Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NBC Changes The Rules to Allow Homosexual 'Today Show' Wedding

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Thank you for your great response to reactivating the Faith and Freedom PAC. It's reactivated.

Homosexual activists have demanded that NBC 's " Today Show"
change its rules for the show's annual wedding contest.

NBC has changed the rules and extended their deadline for application to accommodate homosexual demands.

Although NBC received voice mails and email protesting its decision to include homosexual "marriage" in the show's annual on-air wedding contest, they issued a statement that said the show considers relations with the gay and lesbian community very important. Indicating, apparently, that the show considers its relations with the Christian community, that spoke loudly on the issue, not so important.

"Moving forward," NBC said, "we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive to all couples."

I wonder if they will discriminate against polygamist "weddings" that want to enter their contest?

Homosexual activist Jarrett Barrios, with GLADD, credits his organization with initiating the thousands of calls that caused NBC to change their rules. He is "thrilled" and says that now the Today Show, "recognizes what most fair minded Americans have already concluded---a wedding celebrates love and commitment, whether the spouses are straight or gay."

Well, perhaps Mr. Barrios is missing the true definition of "fair minded". A majority of Americans do not support homosexual marriage. And they probably don't care whether Mr. Barrios thinks they are fair minded or not. They believe in the traditional values that made this country great and strong----including natural marriage, one man-one woman, to be the desired norm and policy.

These "unfair-minded" people are also getting tired of television.

Last week Americans avoided television in record levels.
Associated Press reports that CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX together, had the smallest number of prime time viewers in the 20 years Nielson Company has been reporting.

Their explanation? Barbecues and fireworks. They say families are distracted by barbecues and fireworks.

Is this the first year Americans have done fireworks and barbecues?

Something else is in play. Americans are fed up with the assault on marriage, family and traditional values by television and the entertainment industry in general.

American Idol became a soap box for Ellen this past year to make a few "cute" comments about homosexuality and they are loosing viewers. The program GLEE is a lecture about an innocent homosexual kid with an old white father who is "out of touch," at least one lesbian movie is scheduled out this summer and a host of other "lectures under the guise of entertainment" are out or in the works.

So-called "unfair-minded" people are sick of it. And they are avoiding it.

There is a better day a 'comin.

Be Strong. Be Faithful. Be Wise. Be Grateful. Be Blessed.

Thanks for
your financial support.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Let me see if I have this right:

    For Christians, "fairness" is denying some legally married couples from entering a contest because these Christians don't think these couples should have been able to get legally married in the first place. Even though they are truly and in every sense of the word legally married.

    But the legally married Christians want to be able to enter the contest themselves, of course.

    Furthermore, it's an infringement on the Christian's rights if a gay couple is allowed to legally marry, even though nothing is taken away from the Christian (there are, after all, unlimited marriage licenses) and even though no Christian is forced to marry a member of the same sex if they don't want to or they believe it's wrong.

    Got it.

  2. NBC's policies are driven by the one force - money.

    NBC, and it's parent - GE, like almost all corporations, is amoral. Their sole function is to create maximum returns for investors.

    They have apparently decided that gays rather than bigots are the path to greater ratings. And you'd better believe they factored in the threat of a Christian boycott.

    The writing's on the wall and gay bashing is a losing cause.

  3. yes, you are right. We don't think this 'deivent' life style, as it use to be called in the psyc books, ,shoud be included with authentic, one man-one -women marriages!

  4. Yes, as if Christians would be concerned with this subject at all. As a Christian pointed out to me 1 Corinthians 5 is very clear on this, the behavior of people outside a church is none of a those church member's concern, particularly perceived 'sexual immorality' as this was the starting topic of the chapter. Their not following the church's tenets does not prevent commerce with them, doesn't prevent them from leading their lives regardless of how the church's members might like them to behave.

    NBC is letting all legally licensed married couples participate as they should. Any Christian that twists that to mean that they aren't welcome needs to maybe get off their entitlement horse and work a little harder at walking the walk rather than just talking the talk.

    As Paul tells you at the end of 1 Corinthians 5 let your god worry about those that don't practice your religion, you worry about yourselves.

  5. Both of your ignorance of Biblical principles is appalling. THe Bible is excruciatingly clear that sexual union between members of the same sex is NOT equivalent to marriage, in fact it is detestable to God and should be to all who call themselves Christians.

    Because of your blindness and unabated self will, God has darkened your mind and allows you to pursue the sad and sickening end result of your wrong thinking.

    I pray that Christians around our country will WAKE UP to this menace and resist the social influence of this small and marginal element of society.

    The wise parent does not capitulate to the tantrums of selfish and ignorant children who do not know what is in their best interest. Society should not capitulate to the tantrums of this minor segment of society.

    Fear not, neither be afraid!

  6. oth of your ignorance of Biblical principles is appalling. THe Bible is excruciatingly clear that sexual union between members of the same sex is NOT equivalent to marriage, in fact it is detestable to God and should be to all who call themselves Christians.
    The totally secular civil contract of Marriage has nothing to do with the Christian rite of Marriage. Two atheists can get licensed with the secular contract without the bat of an eye.

    Please don't conflate the two. Again, Paul asked you to leave the pagans to God, why not follow that advice or are you yourself a 'pick and choose' Christian?

  7. Grants Pass - I moved here two years ago...haven't watched a TV program yet...good thing, seeing what's on the bill. Those who support homosexual marriage miss the point, in saying it doesn't harm the Christian harms all of society. That which is debase, and forbidden by God, always harms society, if left to surface and take root. How narrow minded are those who label Christians "narrow minded".

  8. Catelin,

    Perhaps you could elaborate with some verifiable and demonstrable evidence of harm you will suffer from gay marriage.

    Until then, your claims of harm are just as empty as Gary's.

  9. Um Gary, your characterizations of American Idol and Glee in your blog are a bit misguided. Are you really purporting that Ellen is the reason that American Idol is losing viewers at this point? That show (yes, it is a show) jumped the shark years ago. After a decade and tons of winners whose names are lost to history, and the leaving of all beloved Paula Abdul, Fox had to do something that tried to save viewers from that sinking ship of the show. What better than a woman with a huge daytime following? If Ellen hadn't been added to the panel the show would have lost MORE Ellen isn't destroying the show, but she isn't going to be enough to save it either.

    As for Glee --- it isn't a show about a homosexual with an out of tough father. First, Kurt's character and the "gay storyline" are far from being the central storyline of the entire show. Moreover, Kurt's father isn't exactly "out of touch" as he defends his son's rights in public schools, ends his relationship with his girlfriend when his would-be-stepson heavily criticizes his son's homosexuality, and accepts his son's homosexuality without batting an eye. That is hardly out of touch with family values such as loving, accepting, and taking care of one's child. Do the family values that you advocate for suggest that the father should disavow his son and kick him out of the home? Those are not family values that I nor most Americans subscribe to these days. Look closer to ensure you can identify what is out of touch.

    What amazes me about marriage equality debates right now is that heavily catholic countries like Portugal and Argentina are now recognizing all marriages but the USA is not. It just goes to show you how much power fundamentalist Christians have in this country ---- they seem to ward of marriage equality when even the catholic church and Pope cannot. But, as demographic changes in the USA the laws will change as well. Mark my word, regardless of the political election results in 2010, 2012, or even 2014, by 2020 when the age demographic favor marriage equality instead of no marriage equality this debate will be pretty much over and we can all start fighting about some other social issue.


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