Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Truth: President Obama or Justice Alito?

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Last Wednesday when President Obama scolded the US Supreme Court, in front of the nation ---and the world, over a recent ruling, Justice Alito shook his head and mouthed the words, "not true."

Not to worry, the press landed squarely on the Justice and the story was about "respect," not truth.

We can only wonder if the outcome would have been different if President Bush would have been speaking and say, Justice Ginsburg, would have disagreed.

So, what's the truth?

The President said in his speech that the Supreme Court had "reversed a century of law to open the floodgates---including foreign corporations---to spend without limit in our elections."

Hans von Spakovsky, a legal scholar at the Heritage Foundation, says Congress did not ban independent political expenditures by corporations and labor unions until 1947---"but for three decades after the law was passed, the Supreme Court, 'went out of its way' to avoid upholding its constitutionality."

He says the President was "completely wrong" to claim the Supreme Court has cleared the way for "foreign corporations" to spend without limit on US elections.

He says, "There's a federal statute that bans foreign corporations, foreign governments, foreign political parties, and foreign individuals from not only contributing money, but also disallows them giving to independent political expenditures."

Von Spakovsky says President Obama should know better than to make those false claims because he taught a voting rights class at the University of Chicago that covered finance law.

He says, the president's statement was, "categorically and undeniable false."

Sometimes I wonder if we have been told anything else that is "categorically and undeniable" false.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Talk about respect! When in the WORLD would a President have such a LACK of respect as to 'scold' another branch of government that has been established by the Constitution to make a separation. Incredible.

  2. Right, because conservatives NEVER scold the judicial branch. George Bush NEVER made any tirades against "Judicial activism". What joke!

  3. George Bush never addressed the Supreme Court in any condesending way, while they sat in front of him and the world looked on.
    Bush had class.

  4. Many Americans should be out looking for work while there are so many green jobs provided for by the new stimulus programs. Our government will continue to do all it can, above and beyond it's call and responsibility to the American people, but they ultimately are the ones who must take the initiative.

    The economy is behind what we have anticipated only because of the American workers who sit idly by when we have so many green job openings...

    Well nobody likes green jobs, is that it? What do people have against the environment anyway?

    They hate the world and everything in it is that it? America was founded on much better virtues than that.

    They love to drive their SUVs, gass guzzeling their way around the city when they should be walking or riding a bike.

    Americans are overweight anyway right? We're aborting all the babies we can afford, promoting all the homosexuality we can get away with, spending all the money we can, in hopes of getting as many votes as we need so we can keep our jobs and our popularity.

    Now it's more time than ever for all Americans to do something for their country. It's time to stop all this bickering and complaining about the direction we've been going. We're certain to get there as we simply (and we must) stay the course. Oblivion is just in sight and destruction just ahead, but to arrive there we must continue as we have been.
    We must not turn back to financial responsibility, moral fortitude, or doing those things that please Almighty God, lest he pour out upon America again his grace and blessings so much so that we can not contain it all.

  5. I'm very very proud to be an American where we have the freedom of the press still, and lies like this one are exposed for what they are. Trouble is, a lot of Americans are being "dumbed down" as the old political game contiunes - "repeat a lie often enough & people start believing it's the truth."

    People need to be educated and start getting back to reason & seek truth. You're not going to find it in this Administration.


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