Friday, February 05, 2010

Planned Parenthood Responds to Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

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Planned Parenthood has created an ad in response to this Sunday's Super Bowl ad that features Tim Tebow and his mother.

The duplicity of Planned Parenthood is stunning.

While killing millions of unborn babies in the name of choice, aggressively fighting anyone who tries to restrain or oppose their agenda and trying to essentially shut down the pro-life Pregnancy Centers in Washington State, they continue to put a pretty face on the face of evil.

We have placed this video on our home page. Click here to view video. You will note there are several other Planned Parenthood 60 second messages that you might find interesting.

I strongly recommend you watch their response to Tim Tebow.

Let there be life.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I would never support some one's choice to commit suicide. And I would never support somebody's choice to kill their own son or daughter. Some choices are wrong. Depicting abortion as equally good as allowing a child to live and just minimizing it as "a healthcare choice" is their way of hiding the enormity of what happens in an abortion. It's dishonest and disrespectful to a woman to do that - not to mention the little human being in the womb.

  2. It is interesting how Tebow is white/Caucasian, and the reply is by 2 black men (and not women)... Especially, as Planned Parenthood was "born" out of the eugenics movement during the first half of the last century to eliminate undesirable populations including "the negro", which we now call the African-American community. Margarette Sanger was racist and elitist.

  3. To a liberal politician are not votes counted as equal to trillions of dollars, or millions of babies?

  4. funny bumper sticker I saw today....

    "minimize the liberal population: legalize gay marriage and abortion"

    Think about that...

  5. When there is a tragedy like the earth quake in Haiti we all are moved into action of some kind for the many thousands of lives in jeopardy.

    Two things I consider, one, that the same amount of lives lost as that may come in a matter of months here in the United States because of abortions, and two, that the whole earth groans and travails in pain because of the sins of the world.

  6. Abortion doesn't fit the bill as health care does it? It's a sad state of affairs if such bills become law.

  7. I wonder why it is Planned Parenthood doesn't explain that the fetus is a human life, or do sonograms of the life inside the mother they're counseling. It's all about money, and they have slaughtered millions of potential Tim Tebows over the years. There is no excuse or defense for their actions. Tim Tebow's mother exercised her right of choice, and she chose life. Because that choice didn't agree with Planned Parenthood's ideology, they want to silence Mrs. Tebow, and anyone else who speaks out for the unborn who can't speak out for themselves.

  8. These are all sound, rational arguments for the pro-life choice (no pun intended). I agree with jzepi the most. This word "choice" is a smokescreen. It's not about choice. Recently, a mother & father were convicted of negligent homicide for allowing their son to die rather than seeking medical help. What about their choice?

  9. Abortion for convenience is wrong.

    However it is also wrong to make this issue black and white.
    The priority is the living and then the unborn. If it is the unborn and then the living ,husbands will lose there mates , children will lose their mothers and families will
    lose the nurturing influence of a female.


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