Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wealthy Gay Activist: "Undermine credibility, choke finances, re-educate their children."

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R-71 UPDATE: People have received their ballots and are beginning to vote. There are many, however, who have not yet marked their ballot. Polls indicate there are 13% of voters who are undecided. If you know someone who may be in that category, take a moment and talk with them.

Check our calendar for signing events in your area. Thank you to all who are participating in this effort. It will make a difference.

Wealthy Gay Activist: "Undermine credibility, choke finances, re-educate their children."

A wealthy, multimillionaire, homosexual activist, gave some straight talk to an audience in Los Angles, explaining who their real enemy is and what homosexuals must do to defeat them.

You and I are them.

He praised The New York Times Magazine for an article about young people "coming out" as homosexuals in middle school.

And he said, "It's time we raise our children to be independent thinkers and deeply suspicious of bible [sic] beating organized religion."

He argued that, "Children taught that the Bible condemns homosexuality may become "school bullies" and later become adults who vote "to deny marriage equality."

He laid out a specific plan as to how to defeat the Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals who oppose the homosexual agenda.

David Bohnett, who founded Geocities then sold it to Yahoo, now gives millions of dollars to help homosexual organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. Bohnett was receiving an award from GLSEN on the occasion of his comments.

He said, "We must treat the 'causes' of intolerance and bullying as well as the 'symptoms' of them."

The "symptoms," of course, would be the effort to defend the redefinition of marriage and related actions.

The "causes," however, is a person's belief or biblical worldview. This is very troubling because he said, "It is the evangelical and fundamentalist groups that teach homosexuality is a sin, who stand in the way of fairness and equality."

He and most all homosexual activists advocate every effort to not only redefine marriage, but to also redefine biblical teaching and "sin".

He even defines the activities of GLSEN in our public schools as an "outreach." Indeed it is.

Interestingly, Senator Ed Murray and Representative Jamie Pederson, both sponsors of SB 5688, say the continuous expansion of domestic partnerships is, "a bridge until they can legally marry," and an "incremental approach---a strategic plan."

David Bohnett is probably one of the two most influential homosexual activists and donors in the country. They have a plan that is being advanced both nationally and locally.

He told the audience, "The bible [sic] is all too often used as a weapon against us..."

He was clear in outlining the plan to remedy the "symptoms" and cure the "causes" of resistance to the homosexual agenda. He calls it "faith based discrimination," meaning if you believe anything other than what they believe and are advancing in our culture, you are discriminating against them. There is no room for diversity of thought or belief. And certainly not for tolerance from them.

He says it is the "obligation" of homosexuals to take "active measures."

The following is the "active measures" he is suggesting:

*Confront lies with facts.
*Implement a pre-emptive campaign that anticipates the arguments of our opponents.
*Undermine their credibility.
*Condemn their intolerance.
*Expose their hypocrisy.
*Choke off their financial support.
*Shine the bright light of shame and humiliation on their cowardly prejudices.

With a complicit press and a liberal left Congress and President; and a liberal left majority in the State Legislature and Governor's office, Washington has become fertile ground for the advancement of this agenda.

Except---after several successive losses to this agenda in recent years, you and others like you, have now taken a stand and said, "this is enough"---"no more". You are telling the state and the country that you will and do stand for truth, will not be intimidated or bullied and will not allow marriage to be redefined and homosexuality taught as normal in the class room.

You are making a statement that you will defend the Bible's credibility, it's teaching on sin and morality and that of those who believe and strive to live by the Judeo-Christian values the Bible teaches.

For this moment you have stood in the face of harassment and attempted intimidation. You have written your name on a petition putting this issue before the people and the press has called it a miracle. And some in the Christian community said it was "stupid"--- destined to fail and even if it got on the ballot, it would lose by 30 points. You are taking your message to the public and the polls say it is too close to call.

These people are a very small percentage of the population, yet they have co-opted the press, many legislators and the public school system to carry their message and their agenda---until now.

Those caught in this lifestyle need a savior and deliverer, not another legislative session or classroom in which to advance their deceptive agenda.

Things are changing in Washington State. New alliances are being formed and I believe a new day is dawning. Something that transcends R-71 has already happened.

I sincerely believe we have a good chance to win in defeating SB 5688 if we stay on course over the next couple of weeks.

