Friday, March 26, 2010

Current WA State Legislation Session--Problems and Solutions

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The Washington State 2010 legislative session, as you know, was extended by Gov. Gregoire because the Democrat majority and their leadership were unable to find solutions to the state's enormous budget problems.

The good news, sort of, with the extension is that they are restricted to budget matters only.

Faith and Freedom has been focused on several bills that are directly related to family, life and marriage.

We opposed bills 5674 and 1745, relating to civil unions. Neither bill moved during the session. Many told me it was mostly because of the impact of R-71.

We strongly opposed bill 2793 relating to gender neutrality and surrogacy contracts. Thankfully it did not get out of committee. A new version of this bill will be back next session because it is an important part of the redefining of marriage and family by homosexual activists in the legislature.

Sen. Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pederson and other homosexual activists will bring this back.

Two pro-family bills passed--6476 and 2424. Both protect children against sexual predators.

The bill, 6452, designed to essentially close pro-life pregnancy centers, failed to move, thanks to thousands of emails and phone calls and a number of personal visits to certain lawmakers.

One bill specifically directed at underage abortion, as seen at Ballard High School recently, died in committee. Not enough interest on the part of the majority. Tragic.

Several other important bills died in committee as well; 1980, related to marriage protection , 4202 a marriage amendment and 2669 related to state sovereignty and health care.

Problems and Solutions

The Problems are myriad from social to fiscal issues. Evergreen Freedom Foundation and others are carefully and correctly identifying and proposing solutions for the fiscal fiasco liberal legislators have created in Washington State.

We are focused on the social issues, particularly those related to marriage, family and life.

Those who lead the charge to redefine marriage, re-engineer the family and further diminish the sanctity and value of human life are emboldened. A number of victories have given them a swagger. And they are well-funded.

Planned Parenthood has an enormous amount of money flowing into their organization and support from a strong majority in the legislature. They also have the benefit of other organizations of like mind, such as NARAL and Emily's List, to name a couple, working with them toward common goals, rather than against them.

They have a majority in the State Legislature.

And therein is the problem.

The Solutions are wrapped around a couple of things.

First and foremost the assault on the family, marriage and life itself is a spiritual matter. It is an act of rebellion against the Creator and His principles and values. What is important to God is not important to secular progressives. We must pray for spiritual renewal, restoration and intervention.

Secondly, when you walk around the Capitol campus, calling on various lawmakers, it becomes apparent that there are two very different worldviews in play. It becomes overwhelmingly apparent when you sit in committee hearings and sessions.

We have a group of wonderful conservative, people of faith, in elected office. They stand firmly on conservative and biblical principles every time. I have seen them mocked for the beliefs. I have seen the press ignore and undermine them because of their beliefs. They are solid and trustworthy in their positions. However, they are the minority.

I have discussed this with many of them over the past few months.

We have what I and others feel is a very good opportunity to change the legislature this year. Maybe, dramatically change it. There are leaders in the faith community, whom I have heard personally suggesting the Washington State Legislature can never be changed.

I disagree.

Several groups and organizations have said they will not be distributing "voter guides" type information this year, mostly due to lack of funding.

It has been said by some that "these kinds of things don't work." It has also been said by a prophet, speaking for God, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

Faith and Freedom Foundation has begun the process of gathering information and preparing to publish in both hard copy for church distribution and electronic form for Internet distribution, the necessary details for people of faith to make informed decisions.

Our ability to move forward is completely dependant upon your willingness to help fund it. This year can be a significant year for people of faith, if we take full advantage of the opportunity.

We are taught to "make plans, counting on God to help us."

We are. We are also counting on God speaking to your heart about these import matters.

I know you understand all this. I'm simply letting you know we really need your help at this time. I'll leave the rest with you. And God.

You can donate online or send a check to Faith and Freedom Foundation to be used for educational materials.

Thanks and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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