Friday, December 04, 2009

Pro-Homosexual Workshops in Jr. High Without Parental Knowledge

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It is likely a sign of things to come in Washington State. With the commitment of some homosexual activists within the public school system and the empowerment and affirmation that comes with the passage of SB 5688, what has happened in the Santa Barbara School District, will most certainly happen here.

So-called "workshops" were held in a junior high school that clearly were designed to advance a homosexual agenda and indoctrinate children, without properly notifying their parents.

The "Just Communities" organization presented a three day-three session "leadership" workshop to the kids. It included handouts defining homosexual terminology such as queer and transgender and listed "heterosexism" as "oppression that pushes people down who are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning) and pushes up people who are straight."

Questioning? This is now a sexual orientation?

The workshop included a section under "heterosexism" that asked the student to answer a three part question: "How are LGBTQ people discriminated against or mistreated in the United States, in your local community and in your school?"

Two other exercises were called "Act Like A Man Box" and "Act Like A Lady Box". In these, students were asked to imagine what their parents or other adults say to them that make them feel they must stay inside the "man" box and "lady" box.

They were asked, "What's hard about being in this box all the time? What qualities help us resist the pressure to be 'in the box'?"

When the leadership of the workshops were asked by a student about Proposition 8, they were told "...those parents who voted yes [they are] prejudiced and discriminatory."

How can this happen in a public school classroom? When parents found out---after the fact, what had been presented to their children, they asked the same question.

The school district's response was a mirror image to what nearly always happens: Shock--agree with parents---then promise to see it doesn't happen again.

In this case the teacher admits she did not disclose the actual materials to her supervisor in advance and that her email to parents was vague and she apologizes.

The Santa Barbara School District has now told the parents they will be sure protocol is followed for future workshops conducted by outside organizations.

Pacify the angry parents, promise to watch these kinds of things---then return to business as usual. And by the way, we need to pass a new school bond---for the kids.

God help us. Be vigilant. Be discerning. Be active. And always be prayerful.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Heaven forbid anyone should be taught that A) gay people exist, and B) they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect just like everyone else.

  2. We need school principals that would get on the loudspeaker and tell the whole school system that
    normal sexuality is marriage between one man and one woman only
    as well as a gift of God that needs to be protected and that anything contrary to that, if it is heard or seen in print in or on school grounds needs to be reported as soon as possible and that it's up to each one of us to protect each other from these kind of spiritual attacks from Satan.

  3. This is a good alert to all parents. They should at least be willing to gather this information, take another parent with as a witness, visit the school principal, and warn him and let him know he's been warned of this kind of thing so he can warn his teachers, that everybody be prepared for what might be coming.

    If I had a child in school I think I would tell the child to walk out of class if ever such things were taught and come right home and that I would take care of any trouble that would come out of that, and whatever trouble they would suffer out of that, I would determine to make up for it seven fold.

    Parents, save your children in Jesus' name. Build them up in him.

    The devil is seeking whom he may take.

  4. Leaving aside the appropriateness of the the workshop, on what possible basis to you assert that it was caused by the passage of R71? If R71 had failed, the same workshop would have gone forward. And just because R71 passed doesn't mean that educators were compelled to go forward with this workshop. There is no causal relationship.

  5. "God help us. Be vigilant. Be discerning. Be active. And always be prayerful."

    Thanks for the admonition - that is why I post on this board.

    BTW - it was, of course, inappropriate not to make parents aware of this topic - any more than it would be teach about any curriculum outside of the designated curriculum, e.g. indoctrination of Fox New opinions or the like.

    Frankly, I dislike the dishonesty manifested by the instructor as much as I dislike the dishonesty of the religious right in their spin of so much material.


  6. Every family should get prepared for this quickly for it may be very near. Every school principal
    should be concerned and make his plan. Every Christian parent should move quickly in some way, either to prepare their family, alert their pastor,and make their plans to deal with this kind of thing.

    Please pray and consider if you should write your state senator as to whether a new bill should be written to prevent public school children from being exposed to homosexuality through whatever means it might come into their classroom instruction.

    It's time to not be afraid, but simply prepare, move, and stand by faith till it pass, and do it together.

  7. In 1850 the first compulsery education laws were passed. Many resisted, some with guns. The literacy rate was 98% at that time.
    In 1882 the last hold out stood by helplessly as they watched their children escorted off to school by armed guards. The literacy rate had dropped to 92% and has never been above that since.

    1. Parents don't let their kids fall through the cracks but government schools do.
    2. If parents still ran the schools we would have prayer in school today.
    3. If parents ran the schools none of this gay crap or other liberal crap would ever see the light of day.
    4. Teachers would understand that they are employees and the parents are their employers. Cross them and you lose your job.

    Abraham Lincoln stated "Those principles taught in the classroom in one generation become public policy in the next."

    It simply is not possible to have government schools and self determination.

    When despots come to power they do three things immediately:

    1. Confiscate all guns.
    2. Take over the press.
    3. Take over the schools.

    Parents need to assert themselves and wrench power from the schools.

  8. "If R71 had failed, the same workshop would have gone forward. And just because R71 passed doesn't mean that educators were compelled to go forward with this workshop. There is no causal relationship."

    Excellent comments , and in fact similiar materials used in this workshop indeed have been used in public schools in washington state , especially in king County . I have read the materials and organizations connected with the WEA promote them . Which is another reason why some teachers get fed up with the way their unions dont repreent them .

    But where I might disagree somewhat is withpassage of 71 it does do what perhaps Roe V Wade did . At that time the majority iof Americans would never have allowed say what my school district has , a health clinic that can actuallly perform an abortion iof a child pregnant with child without the parent knowing about it . It would be considered immoral on many fronts . we now have a political party that champions such "rights" and I believe an actual majority of our population in this state support it . That is what 71 may do , cause changes the vast majority of us now would not for see , or agree with . including homosexuals . Unless your a clone liberal with agreement with every possible aspect of humanism and any form of sexuality being regarded equal with any other , indeed 71 could be the cause for curricullum such as this and more . The right of abortion is different then our mentality now that abortion is medical care and deserving of tax payer funded servicing of the procedure. Whats next , because the second amendment everyone gets a gun paid for ? Just because its legal , does not mean it is right . Thats includes owning guns, abortions , and sex out of marriage.

    Mick the old fogey


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