Monday, July 19, 2010

NARAL Takes on Faith and Freedom

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NARAL Pro-Choice Washington published an urgent message to all their constituents this past Friday saying they must defeat Faith and Freedom.

The message from Lauren Simonds, executive director, began:

Dear ..., make a contribution to NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and turn
out the pro-choice vote.

I just read some alarming news about anti-choice conservatives in our state, and I had to let you know right away. The Wall Street Journal reports:

In Bellevue, Wash., the Faith and Freedom Network plans to hire activists for about $10 an hour next month to promote statewide candidates with Judeo-Christian values for the fall elections, says Gary Randall, the group's president. Recruits will knock on doors and will be dispatched in large groups, hoping to draw media attention, he says.

"That's right," Simonds says, "the Faith and Freedom Network, a right-wing, anti-choice organization is mobilizing its activists to turn out the vote in support of anti-choice, anti-woman candidates."

We are not supporting any "anti-woman" candidates. I don't know any "anti-woman" candidates. As you well know, we support people who are pro-life and pro-marriage and pro-family. And yes, fiscally conservative.

The email says, "PROTECT & ELECT. Don't let a right wing, anti-choice organization
call the shots this election. Make a contribution to NARAL..."

They will raise tens of thousands of dollars as a result of this one email to help them
defeat and undermine our efforts.

Will you stand with us against this Advocate For Evil ?

Will you help us educate voters so they can make informed decisions as they vote?

I don't think any of us believe this is a time to stand by in silence. Or have lengthy discussions as to whether or not Christians should be involved.

Please help us by making a donation to Faith and Freedom, now.

Please do not be silent or inactive. Anything you can do to help is deeply appreciated.

We have stood against the rage of the press and others as we have advocated for natural marriage, family and traditional Judeo-Christian values. You will recall the fury of opposition to R-71.

We are not fearful, but know full well the press will come along side NARAL and others who oppose those who seek to kill the unborn. Or to redefine marriage and family. The opposition
will not be restrained.

I am willing to stand alone against this "advocate for evil" but we cannot prevail alone. We can only prevail with your support. Together, we can impact the upcoming elections and the future.

There is a great opportunity to see new leadership elected to the legislature this election. NARAL and others like them recognize the opportunity we have before us. They seek to destroy our efforts.

I sincerely hope and pray we recognize that opportunity.

Will you please
make a tax deductible donation now? It will be used entirely to educate and inform voters.

You can also send a check to:

Faith and Freedom Foundation
Box 399
Bellevue, WA 98009

The Wall Street Journal was correct, except that our campaign they referenced will be launched after the primary and will involve youth from various churches in selected areas. I did not want to announce this until next month, simply because there are those who work to undermine any of our efforts, particularly when they know in advance. I know you understand.

Details on this aspect of our efforts will be forthcoming after the primary election. Specific candidates and locations will be announced.

NARAL says, "We cannot afford to lose our pro-choice majority in the legislature."

Indeed they can't. They are deeply linked to Planned Parenthood, the leader in the abortion industry. To lose their majority could mean the loss of millions of dollars that flow to Planned Parenthood each year from lawmakers for so-called "health care".

We likely cannot match the money NARAL and others will raise and spend to discredit and undermine our efforts and promote their pro-death agenda, however we can make our best stand and will do so. Your
financial support will determine how strong our stand can be.

Thank you for reading our words and hearing our heart. And thank you for standing with us.

Be Vigilant. Be Vocal. Be Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed. Be Free.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-gay sums up FFN's positions pretty accurately. They have no positive ones, only negative ones. They claim to be "pro-marriage" but make no efforts to promote so-called traditional marriage, only efforts to deny any rights or recognition to same-sex couples.

  2. Dear Mr. Randall,
    I get your e-letter every day and I make good use of them on my blog, 'We Are Judeo Christian, Period!
    I do not use credit cards over the internet but I will write you a check to show my alliance with and support to you and the worthy cause for which you stand. I thank God for your diligence and perseverance.
    The NARAL people may be mighty in numbers but our God is might in strength. If the Lord is for us ... who can be against us. I am accustomed to their noise. We will march forward with God Christ as our front and rear guard.
    I will put your post about this on my blog right now and encourage my readers to do the same.
    God Bless You and remember ...Stay Active. Stay Prayerful. Your are Blessed and Free in Jesus Christ.
    Chicago, IL

  3. Calling anti-abortionists "anti-woman" is about as ridiculous as your calling gays and lesbians "anti-family."

    It would be nice if everyone stopped such silly rhetoric.

  4. It's really something isn't it?

    So many "Pro-choice" people think it such a light thing to kill another life that has begun in a womb saying that a woman's body is her own and that she can do with it as she pleases.

    I suppose they think it OK to do with others as they please because it's "Their country, their nation, or their government."

    But, it all belongs to the Lord.

    I heard about a man on the TV news today who did with his body as he chose, and because he did, another body lay on the floor dead because he chose to use a knife.

    Those lives not yet born need equal protecion under the law because there were judges at the time Roe v. Wade was being decided that thought they did not have to decide when a new life begins, but they were wrong. They needed to decide if another life has begun when a baby is in the womb of it's mother.

    It was necessary for them to decide that in order to be fair and impartial, not prefering one over another.

    The judges left the bench.

    Now we need a law or an act of congress to declare that a new life has begun in the womb of a mother if there is a baby there.

    Of all the medical procedures done in the name of health care, of whatever surgury it may be, there are so many that have left in better health when it was done sucessfully, but not so with abortion because it's not health care.

    It's contrary to God whose word is truth. Truth has a name. Will they take him on? They will not win, for their cause is not just.

  5. If F & F comes knocking on my door they will get courteous but cool reception.


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