Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alcohol and Pot Will Help Fill WA Budget Hole

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State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is sponsoring a bill to legalize marijuana. The bill will be introduced in the 2010 Legislature.

Under the bill, Marijuana would be sold in the 160 state run liquor stores state wide.

Dickerson has explained how her bill will help both individuals and help the state solve it's $2.6 billion shortfall next year.

First she says it will help individuals with addictions.

Under the bill, customers, 21 and older, will buy marijuana at the 160 state run liquor stores and will pay a tax of 15% per gram. Her plan will dedicate most of the money raised to substance-abuse prevention and treatment.

So the state legalizes and sells more addictive drugs so they can help those who are addicted.

Forget for the moment that marijuana is a proven gateway drug and is harmful to an individuals health.

Forget that Ron Brooks, president of the National Narcotics Officer's Associations' Coalition, told Rachel LaCorte at AP, ( same link from above) that he fears that if legalized, marijuana would contribute to more highway accidents and deaths, as well as a potential increase in health care costs for those who smoke it.

Forget all that, because:

Secondly, this bill will join alcohol sales to help fill the state budget hole---as it is called.

Dickerson says, "Our state is facing a huge financial deficit and deficits are projected for a few more years."

She also says, "We need to look at revenues and see what might be possible."

Dickerson believes her measure could bring into the state coffers as much as alcohol does----more than $300 million annually.

That would be more than $600 million from pot and alcohol. Just think what could be accomplished by expanding the number of state run pot and alcohol stores. Just by doubling the number of stores we could easily see over a billion dollars a year income. Think how many people that would help.

Preposterous? Was it last year or year before last that these lawmakers considered expanding the number of liquor stores in the state to increase revenue?

I agree with Brooks.

He says state law makers need to ask themselves, "If they believe we really will make all that revenue, and even if we did, will it be worth the suffering, the loss of opportunities, the chronic illness or death that would occur?"

Rep. Dickerson says she wants to "start a strong conversation about the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana."

The conversation has begun. Be assured it will be a strong one.

Would the state legislature really pass such a bill? You tell me. Take a look at the left to far left majority in the present legislature. Take a look at how much money they don't have.

Would the present Governor sign a bill such as this? One that would help so many people.

Vigilance and action is, I believe, the tone for 2010. We must watch this session very, very closely. We must also become active in replacing a number of lawmakers in the 2010 elections.

We will have a lot to say in this regard over the coming months. Seat by seat, I believe we can begin to reclaim the state and the principles that bring greater, not fewer personal freedoms. And protections rather than assault on family and marriage. And education in the classroom rather than social engineering.

If you feel what we are doing is worthwhile, please help us with an end of the year tax deductible donation.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. It is self evident that those who will not govern themselves cannot be trusted with self government.

    People with self control do not engage in substance abuse. When the state comes to rely upon self destructive behaviors as a source of revenue they have a vested interest in the destruction of our society.

    God Help Us.

  2. And so along with killing seniors off our government will kill off the young by making alcohol more available to them. Alcohol is by far the most physically dangerous drug out there, and ironically it has been legal forever, except during prohibition. Alcohol in time will destroy everything it touches in the human body. Esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, and of course the brain, yet those addicted to alcohol continue to kill themselves. Making marijuana legal, and alcohol more available, is nothing more than assisted suicide.

  3. I've seen the culture that sells Marijuana openly. Advertising will start to pop up all over the place & people will flock to "grass bars" where they will get high & do what they do. If you want to see the other side of this picture, go to Amsterdam & hang out in Damn Square some saturday night. You'll see things that will turn your stomach. That's where this country is headed if these kind of bills pass.

  4. Just cause you "think it would increase DUI's" prove anything, with all the millions of Americans already smoking increase the cost of health care? So legallizing it it would make things worse, How? Prove it please! Plus, alcohol is just as much as a "gateway drug" as marijuana. The first things I was exposed to was legal cigs and alcohol. So those to me are just as bad if not worse since they are legal and more acessable from my parents cabinet

  5. When I was young I tried smoking the stuff. It caused me to drive wierd, half the time not knowing where I was going, and caused my mind to entertain anything as long as it wasn't honest, pure, right, just, or good. It lets the devil in.

    Now I have the jist of my message to my legislators. Time to write.

  6. I think some of us could let Miss Mary Lou know what we think of her idea!

    My e-mail goes something like this...
    WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING! Are you an IDIOT? Your web page spews nonsense about your service to the coumnity, children, and education.. How are those kids going to feel when mommy and daddy are stoned every day and have no money left for food?? How about those kids... do you think for a moment they won't help themselves to mommy and daddy's stash?
    I guess it will be easier to control the population when everybody is in a stoned stupor. Thanks for nothing, Mary Lou.

  7. judging from some of the posts here, it seems the only thing that keeps FFN supporters from being stoned all day is the fact that marijuana is illegal. Given that alcohol is perfectly legal, one has to wonder how many of them are currently drunk all day - it would certainly explain the "logic" behind their positions.

  8. Boy, lot's of spewing of ignorance above -

    Let's start with some facts.

    1. MJ is NOT addictive for the vast majority of the popluation and the not addictive at all in the medical sense of the word. White sugar is far more addictive and harmful in every sense - are you going criminalize this?

    2. MJ is NOT a gateway drug - this is simply another religious right myth used to create a bogeyman.

    3. The Officer's Association has a VEST INTEREST (yes, they make MONEY due to the criminlization of a plant..) and could not care less about anything but his pocketbook. Virginia - follow the money...

    OK - there is lot's more here. But frankly, based on the silliness of both the Blog and follow up posts, I don't think there is any interest in the facts or the Word of God so I will leave you with the most obvious.

