Friday, October 09, 2009

You Are Not a "NAZI"--- Even if You Believe in Traditional Marriage

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R-71 Rally Tomorrow In Lynnwood. Click here for details

The fierce opposition to our attempt to "REJECT" R-71/SB 5688 continues to increase and take on new dimensions.

You already know about the individual in Everett who has been calling for defacement and destruction of church or government buildings that are in any way connected to supporting the defeat of SB 5688. This same person has been publicly advocating that Larry Stickney and I be killed.

There is now a growing effort to deface or destroy the signs that you are placing around the state. The one pictured above gives one of their favorite messages. "If you defend marriage you are a Nazi."

As the mask continues to slip and reveal what is really behind SB 5688, a concerted effort is well underway to discredit anyone who is advancing the defense of marriage effort and label anyone who supports the effort as not only a "bigot," but now a "Nazi."

The lack of a substantive case for homosexual "marriage" has turned the homosexual activists to a campaign of personal destruction and slander.

Attack the message. Attack the messenger.

The mainstream media is beginning to circle their wagons with the extreme far left homosexual websites and publications, with newspaper editorial staffs across the state joining in chorus for the approval of the, "Everything but marriage bill." The bill is deceitful and so is the message of destruction.

When you began to circulate R-71 petitions, you were not a threat. The far left, and frankly some who should have been supportive of your position, loudly proclaimed that there was no chance for R-71 to even make the ballot.

With the recent Elway Poll showing a much closer call than they could have imagined, the pro-homosexual advocates are stepping up the attack, while we continue to make our case.

They can destroy our signs, call us names and attempt to slander or even hurt some of us, but our message is clear and we are on the right side of 5,000 years of the historical tradition for marriage, biblical teaching on marriage and the teaching of every major religion on the subject.

With only a few weeks left before all will have marked their ballots, I encourage you to not grow weary in well doing.

After you placed the Referendum on the ballot, I got a call from the Seattle Times. The voicemail, which I have kept said, "Hi, we want to do a story on how you guys did the miracle of getting on the ballot."

My honest response has not been accurately reported. The real answer is that more than 120,000 people worked hard circulating and signing petitions. The hard work was placed in God's hands and He blessed your best effort.

Tens of thousands of you are having conversations with people and distributing flyers all across the state. You are being effective and you are creating panic to those who want to redefine marriage and the family.

Earlier this week Microsoft gave $100,000 to those who seek to redefine marriage. The money is likely to continue pouring in for their cause. They are and will outspend us in the media.

Yet with all their money and alliances in the media, they still are apparently not confident, because they continue to ramp up their destructive actions.

Continue to faithfully do what you can do as God directs you. Keep a right spirit and never forget:

Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom


  1. Thanks for keeping the message positive. I don't think we need to worry about Goliath Microsoft giving $100,000 to help redefine marriage. The Lord owns the Universe and everything in it and He is alway in control. On a personal note, I think I will consider my options which includes not buying Microsoft products.

  2. Gary,

    No big deal actually - Pres Obama gets what is it 400 death threats A DAY.....

    I think you are pretty safe.


    BTW - I have not heard you express any concern about the violence that is being advocated against Preident Obama.... not sure what I should assume about your silence?

  3. Patrick, it's no big deal because it isn't you who is targeted. I don't think Gary has a group of secret service people looking out for him either.
    It's interesting that hate is no big deal as long as it is directed at Christians and conservatives. While you guys are spreading hate on our signs and other places, you are pushing for more hate crimes legislation. So it is a big deal, isn't it?

  4. I had an approve R-71 sign in my yard that was similarly defaced and taken twice.

    So it is happening on both sides - sadly.

  5. I was given a sign today at the R-71 Rally which encouraged people to REJECT SB5688 on Referendum 71.

    There was a lot of traffic on this Saturday in Lynnwood, and some opposition from some drivers-by.

    One shouted something in my direction that wasn't worth repeating, but seemed to be saying that what I was doing was in direct opposition to the ruler
    of his town, one Beelzebub by name, causing me to pay attention to the sign I was carrying, for the One Who Is Wonderful By Name
    reminded me that the world first hated him, and that he too
    had passed through this kind of thing. I began to wonder then more earnestly at what I was holding, for it must have said something that is of Him Who Is The Grace Of God.

    Another in a car stopped at a traffic light, asked some of us "How does that protect Children?", for there were other signs that were of like minded encouragement.

    It seems like a long process to answer such a question. The traffic light then changed, but now it comes to me that if they do these things in a green tree, what will they do in the dry?

    Another in a car at a different street (but the same intersection) told me to look up the word "marriage" in a dictionary. As the light was still red, I walked up to the car window and told of how not all trees in the garden of Eden were the same, that the fruit of one was bad and made them very sick, but that God has been working ever since to make them well. I was then told that what I was doing wasn't helping, and the light soon changed. I wonder if his way was any better.

    I just now looked up the word. There is one use of the word marriage that is quite liberal.

    I wonder if he thought that a certain use of the word could justify his way, or if he could be found to be righteous by the use of a good dictionary.

    Maybe I should look up self-righteous...there it is. He was under it's spell.

    Just as Christian was not alone at the fair, (see The Pilgrim's Progress- The Pilgrim's Suffer At Vanity Fair) I too had great comfort being with others like me.

    It was a good day. We were encouraging what is good and being witnesses.

  6. Of course you're not a Nazi. You have a right to opinion and to lobby your lawmakers to vote in your interests just like anyone else here. You have the same rights as I do. As my Gay Cousin does. Heck, you have MORE rights than he does.

  7. Nope, don't think so. Your homosexual cousin has the same rights. Yup, and they especially begin with the fact that he lives in a democratic society that prefers to govern itself, thereby choose to call a spade a spade. We refuse to glorify and codify an aberrant behavior, No matter how much is explained nor how many use foul language nor how much violence is threatened.

  8. 10:20 AM

    So I'm sure you won't object when I call a spade a spade as well, and call out the anti-gay bigotry behind Ref-71.

  9. Anon 8:52

    With all due respect, before you go accusing people "you guys" - you ought to at least have the human courtesy - much less the Christian decency - to find out who you are talking to.

    You have no idea who I am - and would be quite surprised to find out I expect.


  10. Hey Patrick - happy almost Friday -so, why on earth would you hide who you are?? And trust me, nothing takes a disciple of Christ by surprise. And nothing can present that we cannot love.

  11. Hi Mimi - Good to hear from you - I hope you are doing well.

    Not hiding - Jeanette is my roomate - she steals my computer a lot.



  12. Mimi -

    It occured to me - why on earth would you judge me and accuse me... what spirit is that??

    Further, it is all so blatantly obviously - to think that I am hiding (or did you just like to accuse???) does not seem very perceptive...

    Best to you


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