Monday, March 29, 2010

Public Wrong on 15 Yr Old Ballard Abortion

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The Seattle Times' editorial board has quickly risen to the occasion pointing out yesterday that, "Facts threaten to be eclipsed by political grandstanding about choice."

Apparently anyone who expresses opposition to a 15 year old girl getting an abortion while her parents think she is in class is, "grandstanding".

That's called "concern" and "outrage"---the same emotions the Times editorial board publishes when it appears pro-life or pro-family or pro-marriage values may be advanced.

They point out that Washington is one of a handful of states without parental consent or notification laws regarding abortion.

Likely no one doubts the depth of the Time's editorial commitment and activism on behalf of far left ideologies, however to be sure, they write, "Too bad a young girl's mistake is now a volley in debates about choice and parental rights."

Are they suggesting those of us who believe in life and parental rights should sit down and shut up?

Comment of the day:

"Anger at the school district and the health care workers is misdirected. The girl was provided a safe and confidential haven."

Few parents see public schools as a true "safe" haven. With the consistent assault on both parental rights and parental authority and the relentless undermining of traditional values, "safe" may well be in the eye of the beholder.

Be sure, however, it is confidential. Too often what happens in school stays in school.

Therein is the reason for outrage directed toward the public school. Trust has been lost. While the school did not directly administer the abortion, they are seen as a complicit facilitator.

Parents and concerned citizens have come to know that classroom materials, especially sex ed, is dominated by Planned Parenthood and their allies and pro-homosexual advocacy groups and the constant undermining and dismissive attitude toward traditional values specifically abstinence teaching.

However, The Times makes a good point. Perhaps the outrage is misdirected. It should be directed at the lawmakers, often strongly allied with Planned Parenthood and NARAL, who consistently block any and all parental rights and consent legislation.

We have a great opportunity to remove some of these people from office in the upcoming election.

As far left secular politicians begin to lose their jobs or even appear to be strongly challenged, I wonder if The Times editorial board will be "grandstanding" or merely expressing concern?

The present state of our culture provides a unique opportunity. The future is in your hands. Outrage toward the sin of abortion is a righteous response and in the American political system we have a proper way of expressing it.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Well said, Gary. Keep up the good work, we're behind you.

  2. It's interesting that no one seems to be responsible. It isn't the school's fault or Swedish Hospital's fault, the problem is with the public not going along with it. I agree Gary, God Help us.

  3. It sounds like to me it's the parents fault. The schools don't want to disclose anything about our kids to parents, but when a kid gets in trouble everyone goes after the parents.

  4. For the (State)Public School to allow/promote this is to say that the Rights of the Parents, the Father of the Child,or the Grandparents are Overridden by the State-contrary to the Word of God.Abortion is Murder by God's Word.-Renton,washington -glenn ruth

  5. Everything seems to turned upside down. Is this hope and change?

  6. When I went to pick up my child for an appointment, they asked my daughter if it's ok with HER! I told them sterly and quietly, that yes indeed it's ok with her. That is when I knew the schools gave too much power for our children,and gone amuck!

  7. years ago-20 +- the state said that by accepting a License to Marry-You accept the State as a Higher Power-therefore any Child born of the marriage that the State has a Higher Purient Interest in the welfare of that child-above and beyond that of the parents' rights--Only when the Parents stand-up against the state in the fact that their religious beliefs are a "Conviction" -NOT just a "Preference" -do they win--FEW Americans hold to Religious Convictions nowdays is the Shame of America !!

  8. We have to turn things around.

    It seems some people wouldn't know health care from abortion if they had blood on their hands.

    I hope anyone who has had an abortion doesn't read this. I hope people who are for abortion read it though.

    Any mother who goes through an abortion has things she is going to have to deal with. They are going to be spiritual things, responibilities and such. They need to know that any burden on their heart will need to come to God as they come upon the heart, and it would be good for them to know that the little one they lost, God is able to keep. If they trust that little one is with God, they can ask God to tell that little one this or that, whatever it is. It doesn't hurt to ask. We can ask God anything that is according to his will and know that he hears us. We can come to him because of Jesus.

