Tuesday, March 16, 2010

95% of Faith Based Physicians May Leave Medicine

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Objections to the Obama healthcare plan is so strong that 95% of Christian doctors may leave medicine.

Here's why.

Yesterday the 17,000 member Christian Medical Association urged members of Congress to vote against the Obama healthcare bill approved by the Senate, H.R. 3590.

The idea of a substantial loss of Christian pro-life physicians is one more reason to strongly oppose the Obama healthcare plan.

The following are their reasons in their own words:

For Immediate Release - March 15, 2010

Christian Medical Association Physicians Oppose Healthcare Bill on Abortion, Conscience

Washington, DC, March 15, 2010 --The 17,000 members of the Christian Medical Association [www.cmda.org] today urged Members of the House of Representatives to vote against the controversial healthcare overhaul bill approved by the Senate, H.R. 3590.

In a letter [www.cmda.org/hr3590letter] to all Members of the House, CMA CEO David Stevens, MD noted that "The CMA strongly opposes this legislation because it fails to provide strong conscience protections for healthcare professionals, allows direct federal funding of elective abortions in community health centers and allows federal funds to subsidize health plans covering abortions."

CMA has led a national coalition of 50 organizations, Freedom2Care [www.Freedom2Care.org], to fight for conscience rights for healthcare professionals.

Dr. Stevens noted in the letter, "A national survey of faith-based physicians shows that the failure to protect the rights of healthcare professionals to decline to participate not only in abortion but also in other morally controversial procedures and prescriptions, may cause up to 95 percent of faith-based physicians to leave medicine. Since faith-based physicians provide much of the care for poor patients and those in medically underserved areas, their exodus would lead to a national crisis of access to care of catastrophic proportion."

Dr. Stevens also wrote, "The CMA strongly supports funding for community health centers, and many of our physicians work full-time, part-time and on a volunteer basis caring for the poor. But we cannot support federal funding for abortions that will result in yet more abortions while violating the clear will of the American people who do not want their tax dollars used to pay for them."

On the issue of federal subsidy of abortions, Dr. Stevens wrote, "Such funding, however cleverly designed to obscure the result, clearly violates the longstanding Hyde amendment and related laws. Such funding also violates the President's oft-repeated pledge to maintain the status quo on abortion funding. Besides the obvious moral wrong of funding abortions, this policy will also have negative economic consequences. Incentivized by new insurance subsidies, abortionists will simply raise prices and increase their profits. Increased abortions will rob the country of much of the younger generation that otherwise would help avert the financial strain of a top-heavy older population."

The letter also noted "government intrusion into physician-patient decision making and the allocation of medical resources, the absence of meaningful tort reform that is desperately needed to prevent the loss of some of our best physicians—especially obstetricians and gynecologists, and the lack of bipartisan and public support that should undergird any legislation of this magnitude."

Dr. Stevens urged Members to "pursue a new bipartisan, measured and focused approach to true healthcare reform. Seven key principles our members look for in healthcare reform include cost containment, quality assurance, access for the poor, economic fairness, ethical protection, prevention focus and personal responsibility."

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Gary, your information and insights are very helpful. Thanks much.

  2. So, Christian Doctors care more about scoring partisan political points than they do about treating their patients. Good know and keep in mind when choosing a physician.

  3. Anon 11:33 You really don't understand that our beliefs are not political. The doctors are not trying to score political points, they really do believe in life and will not comprimise their commitment to the sanctity of life. Even if it costs them their career. That's the kind of doctor I want. When I am old and weaker, I don't want some one leading me to take a few pills because it will save money and I'm not productive any more.

  4. It saddens me to think that there will be an exodus of God-fearing Christian doctors...what will I do?
    I doctored with a Christian chiropractor who went the extra mile when I was unable to pay, by allowing me every other treatment "on the house". It isn't that Christian doctors care more about the poor or financially disadvataged, it is just that they are following Christ's commandment to meet the need when they are able to. It is far more appalling to have a non-Christian doctor who is only interested in their bank account, than their patients. I left a medical facility a month ago because of this very situation, back to the Christian health care profession in every venue of medicine!

  5. 12:25

    I said nothing about beliefs, it is the actions of these so-called "faith-based" doctors that is inherently political.

    What these doctors are saying is that they believe in "life" so much that they are willing to deny care to the poor and needy. Wow, that's some stunning compassion and belief in the "culture of life". Willing to let people die to protest policies they don't like.

  6. Christians built many if not most of the hospitals in early America. Look at the names of many of them. Christian medical people are always the first on the ground in disaster areas. Obama seems to be destroying everything that is good and promoting everything that is bad in our country.

  7. 12:25
    LET'S TAlk about the "actions" of these Christian doctors. Everytime there is a natural disaster Christian medical people from America are the first ones on the scene. They volunteer their time and pay their own way to go. Often they are helping Muslims, sometimes in countries that are training their children to kill Americans. When was the last time you did anything on your own time and at your own expense to help some one who didn't necessarily like you. Christian medical people do it all the time. I've been on these missions and I have yet to see the ACLU or NARAL healing wounds. When I see Planned Parenthood, they are usually passing out condoms or preparing to do so.
    These doctors are not denying care to anyone. This kind of thinking is what's wrong with the country. Those who hold pro-life values and refuse to compromise their values are attacked by the likes of you. You are either blinded by your own prejustice or very uninformed.

  8. We've seen a lot of evidence that this health care work isn't of the spirit of God. This health care package has been a push of the flesh. That's why we haven't seen good fruit in the pursuit of it. The fruit is a good indication of the kind of tree it is, just as Jesus taught. We've been seeing push and shove instead of peace, peace, wonderful peace. There's been bribery involved to get votes. That's not of God. We've seen far too much that's not of God. It's not been looking like a peaceful consensus. I don't think they all have a genuine peace in their heart about supporting it. I think a man could find the most peace opposing it.

    May the peace of God rule among our government in Washington D.C.

  9. If I can add to what I have previously said, just a word about the abortion issue: Of course Christian doctors oppose abortion, it is murder. They are commited to life, and saving lives. Many who are pro abortion, do not know the full extend of this issue. How horribly ugly this procedure is and the terrible risks involved.
    It is scare-y to think we have officials in office who want to promote murder of the innocent and the physical, social, pshychological and spiritual ramifications for the woman who choses abortion.
    God will be the final Judge in this matter. The battle is in His hands, all we Christians need to do is show up and follow His command.

  10. God bless the Christian doctors.


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