Wednesday, October 21, 2009

US Supreme Court Prevents Release of R-71 Names

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We reported yesterday that Justice Kennedy had taken our request to seal the names of those who signed R-71 to the US Supreme Court. We then reported later in the day, that the Supreme Court had voted 8 to 1 to consider our petition.

The Court has now issued an order preventing Secretary of State Sam Reed from releasing the names, addresses and other personal information of the 138,000 signers on Referendum 71.

I am linking a press release from our lawyer, James Bopp Jr., in which he says, "The order will prevent several groups from making this personal information available on the Internet and should protect the petition signers from the harassment similar to what occurred in California last November during the campaign surrounding Proposition 8."

Attorney Bopp says, "The Supreme Court seems to recognize the gravity of this situation and we look forward to their review of the case on appeal."

"No citizen should ever have their personal property destroyed or receive death threats for exercising their right to engage in the political process," Bopp says.

Be sure to read the entire press release.

There are so many ways in which this effort has been blessed during the process that began last January in planning meetings, beginning with the first between Larry Stickney and myself.

From day one there were those who not only disagreed, but tried to undermine our every effort to get the Referendum on the ballot---yet it happened.

There were miracles that happened during the name validation process that are undeniable---even recognized by a press that stands against us for the most part.

The threats to harass made by "who-signed" and other homosexual activist groups and the death threats leveled at Larry and myself, have now found an opportunity to be heard and considered.

Most in the press, that have spoken to me, have been shocked by this ruling by the Supreme Court---like they were when R-71 qualified for the ballot.

Does this ensure anything on November 3? No, I think it reinforces the fact that if people who are conservatives and people of faith will start moving in the right direction, good things will happen.

With the exception of a few, most in the faith community are working together on this matter---in harmony. When that happens, good things happen.

We must continue to do all we can humanly do, then place our best efforts in God's hands. I know all who are working on this effort are in agreement.

Your support has allowed us to continue against overwhelming financial odds. We are being out spent, yet our message is getting out through your hard work and commitment to stand for righteousness and to defend marriage and the family.

In several aspects of this effort, history has already been made. Keep the miracle going.

Your financial support is deeply appreciated.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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