.

    I find such men to be blasphemers of God's Holy Kingdom.

  5. Jeanette, but we have a resposibilty to stand up for God's princples. Read your Bible. Does it not say that God objects to a man lying with a man, women to women? Very plain! Thus, we as 'believers' in His Word' have a responsibilty to be His Spokes person relating to these 'deviant' behaviours, that 'man' has name the homosexuality behaiviours years ago! That is what I was taught, this has NOT changed--it is what it is, deviant, and SAD, and we have the responsibilty to not only speak up for God'a principles in this matter, but to consistently pray for those caught up in this unhealthy lifesstyle!

  6. When we walk in true righteousness, we judge things evil that God calls evil, while we help those who are willing to hear what it is that can save them from the evils of this world.

    If we walk in unrighteousness we do not call things evil that God calls evil, for we walk in darkness and deceive ourselves.

    If any man walk in unrighteousness
    there is an advocate with the Father that is willing to save him out of it, the Lord Jesus himself.

  7. We still are to speak up for God's principles--be it gays lifestyles, or the sweet babies to be born.

  8. Anon 11:37

    With all due respect, you need to read your Bible - you are confusing the Kingdom with the World - God specifically state that judging the world was His providence - and the judging the church was the providence of his followers (ICor5:12,13, Phil 3:20, etc.). You are engaging in idoloatry when you choose to judge the World - you are usurping God's position - and, frankly, that is a sin. I urge you to repent of your sin and walk before the Lord in HIS principles rather than in the humanistic principles that you are espousing.


  9. Anon 7:04

    Speaking for God's principles is one thing - oppressing and hurting people - stripping them of their rights is NOT a position or authority God has given us - we are NOT called to be morality police (unless you happen to be Muslim and would like to whip people who don't follow your religion - is that what you are advocating????).



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