Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Letter to Rev Richard K Gibson of Lynnwood

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The Seattle Gay Pride Parade came and went this year, with the homosexual flag flying over the Space Needle, homosexuals acting out in front of onlookers in downtown Seattle and the press doing their part to make the event all it could be.

However, some supporters of the homosexual agenda did not feel The Seattle Times did enough, or at least didn't get it right.

I didn't plan to even mention the gay parade because the important people who read this blog and support our efforts already know what it is and what it is about.


Reverend Richard K. Gibson, of Lynnwood, didn't feel
The Seattle Times got it quite right in their reporting.

He and Mrs. Gibson sent a comment to the Times editor in which they said, "The outlandish people pictured were part of the fun, but their photos do not support the serious nature of the day---an opportunity for 'normal' people to express their pride and support for one another."

Normal people? Is that to suggest that those pictured are "not normal?" We are told to believe homosexual behavior with all its trappings and deviance is already "normal".

The Gibsons then define "normal," and asked The Times to print pictures of the, "bankers, lawyers, teachers, police and fire personnel and ordinary housewives who were part of the Sunday gay pride parade."

I have written the following open letter to Reverend Gibson:

July 13, 2010

Dear Rev. Gibson

Although to my knowledge we have never met, please know that I respect you as a person and respect the leadership and authority given you within and without the Presbyterian Church. I also respect your right to an opinion regarding homosexual behavior and Scriptural teaching.

However, I profoundly disagree with the position you expressed in your recent comment to the editor of The Seattle Times. I further disagree with similar positions held by "The Welcoming Church Movement" and other similar organizations that are advancing the idea that "Homosexuality Is Compatible With Christian Teaching" (WOW 2000, etc.).

While I agree that those practicing homosexual behavior should not be condemned, I disagree that the mission of the church is to demonstrate inclusiveness and affirmation that contradicts clear biblical teaching on the matter of homosexual behavior, with some even advocating homosexual leadership and ordination in the church.

Since Scripture clearly condemns the practice of homosexual relations and there is no scientific evidence that supports the notion that homosexuality is genetic, would it not be better, though more challenging and perhaps controversial, to condemn the behavior as learned or chosen and offer inclusiveness to the Scriptural message of deliverance, redemption and restoration, rather than affirming a deviant lifestyle, seeking ways to normalize it? Should we advance the idea that those who need to be led, become church leaders?

If homosexual behavior is celebrated and affirmed as normal, natural and consistent with Scriptural teaching and accepted social norms, why then is it necessary to "normalize it" with pictures of "more normal" people?

The pictures often associated with the gay pride parades do in fact correctly represent the rebellion associated with this chosen lifestyle.

More than five thousand years of human history shows that every successful civilization and every major religion has condemned homosexual behavior. While some religions teach stoning those who practice same-sex relations, New Testament Christianity is the one religion that provides forgiveness, deliverance, restoration and redemption to those victimized by it.

Should we, in our haste to show ourselves "inclusive and tolerant" hide the true power of the Gospel under a bushel, denying those in need the wonderful experience of the "abundant life" Christ promised?

I think not.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom Network and Foundation

I have mailed this letter today. If the Reverend responds, I will update you.

Remember, "Those whom the Son sets free, are free indeed."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active. Be Blessed. Be Free.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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