    BTW - if you were paying attention you would have noted that Gary simply made a bunch of statements - and provided not a single basis for any of them. Kind of sounds like "tale-bearing" to me...

    Concerned citizen

  9. Jndboyz

    Thanks - I just contacted Mary and told her to watch out for a barrage of silliness coming her way...

    People who were not interested in the public welfare but in their own emotions.

    Concerned Citizen

  10. How about before you attack the new revue stream proposed everyoen on here take a crack at what they would cut or reduce spending on from the pending budget so that talk of new revue streams doesn't even have to happen.

    Sit and yell about out of control spending all you want but make a list of specific items that shouldn't be paid for, add it up, and see if you agree whether state government needs more money or not. LIST SPECIFICS please.

    As for alchol and pot destorying people's lives eventually....all I can think of at this time is something my grandfather always said - "too much indulgence of anything can destroy your life whether it is sweets, soda, smoking, drinking, sex, gambling or even overexercising....the key is moderation of anything."

  11. Maybe the pay of all people in government should be indexed to how well or not so well the economy is doing. Maybe then they will do more to help the economy and control spending at the same time.

    If they are unaffected by the economy, or do well when the economy goes bad, will they show real concern or not? Where's the incentive? We just have to hope they are good people and will do the right thing.

  12. Does the person commenting on elected pay rates of Legislators even know what they are currently paid?

    I bet you would be surprised. It is certainly a livable amount but it isn't nearly as much as you would think. People in WA state are running for Representative and Senator spots to make money -- that's or sure.

  13. Access to CIVIL Marriage laws in New Hampshire exists for everyone as of today. Happy New Year!

  14. Another government run business is being suggested here, selling marijuana. It's stupid to sell such a thing to the public. It's illegal. It's crazy. It's another sign of the times we live in.

    Why is it some people in government (or where ever) have no sense? It's because they don't fear God isn't it?

    So many people today don't know good from bad, or out of hatred for God choose the bad, and the good people suffer the consequences.

    Our government needs to turn to God. We are seeing the signs of a government gone astray.

    Let's continue to write our legislators.

  15. I think our government of lawyers needs to reign in the lawyers out there making boo koo bucks on getting those who owe high taxes off the hook. Lawywers advertise on TV for every illness known to man. If you were afflicted by ... let's sue. Sue, sue, sue. The mantra of our society. Stop lawsuit abuse and the government would realize a rise in revinue, and not need to make illegal mind altering drugs legal. Instead the lawyer lobby who pumps mucho denaro into the Democratic Party remains deafeningly silent. By the way I worked Drugs&Alcohol for years, and alcohol is THE gateway drug, followed by MJ.

  16. Anon 7:39

    I appreciate several of your comments - they make a lot of sense.

    However, the idea of MJ being a Gateway is defective with respect to causality. The simplistic thinking that because someone did one thing before the other there is necessarily a causal relationship simply is defective. The fact is that we all drank water, breathed air and most of drank our mother's milk. Are you willing to state that mother's milk is the gate way to hard drugs because all hard drug users were exposed to mother's milk?? I am certain you would not.

    Let me point out that back in the day - that would be over 30 yrs ago in HS - most of the indiviudals I knew used cannabis. As it turns out - not one went onto harder drugs - no one used needles, maybe a few lines of cocaine at the most, no one used meth and, literally, all are professionals with upper level degress. These basic facts debunk most of the religious right and other self interest groups, e.g. law enforcement organizations (trying to maintain their operating budget), propaganda. While I understand the profiteering motivation of the law enforcement assns, it is sad that those who name the name of Christ would choose to carry on propaganda rather than the obvious truth.

    Now as to what the real gateway is, there is also an obvious truth and an answer that no one can deny... that is, simply, HUMAN CURIOSITY. Humans, esp. young humans, are curious about their world - they hear about these different things that they have not experienced - whether it is sex, candy bars, mj, or even religion - and they want to try it out. That is the real reason that people try out meth, heroin and the like. Someone told them it was good, someone provided it to them.

    The fact is that if we can move mj out of the category of much more potentially dangerous substances such as meth and heroin, we will be doing a great service to both the young people and society in general.

    In this context, Rep Dickerson's proposal will bring great benefit - since the vast majority of people if they are told the truth (that is the mj is relatively innocuous - in contrast to crack, meth and heroin) will simply stop with mj. In contrast, if they are told mj is absolutely horrible as several above have done, they will NOT heed the legitimate warnings re: these other substances.

    The last interesting point is that MOST people who start using mj simply stop or severely decrease their use after 2 - 3 years. In a word - "been there, done that" . Therefore, by eliminating the criminal penalties and providing truth, we can help people move through the curiosity phase and onto leading a fulfilling life - hopefully in the Lord Jesus Christ.


  17. Alcohol being THE gateway drug, as it's easiest, and cheapest to get ahold of only gives the desired effect for so long. One needs to fully understand the mechanism of the paradoxical effect of alcohol. The addict to alcohol will seek heightened highs to get desired effect, which is what directs them to MJ being the next cheapest, and readily available. Some are exposed to alcohol as young as 5, when Aunt Jane, or Uncle Joe gives junior or missey "a little sip" of beer from their glass. "oh it's good for him/her" is announced with a laugh. Well it may not be so good if alcoholism is in the family. MJ is psychologically addictive, But that's not the point here. The point is seeking the desired effect. The bottom line is neither drug is healthy. Both destroy brain cells, and alcohol much, much, more. A drug, is a drug, is a drug, no matter how you cut it. Legalizing any mind altering drugs not only endangers the addict, it endangers the entire population.


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