Monday, January 04, 2010

Fox's Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: "Become a Christian"

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Our attorney, James Bopp, Jr., sent me an email last week, alerting us that the US Supreme Court will decide on January 15 whether to take our case in the matter of protecting and sealing the names of the people who signed the R-71 petitions.

As you know, we have said the threats made toward those who signed the petitions, is a First Amendment issue. The Washington Secretary of State and Attorney General are saying it is not and are seeking to have the names made public.

Deputy Solicitor General William Collins from Attorney General McKenna's office has urged the US Supreme Court not to take our case, saying that our First Amendment challenge is a new challenge, that several other states allow people to acquire names from petitions and there is no national question involved.

The Court should decide on the 15th or within a day or two following, as to what they intend to do.

We will keep you posted .

Fox's Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: "Become a Christian"

There are many ways to start the new year. Fox News' Brit Hume started the new year with a personal, spiritual message for Tiger Woods.

In a conversation on Fox News Sunday, yesterday, responding to the question of whether Tiger Woods could return to golf, Hume said he most likely would return and recover as a golfer.

But Hume continued, "It remains to be seen whether he will recover as a person."

"He's said to be a Buddhist," Hume said, "I don't think that faith offers...."

I have included the text of his comments and the 31 second video clip of his comments.

Link of video and text from Politico.