One thing is already certain. We will greet the 2010 Legislative session with a new and energized unity and commitment to turn the tide, with God's help. That has already happened. We will not turn back.

Stand strong. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind. Stand for truth. Do not be ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God unto salvation. It is also the power that can restore a culture.

Thank you for standing with us in your financial support and in prayer.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I cried tonight because of the hatefulness you direct towards me. You cannot honestly expect me to believe that you don't hate me and would actually accept me if I were to walk into your church and seek to pray with you about the troubles of our world and never once mentioning anything to me about my homosexuality.

    I do not need you to save me or deliver me ---- I need you to accept me and love me. By arguing against those who support having a public school environment where I am not taunted and hit on a daily or weekly basis you turn me from your church and my parents religion.

    I don't want your misplaced judgment and attempts to protect me from myself. I need your compassion and use to believe that is what Christianity stood for....I can't wait to be older and find a Christian church that accepts me and leaves the judgment to God.

    I hope those churches exist and grant me the salvation I am seeking and deserve rather than spending time and money fighting those who are helping me find that salvation.

    Please leaving the judging to God ---- meet me, commune with me, and love me. Don't tell me you love me in yours words and deny you don't hate me when all of your actions are proof to the contrary. Actions speak louder than words and your taking turns at judgment will be judge by Him when the time comes.

  2. There is no hate--just conern. I attended a church that I suspected was a homosexial situation, but, none of us made an issue about it. They were friendly, nice gals, who were great workers. You see, we are doing as you ask, it's between you and God, as it is for all of us, concerning our personal lives. What we are 'standing' up for are the laws. We need to maintain one man/one women family.

  3. I don't see the Christian community directing any hate anywhere. I do see plenty of hate coming from the gay community, directed at people of faith.
    In California, after prop 8 passed, those who donated to the prop 8 campaign had their businesses boycotted, homes were vandalized, some businesses were boycotted just because the employed a prop 8 donor. The donor was eventually let go.
    Hate and revenge is emanating from the homosexual community toward the faith community, not the other way around.
    As I recall, Abraham plead with God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Men of God love people and are concerned with their welfare. God is just and will deliver his justice according to his word.
    If you were in Abraham's shoes, would you not plead with the people in those two cities to repent rather than be destroyed?
    Churches cannot repeal the law of chastity any more than congress can repeal the law of gravity.
    I realize that most homosexuals claim that they have no choice, that God made them that way. I also know many who have left that lifestyle and are now married and happily so.
    If this condition were genetic, you could test for it. If you could test for it some people would have abortions if the test indicated that their unborn child had "the gay gene". The fact that this is not happening clearly shows that if there is a gay gene, it has not been identified.

  4. Anon 10:16

    Gary and the rest of his ilk do hate you - that seethe inside because of you - that is why they do what they do to oppress you.

    If they really had "concern" as they deceitfully tell you, they would behave towards you like Jesus did - rather than the Pharisees. But, small problem, it is the latter spirit rather than the former spirit that energizes them.

    Sorry to say.


  5. True peace and salvation will not come by people accepting each other, for each other, by each other, without the blood of Jesus.

    There is not real peace to be found that way. No man or group of men can give the peace that God gives.

    When men accept themselves, for themselves, by themselves, where is God in all of that? It just becomes a club, a clique, an empty
    shell where evil tends to inhabit.

    When men come to God and take his word for what it says, finding something wrong with their life when God says there's something wrong with it, identifying whatever fault it is, taking it to him who is able to forgive, heal, cleanse, bind up, sooth, accept into his eternal house, then they have real hope, comfort, healing, refuge, new life
    and find a better way.

    Nothing accepts people as they really are like the blood of Jesus.

    As long as men are contrary to God in any way, they will not feel blessed, peaceful, alive as they could, or be happy. No matter where they go to for refuge
    in this world, if they are striving against him, in any way
    in argument against him, or walking contrary to him, when they know somewhere deep within them, they are not right with God,
    they will not find whatever they are looking for, and they will look wherever.

    They will tend to look for substitutes, but nothing will do for God has no imitations. He has given us Jesus as the real image of himself. He is genuine, the real thing. He forgave everyone everything even unto the death of the cross. So God made him ruler over all having raised him up from the dead, and set him in the heavenlies in his great golden throne on high.

