Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WA State Has Become an Assisted Suicide "Twilight Zone"

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R-71 UPDATE: I have been so appreciative and impressed with the number of people who are setting aside time and making the effort to attend the R-71 rallies.

We are adding three more to the calendar. One is this afternoon from 3 PM to 6 PM in Vancouver. People will be meeting at 117th and Padden. For more information contact Chuck Miller at .

There will also be two additional rallies this coming Saturday. One at 117th and Padden from 12 to 3 PM. For more information contact Chuck at

Next Saturday there also will be a rally in Kelso at the corner of South Pacific Street and Allen. You will be at the bridge next to City Hall and the police station. People will be there from 11 AM to 3 PM. Contact Chuck for more information at .

Check the Faith and Freedom calendar for additional events.

In just a few days all the ballots will be marked and will be in. A decision will have been made that will impact the State and the culture for decades to come. Thank you for standing strong for biblical , natural marriage.

May God bless you in special ways.

Washington State has become an assisted suicide "twilight zone"

Remember last November when the compassionate folks from the Hemlock Society and elsewhere were assisting voters in approving I-1000, the so-called "Death With Dignity Act"?

In their successful campaign, they assured voters that if they approved the measure they would not only prove their compassion, but would not have to worry about anything, because it would be solely a matter of choice for patients who wanted "aid-in-dying" and health care providers would not have to participate in it.

That was then---this is now. 365 days later.

A concerning story out of Mount Vernon not only exposes the deceit in the death campaign, but reveals how things are often not as they seem.

Think "Everything But Marriage."

In this case, the Mount Vernon law enforcement officers, in training to help people in a crises who are often considering suicide, end up having a social worker telling them how to subvert the law and help the people they are trying to save, commit suicide.

Rita Marker, at "American Thinker," writes:

Live in Washington State? In a crisis? Suicidal?
Call 911.
Then what?

I have linked this troubling story. I strongly suggest you read it. It is very revealing and once again affirms that the secular progressives often present things as being one way, while in fact they are quite different.

This is precisely the tack the homosexual activists have and are taking with SB 5688.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. This is beyond chilling. If SB 5688becomes law, this pattern will reappear in relation to gay marriage. Things really aren't as they seem. Thank you for pointing this out. It won't change my vote, I have already rejected SB 5688, but I hope someone who is undecided will carefully read this story.

  2. I'm not suprised. sb5688 is a front for homosexual marriage.

  3. The death with dignity people misled us but I don't think the gay activists would ever do that would they?

  4. Gary I hope everyone reads this story. I live in Mount Vernon and I was not aware of this. Thank you for all you do.

  5. This is akin to Nancy Pelosi wanting to rename the health care "public option" to something different so they can mislead more people. Doesn't matter if it's death, gay marriage or health care, it's all from the same play book. Deceit, deceit,deceit.

  6. I'd like to point out that as of today there are 12,474 people in registered domestic partnerships.

    The city of Kelso, where your upcomign rally will be, has an estimated population of 11,840 as of April 1, 2009.

    So in effect by rejecting R-71 everyone would be preventing everyone in the city of Kelso (+600) from having the legal protections contained in SB-5688. How does it feel to be trying to prevent the entire city of Kelso from getting these rights?

  7. Be sure to read the story that is linked.

  8. You all do realize that if an ACTUAL 'gay marriage' bill allowing gay couples to MARRY were to be signed into law, you could do the whole R-71 thing over again and vote it down, right? You'd probably even win that one, since there's less support for full gay marriages than domestic partnerships.

    Whether or not you agree with Ed Murray's overall goal, the issue at hand this fall really is expansion of domestic partnerships, not gay marriage. If you support state protection of all families - even if you don't support gay marriage - it's pretty clear you should vote to approve R-71.

  9. I find it interesting suicide is usually associated with cancer which if correctly diagnosed can be terminal. How can psychiatric evaulation voluntary or otherwise not be done in the case of someone who may be depressed and suicidal? Especially in our present economical state? Impulsive suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  10. Are any of you actually aware of the steps required for assisted suicide? There are many layers of protections and 'impulse suicide' is simply not possible.

    Get past your hysteria and learn what you're talking about.

  11. Just as Jesus said, the thief comes not but for to steal, kill and to destroy. (see John 10:10)

    Will we be ready to stand against him when the time comes?

    I would rather be around people that would read me a Psalm or two, tell me about Jesus, lead me in prayer, read some of The Pilgrim's Progress to me, make me as comfortable as I can be while I get close to that final crossing, reminding me of how the Lord did it, and the great reward that awaited him for his obedience, reminding me of the glory that awaits those who will come into his presence, their joys laid up for them, their inheritance which is theirs for all their labors of giving, suffering for others, and walking in love, reminding me of the great deliverance that will come with my release from this earthly body when the time finaly comes.

    Let them do these things for me because the cross is still the best way, and lead me into a good praise or two.

    The labels seem to keep changing whenever the fruit is bad.

  12. I worked on 'against the assisted suicide' when it was on the ballot last year. It is causing a LOT of problems now! They are right to use this as an example! There are loopholes, and dangers. Of course, it's against God's priciples, as He is the one who gives and makes decision when we leave this earth. I wrote to newspapers around Washington state, as I was livid when they had an ad on TV about a brother who died of a brain tumor, and he would want it to pass. I was livid, as my brother also died of a brain tumor, and he fought hard, and yet was kept comfortable with meds. He would NEVER ask for assistence to die--sigh! A lot of people bought into this, as you know, however, and people in our state are still reaching out to other states, and even other countries, sharing as to the wrongness of this so called assisted suicide--it's wrong and VERY dangerous in many ways!

  13. I read the story. What I was
    looking for was an
    insurance company getting involved
    and saying we will pay for a suicide pill , but not chemotherapy or assisted living care.
    I didn't see this. I voted against the bill because insurance companies will get involved in a very personal decision.

  14. Assisted suicide is a choice. No one is going to force it on you.

    Personally, it's reassuring to me that if I were ever in a terminal situation, I would have the option of controlling my own destiny. If that's not for you, don't use it, but I'm glad it's available for me.

    I also have an end of life directive (GASP!). I don't want to be artificially kept alive on machines. I'm sure that you would prevent me from making that choice if that were possible.

    It's just like gay marriage. You're not content with living your religion by yourself. You want to inject yourself into everyone else's life and make sure they also live by your religion.

    Luckily, your numbers are shrinking. By your interpretation of things, this must mean God is favoring the other side.

  15. What a bunch of hogwash - R71 is a terrible idea and the assisted suicide bill was also terrible and still is. Anyone who believes differently will account to their maker one day -

  16. If you are so focused on protecting marriage maybe you should work towards making a marriage license more difficult to obtain and making divorce illegal...


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