Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God Under Attack at the Capitol Visitor's Center

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Once again an atheist group has filed a suit to remove the engravings, "In God We Trust" and "Under God," from a display at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC.

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) said Monday, "The fact is that Congress acted appropriately and consistent with the Constitution with the inclusion of the national motto and the Pledge of Allegiance in the Capitol Visitor Center."

He said, "These expressions echo the sentiments found in the Declaration of Independence and recognize the undeniable truth that our freedoms come from God."

These cases cause one to wonder if those seeking the complete removal of God and His influence from the American culture, have actually given any thought as to what the consequences to their freedoms might look like?

Sekulow says, "This challenge is another misguided attempt to alter history and purge America of religious references."

Representative Randy Forbes R-VA, has been active in these matters and is one of 44 members of Congress named in the suit, which incidentally has been filed by none other than the Freedom From Religion Foundation----the "Yes Virginia---" people.

Forbes and others in Congress have been working to establish an annual "Month of Religious History" that would include reviewing the influence of Christianity in shaping America.

Forbes said, "The role religion played in shaping the nation is clear." He observes that the freedoms we have are recognized in our Founding Documents as coming from God or "The Creator".

He said, "If those rights came from the state, then the state can take them away."

It bears repeating. Do these folks realize that if they accomplished their goal, they would not be able to exercise and enjoy the very freedoms they are using to move the culture to preeminence of government on the matter of rights?

Under a system that recognizes government above God, they would likely not be free to not believe, much less file lawsuits.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Yes, God will yet be over America.
    Though some try to get him out, he is here to stay. His spirit will be over Washington D.C. watching what they do about him.

    Will they honor him and receive his blessings? God is ready to bless. He's working to save this nation. Will we be ready to receive his blessings?

    May God win this battle for America for his purposes in Christ Jesus.

    To God be the glory all across America, in Jesus' name. Let's all trust in God and forgive those who work against him.

    It's God who gives us trust in him. His work prevails against the grim. His life more powerful than the dead, his forgiveness greater than those mislead.

    Lord, take the heathen for thine inheritance. Let them know their sins and bring them to repentance
    that this nation may exhault your name together.

  2. ...but if some of the heathen won't be his inheritance, may he blow them away like the chaff.

  3. Actually, dear souls, GOD is not under attack at all. God is doing just fine sitting on His throne in heaven with Jesus at His right hand watching His plan work out and intervening according to His will and the goodness of His grace.

    The notion that our fleshly, puffed-up idols such as "In God we Trust" on our coins and silly plastic doll house creches in any way somehow represent the Creator or that He has the least concern regarding them simply shows the debauched and degraded level of religion in America.

    I am hopeful that sometime those who call themselves "Christians" will put away the childish things and become as men - and not become anxious with fleshly trivialities but focus on exalting the name and person of Jesus Christ and, in brokenness, genuiness and humility submit the fullness of their souls to Him.

    God help us all to genuinely do so.

    Your friend,

  4. Clearly the constitution of this nation wasn't made out of the sole
    purpose of promoting hypocrisy.

    Neither did it's writers have in mind a document that could be used against itself for it's own demise.

    If ever there was a man who would not believe in God that did not oppose himself, I should then give him my ear.

    I've never found a man who refused to believe in God that was wise.

    I suppose the revelation of the fear of God being the beginning of wisdom is too high for him.

    I wonder if they could believe in the possibility of the existance of God. I think they could if they wanted to.

    People believe what they want to, and if they believe a lie, they will live a lie. If they believe error, they will walk in error. If they believe wrongly, they will do wrong.

    If they know better but don't do better, there will come a time when they don't know better.

    Down the spiral goes.

    Were it not for the grace of God that leads men to repentance, they could have no hope, and we could have no hope for them.

    Some who say they don't believe in God seek to remove his name from all places by the same document that promises people the liberty to do so.

    If a president has the liberty to promote national health care (a thing that was never given to him as a job to do as president) because he personaly believes in it, he is free to do so. This does not mean that all citizens must agree with him. I can not stop the president from his promoting a national health care system, for he has freedom of speech, but I don't have to agree with him.

    If the time comes when the government oppresses me against my constitutionaly protected rights as concerning my health care, I may bring up the constitution as my defence.

    No athiest is forced to believe in God by any display of the promotion of the good name of God, which may appear in any public place.

    He is still free to live in his darkness.

    We may have to ask ourselves one day if we must by law honor freedom which is used to destroy our nation. We might tolerate it, but to give it a place above our constitution for the purpose of destroying the very action it takes by itself is stupidity, in my opinion.

    Why should we be required to set a thing up above the very principals it pretends to function under?

    Our constitution does not require it of us, for we live as a nation under God.

    The athiest agenda has fallen down upon it's own conclusions, opposing itself by itself.

    Thanks be to God that our constitution is against it.

    Yes, America is under spiritual attack. It's just as real as any terrorist though it's nothing at all. It's an empty wind of no substance or meaning. It carries with it no blessing, no good, no hope, and no future, for it is a godless agenda. It is oppressive.

    America will not bow to it. It is not God. It has no authority here.

    Yes, there really is a God, and America will have his favor by grace because of Jesus.

    America will survive.

  5. Anon 8:59

    With all due respect, you are confusing America with the Kingdom of God -

    America is a humanist, civic institution - completely distinct from the Kingdom of Jesus Christ - as specifically stated in sentence 1 on the constitution -

    "We, the people,....



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