Monday, October 19, 2009

R-71: Developing Story

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We entered an appeal to Justice Kennedy last Friday asking the US Supreme Court to hear our case on sealing the names of those who signed R-71. Justice Kennedy ordered that the State of Washington file a written response by Monday---today. They have done so a few moments ago.

In appealing to Kennedy to intervene, we said that signers and leaders of the R-71 have been exposed to hostile confrontations and threats. We feel there is merit in keeping the names of signers sealed from homosexual activists who are literally standing at the door of Secretary of State Sam Reed's office, promising to publish the information so these people can be "contacted," as soon as Reed will release the names.

Attorney General Rob McKenna and Secretary of State Sam Reed appealed Judge Benjamin Settle's ruling to seal the names to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last week. They were successful and the 9th Court ordered Reed to release the names.

Rob McKenna's office successfully argued to the 9th Court that there is little evidence of threats or harassment other than a couple of rude phone calls.

It is difficult to understand how McKenna and Reed are making their case with integrity, when advocacy to kill Stickney and myself as well as destroy church and government property has been posted on the Internet.

We receive a flood of email directed toward Faith and Freedom and myself on our website that reflects the same tone.

Harassing calls have already been made to donors who have contributed to Protect Marriage Washington by a person associated with a homosexual newspaper.

The explanation for the actions of the Attorney General and Secretary of State is that they are simply defending the state's public records law.

Forget me and Stickney for the moment. It is a travesty when citizens cannot express themselves in the political process of our country without fear of retribution from unrestrained homosexual activists.

Intimidation and bullying around the ballot box is normal in third world countries. It is sad that it has become one of several action items for the homosexual activists in the most developed country in the world.

God help us.

Thank you to all who attended the R-71 rallies over the weekend. I was in Spokane, but have heard reports from the others and was told that we were strong and gave a respectful strong message to REJECT R-71/ SB 5688.

Someone shared with me in Spokane that they had been visiting with some friends who had just received their ballots who indicated they were unsure as to how to vote on R-71/ SB 5688 so didn't plan to vote on either of the referenda. This person said they explained R-71, their friends thanked them and promised to vote REJECTED.

There is still time to get out our message as people are receiving and mailing their ballots. If everyone who signed the petition would make a point to talk to 10 people over the next week or so, over a million people would be contacted.

Some are working tirelessly to get the message out to their friends and colleagues in their community, some are thinking about it and some are so busy, it has not occurred to them how much actually hangs in the balance on this one single vote. I trust all of us will be so inspired as to have the will to resist the attempt to enshrine perversion into law and treat as normal, that which is not.

SB 5688 elevates homosexual relations to that of marriage, including redefining spouse, making "husband" and "wife" gender neutral and a long list of redefinitions.

Be active. Be prayerful. Be strong. Do not be afraid.

Thank you for your financial support. Check out the homepage for Faith & Freedom for additional resources.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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