  9. Gary I appreciate the way you connect the sin of abortion to righteous indignation. I think some Christians think they should just be meek and silent and let sin prevail. You connect our beliefs to our actions. God bless you.

  10. Those who have an abortion,-are directly Opposing the Word of God--It is NOT "Their Body " but it belongs to God First-as a Temple to God - then Secondly to their Husbands/or Future Husband--the Bible is very clear on this point-the Women of America are in Direct Rebellion Towards God on this Issue and will bring The Judgement of God Upon our Nation for their Actions-I pray for their Salvation and that they Learn the Word of God

  11. So we are seeing more forms of what is looking like "UN-limited" government that seems to think it can tell anything from insurance companies to parents, when to sit, when to stand, when to speak, when to go here, when to go there, as if there are to be no limits at all in this new deal of far expanding government barackracy.

    Please forgive my spelling. It's so much easier to spell that way.

    I wonder what would happen if they were to perform abortions with some common sense.....(such a thing is impossible, isn't it?)
    ..but with as much common sense as one could imagine...

    Let's suppose the patient (the pregnant mother) is lying on the table. The "doctor" (can we call him that") says, "OK let's get started. Do you understand that there is a heaven and a hell and that the souls that are in Jesus have imortality, that hell is a place for the devil and his angels, and those that the Lord will send there because many reasons, we just can't get to all of them now, and that there is a day of judgment coming, in which we all must appear before our Creator, and that there will be burdens of the heart that will come upon everyone who does evil, even upon everyone who is in this earth as we live during an evil time, when sin does so abound? Are you aware of all this?..And that everyone who has anything against anyone will almost always take whatever it is before God almighty, and that life beings at conception?
    And are you aware that if anyone is not certain of when life begins they surely can not stand in any place of true justice, prudence, good sense, virtue, or any good thing, if indeed they would go ahead with abortion, with full knowledge of their ignorance of when a life truly begins? Are you aware that if anyone who gives permission to any other to perform an abortion, or gives anyone permission to go ahead and get one, and doesn't know for sure when a life begins, can not be standing in true justice and judgment, righteousness, and such?" (because as Rod Parsley has said, if you were not sure when life begins, you surely wouldn't go ahead with such a thing, would you?, or something to that effect.

    See, that's where Roe v. Wade fell short. They seemed to think
    they didn't need "to show any stinking badges", as the saying goes. *

    The judge or judges that decided that one, thought they didn't have to decide when life begins.

    * What was that Humphry Bogart movie?.. Something about gold. I don't recall right now.

  12. This body snatching has to stop!

    Lord, save us. Lord, help.

  13. I have worked in the attendance office in local schools and anyone picking up a student must identify themselves as a parent or someone the parent identifies as having permission to take a student off campus. Guardians must also sign consents for field trips. Isn't it interesting that the school can do this and the parent can't.

  14. This school is saying in essence that as a representative of the state it has a higher purient interest in the welfare of the child more or higher than that of the parent or legal guardian --In context the state is becoming the parent in decisions affecting children because the parents are letting them get by with it-and the issue of abortion is just the vehicle the state is using

  15. This school is saying in essence that as a representative of the state it has a higher purient interest in the welfare of the child more or higher than that of the parent or legal guardian --In context the state is becoming the parent in decisions affecting children because the parents are letting them get by with it-and the issue of abortion is just the vehicle the state is using

  16. For anyone who has had an abortion -my prayers go out to you because I know you face severe emotional/psychological problems from it--but the bible is clear that when you stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ -you will see the child that you aborted as Innocent Children-below the age of accountability --who will go to heaven- and You will have to answer to God as to Why You committed Murder to your child? This really bothered me for years as a Viet Nam Veteran who was Stereotyped as " a Baby-Killer"-Yes we killed babies,but they were strapped with grenades under their arms and when they raised their arms towards us the pins on the grenades were pulled already-- So now the question remains- Do you allow them to get close enough to kill you and your buddies when the grenade goes off-And they are dead already-Or- do you shoot them to save your lives ?--The women of America (95 %) have abortions as a means of Birth Control-And 17 % claim to be Christians--Who are the "Baby-Killers" ?God Help our Nation--2 Chronicles Ch 7 Verse 14


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