    When we come to God by him, he holds out the scepter of eternal life. Whosoever comes to God by him receives it.

    We can not come to God without him. We must come to God with his agreement concerning our sins and the power of his righteous blood to be our covering which no man, nor beast, nor evil may touch us, as what is covered by his blood is covered by his robe of righteousness.

    We must leave all else behind and start new again. There is no going back.

    All of this is legal and by faith.
    Illegal plots, plans, efforts, and all kinds of evils may be against us. God allows these things to perfect us, to teach us,
    to keep us moving on toward him.

    If you receive this, I trust I will be with you in heaven whoever you are.


  6. God's Word has & ALWAYS WILL stand the test of time. It IS Written... do not lay with a man as you would with a woman. God has a PLAN to Protect & to Provide. His WaYs are the BEST Ways. I have a few in my Life I DEARly Love, they are DECIEVED, it IS a spirit. Deliverance is ReaL. Hungar & Thirst after Righteousness & ye shall BE FiLLED! Sin is sin. The Blood of Jesus COVERs it all. NO ONE can or ever will change God's Law. HE is the Creator... we are the creation.*Choises: some make ya happy, some make ya sad, Choose Wisely~♥

  7. I have posted this before and nobody has has responded.

    Is it our place to punish sinners?
    Don't we all own our own sins?
    Aren't we responsible for mistakes and misjudgments the same as our
    wise choices and judgements?

    I have a real problem with fundamentalists Christian , Muslim ,etc. judging and punishing others instead of God or

  8. No one is judging! Weird! We are only objecting to changing the laws! We only are concerned about authentic marriages staying intact as one man/one women, as the Good Book as laid out for us! This is NOT judment--this is Obeying, and standing up for God's principles!
    We don't want our children taught in schools about these issues, that parents don't believe in.

  9. Is it our place to punish sinners?

    Not at all . In fact I see more hypocrisy from the right on this issue then the left . I still voted to reject 71 despite its passing . Looks like in this state it was evenly split , mostly the majority came from the left dominated King County area, but a split . I doubt those who voted in the minority are those who all want to punish anyone . As also those ones in the majority believe homosexuality is something they see as a positive thing . I believe most people were concerned about being fair. If you think its positive to be gay or negative , is that not just an opinion ? The way we treat one another is more of the message of Christianity, but also homosexual sex is considered wrong also. But we have gambling , and a host of other legal practices that are considered potentially dangerous when people become involved in them also. This claims more passion and it comes out hurtfully to individuals.

    Don't we all own our own sins?

    Abundantly more for some of us. Many of my sins, mistakes caused me and the ones I love the most damage . Or at least I noticed them more in the ones i love . To out law those sins would seem silly I agree , but to legalize those are as silly also. But also don't we have some problems with kids getting As in schools , does not mean we should make bs the standard . Will that cause less kids to get As ? Will less people think marriage is important now ?
    Hard to believe it will be worse then it is I agree.

    Do we have to change our views based on another's world view.
    Make something legal that has been illegal for centuries ? Religiously I think people pick our top sins . Say adultery is a biggie for most . But which is really worse , the sexual sin of adultery , or the committed step dad who walks upstairs at night and vistits his 12 yr step daughter. That sin seems to top all sexual sins . Does not mean the sexual sin of adultery is less important , but again I would say from the eyes of God , I don't know .

    Aren't we responsible for mistakes and misjudgments the same as our
    wise choices and judgments?

    Good point . So I voted to reject 71 . I don't think its a good idea. But tonight the world series is on , life is good . ;0)
    if some people benefit from it this is a good thing , if I am right and people are hurt by this then I am right and it is really the hope of the Christian from my view that I am wrong . But I have noticed in many places the use of the term bigot, and other intimidating methods of promoting sexual equality used are harmful to our culture as a whole despite what the issue was or is. The promotion of the sexual equality world view being promoted in public education obviously has effected our culture and its change to accepting gay marriage , but it does not at all seem to have made tolerance and acceptance of people in general any better . I would say worse.

    One thing is good , homosexuals should not have to open the paper and read about their lifestyles portrayed in newspapers and the media . or Christians have to be seen as being against something all the time .

    It distracts the joy of the message or the relationship involved .



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