Monday, April 19, 2010

Wauconda, WA. 98859, SOLD. Is America For Sale?

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The deal was signed last week, April 12.

Maddie and Neal Love of Bothell put down their earnest money and bought Wauconda. I've been through there several times on fishing trips with my dad. It's in Okanogan County between Tonasket and Republic. Very nice little place. They plan to make it their home.

Daphane Fletcher, once a homeless person, bought the town in 2007 for $180,810. She's selling it to the Loves for $360,000. Not a bad deal.

Last February The Washington Times published an editorial, "Is America For Sale?" They said they thought it was. They pointed to the gigantic stimulus bill as a "listing" of sorts of the country, saying as the American economy spirals into deeper debt, "China and Russia and even EU nations---are now claiming greater international economic leadership and have an opportunity to extend their reach over American sovereignty."

They pleaded with President Obama to resist these efforts. Now, 14 months later, we all know that he did not resist. Much has happened since the "For Sale" sign was put out.

By last summer even the European press was pointing out that America's President was selling out US and Western interests at such a speed that is difficult to keep pace---concluding that our President is either the most naive president in history or he "has a secret agenda to cut America down to size."

It is not only our economy that is being sold out, but the culture and our religious roots as well.

The President and some of the top players in his administration are now conceding that America doesn't have to be the best or number one in everything, in fact the President himself suggested a few days ago that being the world's superpower isn't all that great.

So much for "exceptionalism". There's nothing particularly special about this country. No specific destiny. No mission. Our new calling, according to them, is to be like everyone else. And they invoke the words of our Founders, while they list America "For Sale".

And the President has said that whatever America has or has not been in the past, we are no longer a Christian nation. We are a Muslim, etc., etc., etc., country now.

Our culture is also "For Sale," being sold out to a secular progressive worldview, under the guise of diversity and political correctness.

Elitism wrapped in piety. Perversion wrapped in equality.

The President, some in his administration, and a number of other elected officials are suggesting with word and deed that America find her new and different place in this world. Under New Management---under new ownership.

"The Remaking of America."

Other countries are both fearing and hoping for our demise, depending on alliances.

However, we the people still own the country. What is more important than the opinions of others, is the collective opinion and will of the American people.

If you have ever had an inclination to engage in the cultural debate, this would be the time. It does not now require a prophet to see where our present direction is leading.

There is still time to take America off the market. Unlist it. If our present majority in leadership is allowed to continue, the country will be sold. And it will likely be a short sale.

Only your involvement and resistance can change America's leadership and that of Washington State.

Faith and Freedom is now developing information materials designed to Inform, Inspire and Involve people who care about the future of this great country and the future of the State of Washington.

Thank you for financially supporting our efforts.

Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Please be active.

God bless you. God bless America.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Rewind to the last decade, when the Bush administration racked up tons of foreign debt to countries like China to finance wars and tax cuts for the wealthy ... and F&FN was silent.


  2. Rewind to the beginning of the country. Obama has created more debt than all presidents from Washington to and including George W. Bush combined. This happened in a little over a year. I learned that from reading these blogs. Thanks Gary, keep it up.

  3. Even some of the lefties are getting nervous with Obama. People who originally supported him are bailing out or getting real quiet.

  4. Always has to get a dig in - always quick to tear down - rather than reach out in agape and build up.

    Wonder what spirit this is?

    To our careless Anon 2:21 - I hope you did your homework on your own before making judgements - like actually reading the Federal Budget, etc. While I did not support Obama, everything he has done has been in response to the fisasco that was provided to him by the former administration - whereas the Clinton administration was budget positive.... I doubt you are interested in facts however - just wanting to take a partisan jab.

  5. So who is to blame ?

    I think that anti labor is part part of it .
    Free trade with countries whose labor costs are a fraction of ours.

    This goes back to Reagan and people buying into his rhetoric.


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