Friday, July 23, 2010

New Live Newsfeeds on Faith and Freedom Website

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Next week I plan to take a couple of days out of my office and away from meetings to spend with my wife and some family members. And to spend some alone time to "reset" and plan for the work that must be done over the next 90 days.

The work of our office will continue as usual, including the work of creating voter and educational materials.

I do not plan to publish the daily blog this coming Monday through Friday, however our office will continue to moderate your comments on existing blogs. I will resume on Monday, August 2. Thank you to the thousands of our friends for your encouragement and support and input.

Two Things:

First, be sure to participate in our new
"Patty Murray" poll. The poll is live and dynamic, continually changing, so you can track the votes.

I personally feel it is very helpful for our readers to know how others of like mind and beliefs are feeling about matters as important as the upcoming elections.

Secondly, our home page,, now carries live news feeds. You may sign on any time and see and hear the latest cultural news.

You will find the following live 24/7 news feeds:

*Live Video Feed From CBN NEWS
*Live Headlines Feed From CNS NEWS
*Live Headlines Feed From ONE NEWS NOW
*Live Headlines Feed From The Washington Times
*Live Poll---Currently, the "Patty Murray " poll

These four news sources carry most, not all, but most of the national news stories that are of interest to people who care about the culture.

We monitor daily the local Washington State news and bring that to you as it develops.

This is another step in our efforts to Inform, Inspire and Involve people in one of the most culturally defining times in recent history.

I would encourage you to consider bringing friends and family members along with what is happening in our world and community by pointing them to the home page of Faith and Freedom. And by asking them to subscribe to our daily blog commentary.

Many are aware that things are not going well in our country, but may not know why, or have convictions as to the solutions.

T.S. Elliot once said, "We know too much, and are convinced of too little."

Be Informed. Be Convinced. Be Active. See Victory.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Here's an item for discussion while we're waiting for new material from Gary:

    How far should religious freedom extend?

    Here in Oregon, the faith healers are back in the news. So, do you think that parents have a right to let their child die waiting for God to heal them rather than seeking traditional medical help?

    Also, should the government have the right to single out a particular religion and then control how close to 991 ground central they can build a mosque?

    Is religious freedom unlimited or are you comfortable with limitations? And if so, how do you define them and who sets them?

  2. There are hard questions about religious freedom. No doubt as they arise they will be dealt with and people should be all the sharper for it. They will be if they exercise good sense in the process.

    Jesus healed many by his word and he also taught about what happens when the sower sows.

    There's a difference between a man who falls when his faith falters and one who tries to hide his evil behind a mask of religion.

    I suppose that's why we have courts.

    Suppose a particular church was being repeadedly attacked by fires, the last attempt to destroy it being successful.

    If a certain group was known for starting the fires and was the same group that bought the property (the purpose and occupation of the buyer unknown to the seller) for building a building for their group, would that be contrary to the constitution? It certainly would be evil, and our laws were not made for the protection or the encouragement of evil practices, at least not so much when America was young.

    I suppose one would need to make a direct connection between the builders of the new building and those that destroyed the old building to have a good case, don't you?

    God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3) He gave us his word that we might know him that is true. Jesus also gave us another comforter because he ascended into heaven. The just find great comfort in the word and in the spirit that God sent which came from Jesus.


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